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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to deraforia in Beginner Game   
    It would have been nice to at least have the other three characters in the box, since that's about what it will cost me to get them printed out if I decide to go that route, but I don't regret buying it.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to player3412539 in SW D6 1E Template Inspiration   
    Here's a little trivia for those who don't know...
    You do probably know that WEG was screwed in tight with Star Wars novels and comics when they were publishing their game.  WEG published sourcebooks for Truce At Bakura, the Thrawn Trilogy, and the like.  And, they published sourcebooks for the Dark Horse comics stories of Tales of the Jedi and Dark Empire, and such.
    But, did you know that the writers of the 1E core rulebook tipped their hat to the original Marvel comics, too, which had been published a decade before the RPG came out?
    You will see that influence if you look at the templates section of the original core book.  The Kid, Quixotic Jedi, and a few other templates were inspired by characters seen in the early issues of the Star Wars Marvel comic.
    Look for characters like Don-Wan Kihotay, the original Quixotic Jedi!

    And, the Star-Killer Kid, inspiration for the Kid template!  

    Among a few others.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to player3412539 in SW D6 1E vs. 2E   
    That's awesome man.  Yeah, 1E is where it is at, as far as I'm concerned.  And I'm talking bare bones 1E.  No Rules Upgrade.  No Rules Companion.  The Core Rulebook has everything that you need to run an excellent Star Was game.  The other rules, imo, just make the game heavier.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to EastCoast in SW D6 1E vs. 2E   
    I ran a SWRPG 1E game for the first time in 20 years Saturday.  I had forgotten just how easy and enjoyable the system was to GM, let alone play. We ran Rebel Breakout right from the source book, it took us about 3 hours from start to finish. I got a phone call first thing Sunday morning. "Hey, can we play another mission today?"
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to glewis2317 in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    I loved this movie. Most fun I've had watching a Star Wars movie since the originals. 
    IV, V, VI, Solo, FA, TLJ, R1. That's my current ranking. I hear there are some other movies but the only thing good about them is Obi-Wan so I don't include them.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to korjik in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    Nope, just one who actually believes in freedom and is willing to create havoc
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Nytwyng in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    My son - whose IG bounty hunter droid that just came into control of a sizable mercenary crew has always had a "droids rights" undercurrnt - has already messaged our GM and asked how campaign-breaking it would be for him to start a full-on droid rights revolution.
    (He was told that it will actually play quite well as we roll through this final "season" of the campaign.)
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Archlyte in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    I loved the movie. I am starting to feel the Star Wars Story movies are the ones I really should be excited about. I just wish they had the regular soundtracks. All of the characters and locations in the movie were fantastic. They even put in teras kasi!! 
    For games, the biggest changes for me will be the hyperfuel aspect (we normally don't pay attention to fuel that much and don't treat it like nitro glycerine), and Corellia being a dump. 
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Norsehound in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    C-3P0: "Sir, I don't know where your ship learned to communicate, but it has the most peculiar dialect...."

    I liked the film. Seemed like an Edge of the Empire campaign played out, except with the GM allowing PvP combat and maneuvers to break the party down at the end of the adventure. I'll be expecting Darths and Droids to take this on sometime in the future.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Desslok in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    I am unable to turn off the GM part of my brain. "Success, success - ah, two threat. Despair! How many minions is that Viper Droids group?"

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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Nytwyng in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    As did I.
    As we left the theater, my son and I were excitedly joking about Hawaiian shirts being canon now. Because one of my characters? Yeah...

    Now to wait (im)patiently for Amazon to deliver the Visual Guide today....
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to korjik in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    I liked it. Will be unhappy if there isnt another one because of stupid bad word of mouth.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Desslok in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    Me too! Me too!
    Okay, quick thoughts while I process. . . .
    If you are going to start a Star Wars movie with words and text setting up the "What has come before" why in the holy **** are you NOT DOING THE FREAKIN' YELLOW WORDS FLYING INTO SPACE!!!! 
    Geeze, Corellia is a real S hole, isn't it? Loved the Star Destroyer bits being assembled, tho.
    Lando having adventures on Oseon and with the Sharu? Excellent! Sadly this decanonizes Vufi Raa, but I think I'll happly take L3 in his place.
    And yes, I totally marked out for having Darth Maul back in the flesh hologram. I had trouble listening to the conversation that took place I was so busy squeeing. (And I thought it was cool that they got Sam Witwer to do Maul's voice instead of the E1 guy)
    Cthulhu monster living in The Maw? Appropriate. (Also, suck it, KJA - no Death Star prototype for you!)
    I thought the score was kind of weak. Better than the tepid E7 soundtrack, but not nearly as good as Giacchino or the Shadows of the Empire score.
    Overall, I enjoyed it. It was a light fluffy piece that was more Ant Man than the heavy worldshaking gamechanger of The Avengers. Fun action bits, the guy playing Lando nailed it. And Marcy is going to be so happy at the droid revolution. I think I would put it firmly in the middle of the pack, as far as the movies go.
    Oh, and apparently Han has been taking lessons from Tuco:
    I loved Lando's Hawaiian shirt! And I appreciated that we at least got some kind of closure on That Big Deal that was suppose to be Aura Sing. Boy there was a character that went nowhere and did nothing.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Funk Fu master in Solo A Star Wars Story (Spoilers Ahead)   
    Having watched the new trailers for Solo, it is definitely becoming apparent that these chronicle films are basically an RPG module
    Rogue One was an Age of Rebellion one shot with pregens
    Solo is Edge of the Empire with a GMPC to set things up (Woody Harrillson)
    Obi-wan will be Force and Destiny small party game.
    Whereas the Force awakens felt like a beginner game, and The Last Jedi the downloadable continuation adventure (as in better in every ways as it introduces new rules, but hamstrung by the story of the beginner game)
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Wulfborn in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    Really, if you think about it I would imagine Hobbits (As in Tolkien's Hobbits) had maybe an Average Willpower but a Boost to resist Fear, or countering One or Two Setback dice depending on the Fear Effect. After all, Frodo, while he resists the ring some times does succumb to it's whispers more than once throughout the franchise, it's just at the end he completely gives in. Pippin alerts the Goblins in Moria and wakes up the Balrog, touches the Palantir after Helm's Deep and swears an oath to Denethor's service, all as rather impulsive actions, which speaks of a Low or Average Willpower. 

    However, Sam, Merry, and Pippin fight the Nazgul on Weathertop, Merry and Pippin elect to sacrifice themselves to distract the Uruk-Hai from Frodo, Merry stands up to the Witch King and stabs him in the knee (back in the movie) overcoming the overwhelming fear/despair that he was hit with. Sam stands up to and fights Shelob. 

    You could argue that they could get a Boosted die to resist Mental effects or could suffer Strain to add a Boost die. But I wouldn't say their Willpower is above average necessarily because other than Samwise none of the Hobbits are especially strong of Will, even Frodo while resisting the Ring is not a very strong willed person considering how many times he uses the ring or almost uses it, or otherwise makes poor judgement calls, and that sort of thing narrative wise might be better represented in a bonus to resist the ring rather than having more Willpower than anyone else in every task. Further I would also say that whatever their higher than average stat is, Presence should be a 1 to represent the fact that they rarely if ever left the Shire and up until the events of the War of the Ring the world as a whole overlooked them and even during the events of the War anyone who wasn't Frodo was generally dismissed out of hand. 
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Uncle_Joe in Agility in Fantasy Combat   
    When it comes to competitive games (board games, card games etc), I'm with you 100% when it comes to 'play it first before changing it'. After all, there are a lot of mechanics to most games and how they mesh can have a huge effect on the way things play out.
    In this case however, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that a combat-type that concentrates on Brawn will mop the floor with one who trades on Agility. And if that is not the desired outcome (as it is in our case) then a change of some sort would be warranted.
    In my example case above of Brawn 4, Agility 2 vs Brawn 2, Agility 4, the former will dominate the latter completely and totally, even accounting for Finesse, He will do on average of 4 more damage per combar exchange and he'll have have more HPs to boot. Barring extreme luck, it wouldn't even be close. 
    To me, that leads to dull archetypes...all combat character would need to follow the same one or else be significantly less effective. Don't get me wrong, I think the Brawn-based fighter SHOULD be better in most situations since the Agility-based fighter does have other advantages in ranged combat and skills (as noted above). But I would at least like the Agility-types to be within shouting distance in melee combat to make them a viable alternative. 
    So, with that said, rather than debating the merits of whether something should or shouldn't be changed, can folks provide feedback on how likely the proposed tweak would be in making the Agility fighters a nearly capable fighter as a Brawn-based one without eclipsing them (which I don't believe they should do).
    Ideally, I would prefer any tweak to make each feel unique and useful in different circumstance to encourage variety in combat characters.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Richardbuxton in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    The only part of Gnomes I don’t like when emulating LotR Hobbits is the low Willpower, essentially the entire premise of that trilogy is that Hobbits have a resolute nature that helps them resist the temptations of the one ring. I would think that’s because of a decent Willpower or Discipline.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to ESP77 in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    Oh and the Half Catfolk are the Thunder Cats. Obviously 
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to ESP77 in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    And the Wanderer Gnomes are definitely based on Bilbo.  It’s the Took in him after all.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to ESP77 in Halflings in Terrinoth   
    Honestly when I read the “gnome” description it said halfling more than gnome to me.  Change the name and you are good.
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    ObiWanBilbo got a reaction from CitizenKeen in Agility in Fantasy Combat   
    I don’t think you can say that about a system that’s suppose to be a toolkit. I think the stats are fine as is, but if the poster and his or her group prefers the crunch, Genesys can handle it. After all, Genesys comes from WarHammer 3e, so it knows how to do crunch. 
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to 2P51 in Agility in Fantasy Combat   
    Finesse lets you use Agility in place of Brawn, that seems pretty unambiguous to me.  Although I don't allow Finesse in my games.  BS nerd creation.  There is a reason boxers, cage fighters, and wrestlers have weigh ins and not dance offs....
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Sturn in We need Genesys system Quickplay rules   
    I think the no-brainer is to release a Terrinoth beginner's set copying the Star Wars sets (intro. adventure, tokens, maps, pre-made characters, a set of dice). I would hope this is already past the planning stage at FFG.
    We have 3 sci-fi beginner's sets already, ignoring that FFG's Star Wars is "fantasy sci-fi" and not technically Genesys. Both close enough in my opinion. If you went with a beginner's set based upon one of the settings in Genesys Core, it would be too close to a genre already released for this system and one without any follow-up materials.
    I first thought that a modern setting beginner's set would be a good choice. But, modern isn't exactly the most popular setting in RPG's. And there is no follow-up material available. Once you hook the new players with the beginner's set and they ask for more, you are going to have to do your own work or suddenly shift them to a fantasy or scifi setting.
    Fantasy is "overdone" for a reason. It's by far the most popular genre for RPG's. We now how have a Genesys fantasy setting in Terrinoth. So a Terrinoth beginner's set has follow-up material available already waiting. A beginner's set would complement the Terrinoth setting thus each would increase sales for the other. If you are running Terrinoth with the new setting book, you are probably going to pick up the beginner's set when it includes Terrinoth maps, tokens, an intro adventure, and an extra set of dice. If your new players loved the Terrinoth beginner's set intro, you are probably picking up the Terrinoth book when they ask for more.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to Desslok in Gah! 50 bucks!!   
    Okay, this isn't a "slag off on FFG" thread or anything. Don't get the wrong impression. But. . . . yeah, I did have sticker shock. There I was, at my LFGS. I had them throw a couple of copies of Realms under the counter for me the night before, so I didn't actually ever touch them until I was handed the bag with them in. And the counter jockey said $110.xx.
    Blagh! What?
    I was figuring that it would be something in the 25-35 range like the Wars books had traditionally been - perhaps a touch lower as FFG doesn't have to pay The Mouse his protection money. Nope, not at all the case.
    Ah well, what you gonna do. I gotta have my fix, so I walked out a c-note poorer.
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    ObiWanBilbo reacted to finarvyn in We need Genesys system Quickplay rules   
    What we need is a set of quickplay rules with pregens and an introductory adventure that can be run at game stores. I dabbled a little with the Star Wars rules (beginner sets, not the hardbacks) and so I feel like a have a general handle on the system, but I feel like I could play it but not really run it. It would be nice to have something simple that can be used as a demo for beginners and would give a quick overview of how the rules work.
    I'm thinking along the lines of those thin RPG starter booklets that get handed out for some games on "Free RPG Day." Something where a person could open the booklet and play right away rather than spend a lot of time trying to figure out the system first.
    I know that there is a gencon adventure floating around, but the pregens don't look like entry-level characters to me.
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