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  1. Tycho in most anything. Would love to see a Tycho in a T65/70
  2. We call that the Garven rule local to me. Every time someone new plays with him it comes up.
  3. A wing title and the refit. Rare for me to take missiles on my a wings.
  4. Spaceman91


    If you're UK based cog o two are the guys to go to. The colour can be changed if you like the pattern or you can get complete custom stuff. I've got two sets and they have been brilliant
  5. You've been cheated so wave 12 gets the gun boat.... I'm sorry I couldn't resist
  6. You might want to read the things I've said before accusing me of "crucifying" the guy.
  7. Iirc the German guy coped to it straight away and the ban seemed fair so no flak needed. This has been different
  8. I like the idea of formats more then second edition. The way it's implemented is what decides if it lives or dies though
  9. You're right, if that person exists. I would hope FFG realise that the cheating wasn't what made the game look bad (that makes an individual look bad). I think the lack of set guide lines for this exact thing is what made them look bad and that's easy to fix for next time.
  10. From a pure business point of view it's free advertising for thier games. To ban third party streams when they haven't got enough spare people to stream everything is crazy. It would be a complete own goal of they did it.
  11. This rings so hollow to me. He knew what he was doing. It was calculated. But it's done. A punishment was dealt (whether you agree with what it was or not). Hopefully from this FFG will put in place a stricter guide for TO's at events so this can be felt with better in the future
  12. I don't agree with everything but B wing title I like Integrated astro, i was thinking how big a difference that would make this morning. Contracted scouts...... That I think something like that probably should happen but it's an interesting step to take. It kicks open a dangerous door. The b wing pilot point drops... I'm ok with most of them but Farlander is powerful as is, it's other things pushing him out not his price. The rest, I'm sorry but I don't agree with you
  13. I'm guessing it's gunna be lose a shield to drop two of those bomblets
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