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  1. Okay, I was going to pick this up at my FLGS last night. It’s $10 more than the SW beginner boxes (for a property they own instead of license) and has fewer dice. I knew that going in but expected the box to be sturdier. It doesn’t seem to be so I told the manager to shelve it and I’ll wait for the Core book. For those who have both this and the SW boxes: does it seem worth the extra Hamilton?
  2. Pre Wizards of the Coast DnD Halflings are clearly Hobbits. They were even called that for the first couple years of publication. The art and narrative confirms it. WotC turned them all into Kender. 5e turns them into a strange amalgamation with strange little feet.
  3. Different strokes for different folks I guess.
  4. I don’t think you can say that about a system that’s suppose to be a toolkit. I think the stats are fine as is, but if the poster and his or her group prefers the crunch, Genesys can handle it. After all, Genesys comes from WarHammer 3e, so it knows how to do crunch.
  5. I doing Dark Albion which has fantasy elements but the knowledge skills should work: university (a university education collected into one much of what you’re looking for in the various branches of education—the ideal was educating broadly, not specialization), lore (for regional folklore and folk history—one knowledge skill that is tied to your home region for content), craft (I use only one craft knowledge skill, but I have several guild careers that would determine, along with background, what this actually included), and Court (because navigating the noble and royal courts was a different kind of education).
  6. Interesting, I got out my old Amazing Engine Games too. I’m more keen in translating For Faerie, Queen, and Country, but I like Bughunters too.
  7. ObiWanBilbo


    If it’s a problem the GM is perfectly within his or her rights to add setback dice to untrained checks, or to flip a story point and upgrade the check—particularly if there’s another player trained but doesn’t have quite as high a characteristic.
  8. In a quasi-historical, low magic (or low key magic) fantasy setting languages are going to be a thing and an important part of the narrative in a variety of ways—probably a tone or theme. For example, dealing with outlanders, crusading on the far side of the Middle Sea, and making incursions into Chaos controlled Frogland will require handling the characters’ aptitude for languages and their experience with foreigners. But equally important would be ancient texts in the Classical languages or esoteric formula in Hermetic scripts—or darker insights of the Star Cults. Hand waving these things in such a setting would not further the narrative, but void it.
  9. Will we see more generic Genesys products in the line (such as a Genesys GM screen to match the rulebook) or will everything outside the core book be tied to the settings? Also, will there be a Terinoth Beginner Game?
  10. We just renamed the magic:arcana skill to Mythos. But you need a talent to cast spells with it. Also, ranks in Mythos subtract an equal amount of strain.
  11. ObiWanBilbo

    GM Screen?

    I think just the tables included in the book with the quality descriptions listed would be helpful. So the combat tables, social conflict tables, hacking tables, magic action tables, vehicular combat tables, etc.
  12. I played in a Cold War Cthulhu Genesys game Tuesday—should be a fun monthly game.
  13. I think random encounters are a perfectly good use of threats and despairs. It’s like Torchbearer’s random encounters that are triggered by twists. The random part of the name has always been at the discretion of the GM (preplanned roster, totally random gonzo, not random at all except in the expectations of the characters—whatever fits the style of the GM).
  14. I kinda agree with fjw70. I don’t miss talent trees. But I do miss specializations. Maybe instead of opening a talent tree with specs one could open with a spec unique talents of various tiers (that you’d still have to work into your pyramid according to the rules but when or if you saw fit).
  15. Well the martial is a frontier lawman and a local one. Sometimes on the frontier you have to prioritize your concerns and crimes beyond your jurisdiction aren’t your concern. So let’s suppose your lawman is offworld tracking down info on a human trafficking scheme plaguing his settlement. He might figure working with a smuggler is a good way to uncover information. By the way, this line of investigation may open your group up to playing the AoR adventure, Friends Like These, down the road. I think it could easily be adapted to an EoE campaign.
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