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  1. I like the idea, but would not know how to accomplish such a thing. I still can’t figure out posting photos to forums. I’m thinking using Genesys for the Riyria Revelations/Chronicles by Michael Sullivan.
  2. I would just say prepare to ad lib. Players will always go their own way; it’d be best if you can adapt with the flow. Hopefully you can get your plot in with a few ad hoc tweaks.
  3. I would have rather have a droid "sub-species" than two Jabba skiff twins. I was kinda expecting a species from AoR; glad I was wrong.
  4. Yes, I think it is an energy field that allows for a mini atmosphere in that part of the cavern—so some scenes can be role played outside the ships. Think of the energy fields the ships passed through when they landed in the Death Star.
  5. I can get to the beta boards by clicking the catalogue tab at top, then RPGs, then the AoRBeta picture, and then message boards.
  6. I think this whole discussion could easily be solved if FFG did a splat book with an astromech droid sub-species (like they did with Corellian humans but making more sense). The droid "species" does, after all, have the most sub variations and then these things can be worked into the balance. I do think the RAW is a bit off for droids (though I can't put my finger exactly where) and sub-droid write ups on the common variations may take pressure of the character creation process. I'd rather have that than another human variation.
  7. Thanks all of you. That's what I was hoping. The texts that got me confused were the last two paragraphs on page 276. The first says the force ability can emerge anytime in play but the 2nd says: "The Force Sensitive Exile is not just any Force-sensitive being; he is one who survived the purges. He may have been a young Padawan or even a minor Jedi who managed to flee the Empire and hide. He may also have been a child, hidden by friends or family. Whatever the case, he's spent the last decades in a hostile galaxy." You see, I hope, the source of my confusion. But I'll follow Desslok and consider the book wrong at this point. Story first.
  8. I'm sorry if this has already been covered; I did a search and did not find anything. The fluff in the Core Book seems to imply (though a bit contradictorily) that the FSE must be a survivor of the Jedi purge (but not a Jedi him/herself, only a paduan). Is that just an optional background or is that a necessary part of the specialization? If it is necessary; shouldn't the spec be bought at character creation? I haven't GMed in 20 years and getting a game up for my children; I just want to start with clarity. Thank you.
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