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  1. FFG site is indicating that wave 3 is being shipping out now. Should be in available in stores in the coming weeks. 😎
  2. JJ48 - Do you remember every upgrade card your opponent have in their squad and actively monitoring their usage? The crit token is there to remind both parties that there is an active critical effect on a particular ship.
  3. Everyone should, especially in 2nd Ed. where crits are much more prevalent. Too many times, I've seen people cheat/forget that there are active critical effects on their ships and yet move them as if they were 100% fine.
  4. No, it is only for those people who have 1st ed ships and want to convert them to 2nd ed.
  5. Has anyone consider putting together a pdf of with these troubled ship tokens (namely generics and the ones that have both unique pilots on the same token), so one can print them out on card stock material? There is no reason why these token needs to be so thick. I know that it may not be tournament approved, but it can be good for casual play.
  6. A cheaper solution is to buy a red sharpie and put a "X" on one side of your old shield tokens OR you can color in the blue parts with red. Problem solved.
  7. Found this video from the "Back to Dials" people on how to fix the X-wing X-foils. I gave it a try and it really works, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=io7EMH8XIUY Props to those guys on discovering it.
  8. If you believe that the jam action is great as it is currently - please give me (say 5 common scenarios) that you would take the jam action over of all the other common actions like - focus, lock, evade, & etc. You be hard press to ID them. Most of them of rare cases with lots of, if they have this rarely used upgrade or a pilot with some unique ability. Who needs an action that is useful in a game for only 5% (or less) of the time?
  9. Jam action (as it is), it is too limited at range 1 only. Most torps and missiles are from range 2 to 3, jam action to can't effect those. Aside from the one or two ordinances that can fire at range 1 with possible high damage outputs, jam don't offer much. Now, if we can take the jam action from range 1 to 2 - It might be something more useful.
  10. I think I would agree with this assessment. It is probably the only time where the jam action would be a better choice. Enemy ship is behind me - in bull-eye arc at range 1 & my agility is 1, taking his focus token away may help my ship survive the attack . If I have a high agility ship say 2 or 3 (not inside bull-eye), taking a focus action may be a better course.
  11. If the ships are facing each other - it is who has the better dice luck. If my ship is chasing down the enemy - max my red dice would be better. If the enemy is behind me - not sure if focus, evade or jam would be better?
  12. Let's examine this a bit - At range 1, one gains a bonus attack die. Is it more beneficial to take actions to max your attack ability (focus or lock) or min. the opponent' defense ability with jam action? I say max your attack, since one has an extra attack die. The 2.0 jam action (as it is now) is kind of worthless.
  13. Since one can only jam within range 1 and the token will go away at the end of the round, what is the point of it? It is totally a useless action to take. Why would anyone take it, if you can do the focus action instead. Someone smarter than me, please enlighten me.
  14. Twitch? Why? Their last Twitch broadcast on X-Wing 2.0 was unwatchable. The constant pauses (due to the high # of people on it) was awful. I gave up after a few minutes. Can't FFG use some other platform that can truly support ten of thousands viewers, instead of twitch the only supports a couple hundred people?
  15. If that is the case, then jam tokens do indeed "stack", since it just hinder one's ability to attack effectively.
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