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  1. I just told my players to pick a couple languages they know, but to keep it reasonable. It kind of seemed out of place in this system to me to use a hard rule for it. It worked out pretty well and one player even elected to not understand or speak basic and instead has a little droid translator.
  2. If I understand the rules correctly, I don't believe PC ships get completely destroyed when they reach 0 Hull. I think they are just disabled at that point. I think the only way is the get a the critical on the critical table. So, you're certainly safe for a time before you need to resort the escape pods. You may even be able to repair your ship enough to limp back to a planet while you're drifting in space.
  3. I'm AFB as well currently so I can't help give ideas for ships in the books. Depending on what background you have for the ship, I sort like the idea of a repurposed Skipray. If that's what you end up going with, I think you'd be entirely justified stripping some weapons and giving it an extra hardpoint for each one removed. That should give you more than enough hardpoints to then "upgrade" it and turn it into a decent small crew scouting vessel.
  4. I agree that they shouldn't feel beholden to adhear to anything. With the way that Disney is analyzing the canon, I don't think they feel that they are either. I wouldn't be surprised if they wanted to use the concept art, found out it had been used in the past, liked the name, and just decided to go with it. They might have even had other names in mind but in the end went with lasat. I didn't know about them before the Zeb stuff either (I also never played the WEG game). I kind of like the name so I'm okay with it. In the end, I think FFG and Disney will take what they like and change stuff that they don't. FFG has already shown that they are willing to alter some details to make the game fit their vision better and I am more than on board with this. I think they are walking a nice middleground: not changing things all willy nilly, but also not keeping things just for the sake of keeping them because they were in some other source of canon.
  5. I'm in agreement here. Changing events or rewriting canon to make things more consistent makes sense to me and is usually easy enough to follow. Changing names of stuff would just be incredibly confusing (moreso than changing other stuff anyway) to me. In the case of the Zeb and the Lasat, I don't really have an opinion either way. He's a "new" alien species so it works any way they want to do it. Making up a new one with a new name, or using the Lasat, which is based on the same concept art and has pretty sparse info so they can make up what they want.
  6. It appears so. Along with some additional starship add ons as well. There's a list on the last page or so of the other Dangerous Covenants release thread.
  7. I don't see what's wrong with other force groups. Sure, people are going to disagree with the different Force "beliefs," but isn't that the point of having varying views in the first place? I think it only makes sense that there would be numerous groups other than the Jedi.
  8. So I've owned the Republic Commando books for a while now, but just haven't gotten around to finishing them for one reason or another. This response from her actually makes me want to make time to finish the books. Partly because I agree with her on some points, and partly because I'm really curious what she's writing in the books makes people dislike them and making people question if she hates Jedi.
  9. I'd think each person would need their own. As a weird comparison: I think of it like how when hunting or fishing each person participating needs that year's liicense or permit. Sure, I can go out with my buddy while he's fishing and not have a permit/license, but if I want to catch anything myself, and be completely legal, I need a permit too.
  10. That's really weird. Does it say 0 or is the line just missing? I'm wondering if they simply missed the line like the Sensors for the Wayfarer in the corebook.
  11. In Star Wars? That seems odd. It makes sense for Hired Guns and Bounty Hunters I think. And some examples exist (in the EU at least), like darktroopers and one version of the spacetrooper. I wouldn't be surprised if there are others as well. I'd imagine the armor has to be pretty dang spendy too.
  12. So with the movement and taking strain in mind, I think a player on speeder wouldn't pose too much of a problem since they would already be limited to needing to be in an open enough area anyway. I would definitely keep to the personal range weapons though and wouldn't let them mount any kind of planetary scale weapons.
  13. I ran a horror session back in Saga set in the KotOR era while the group was in hyperspace. Basically, they had just left left Taris after delievering some goods to the Undercity. A group of rakghouls boarded without them knowing and started causing all kinds of damage, which included the door to the cockpit sealing and the crew being unable to exit hyperspace. So, in addition to not knowing what was messing with the ship and half the lights being out, they were on a time-table because they needed to get back in the cockpit to exit hyperspace when they reached their destination. You could try surprising them with something like that. Something stows away or they get some crates that contain something that escapes during the trip.
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