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  1. I really enjoy both the hobby and the game so I have been getting two of everything .... and today the core was ~28% off on Amazon so I “now” have three core sets ... time for some Eastern European army camouflage schemes on the rebels ... and more stormies in standard white ... might be a problem as the CW sets come out ... ah probably not....
  2. At least it is consistent.. same here I have a ton of TIE fighters
  3. Two Core sets, 1xTIE tilted in each. The one on the right in both actually...
  4. Wait now, I need a new wait for the new miniature and the new LEGO version this is getting to be really serious.... *The Blue and Yellow symbol represents your wallet (yellow) opened up and the blue arrow is the direction of your cash flow.
  5. I agree with this. As such, I think a product count is more advisable than a ship count. For example, you may have 8 TIE Interceptors, but how many of those are from Imperial Aces? I want to know that when I see your sig because it tells me how many of each card you own. Therefore, I do not think you should double count cross-faction ships. The history makes sense, and the second comment is a good point probably more helpful... Well said! Still, sometime it's useful to see other people's signatures just to remind yourself that your plastic crack habit could be so much worse... Whenever my finger is hovering uncertainly over the "Buy It Now" button on ebay, and I start to feel the guilt, I like to read a JBR7 post. And this is why I like to look at people's collections makes me feel better about the spending....even though I would still do it...
  6. I love the emotion that was unintentionally drawn out during this thread...but thanks for the responses
  7. So, I like reading people's signature blocks for their "total" fleets so I have decided I'm going to add mine too. But, I can't live in a world without rules, so a question. Are people double counting multi-faction ships e.g. HWK-290s/Y-Wings/SlaveI etc? If you have: HWK-290 (3) under Rebel and HWK-290 (3) under Scum do you have 6 total or three and the ability to use them both ways? Also I prefer to see the totals of each faction at the beginning too, more of a comment I guess. Some people have some huge fleets.
  8. I did that too, it doesn't look too bad, but kind of sad they didn't think about since they mention "BOMBERS"
  9. I love these threads about potential ships, I just learned so much...so I say let's hope for all of them. I really collect more than play but I love these ships.
  10. Return to Hoth Expansion Leia Organa Dengar Echo Base Troopers General Sorin IG-88 Wookie Warriors Stormtroopers Hired Gunds Imperial Fighter Squadron Pack Rogues and Villains Pack Armada Core Set (half off) TFA Core x 2 (sale thing) TIE Advanced A-Wing YT-2400 IG-2000 Kihraxz Fighter Hound's Tooth TIE Punisher Gozanti Raider T-70 TIE/fo x 2 NOW...it seems like a lot but my wife make me "turn" everything into a present after August... Plus a bunch of non-gaming stuff... Merry Christmas to everything!
  11. Merry Christmas. A side note, with three different forums discussing X-Wing, Armada, and Imperial Assault I am having a hard time deciding where to post the excitement of the presents I received.
  12. I know sometimes these threads get a bad rap, but I love reading this stuff and seeing what everyone is excited about. My hope for Wave III is MORE of ALL of IT! I don't mind a Rebels theme, a TFA theme, or a OT theme...
  13. So for my Birthday today, the wife got the entire Wave 1 for me, so that way I wouldn't have the struggle, implied with this threads title... Haven't played yet, still swooshing them around my desk and dreaming of future Waves...
  14. Found them in Nashville too, but they were not marked 50% off, but at the price check it turned out to be 19.99...Worked out well...
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