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  1. Shortly: We are playing 2 player game. We both discard cards in order to give Eowyn +2 willpower. Did we play right or does the wording mean that each player can trigger Eowyn's ability, but it can be triggered once per round. I hope i wasn't unclear and thanks for advance to anyone who helps me.
  2. So as an example, can i use gondorian fire two times per phase, if i have two of them attached to my hero?
  3. Here's the link http://ringsdb.com/fellowship/view/856/let-them-come
  4. So probably many of you have figured out this combo a long time ago but i just wanted to share this idea i came up with to everyone who's interested at it. So basically it's Legolas + 2 rohan warhorses + unseen strike. You can also add some more readying effects and also more attack strength (i use dunedain warnings in my deck). If anyone is REALLY interested of this deck i can share it in ringsdb.
  5. So if i have Lord of Morthond attached to my hero and then i use a very good tale or reinforcements to play allies would i be able to trigger Lord of Morthond's effect to draw 1 card. My quess is no but i have been so wrong so many times before so i want to just make shure that i'm right. Thanks for help for advance!
  6. What does the word "spend" really mean. If i discard or move a resource from a hero, can i still use this card in order to get one resource?
  7. That's what i feared. Anyways thanks for helping me.
  8. If Dain defends against an enemy and shadow card is snowstorm, does Dain get killed immidietly or can i use miruvor to avoid Dain's death? I hope i wasn't too unclear.
  9. That moment when you realize that you have been playing this game wrong for over 2 years...well anyways thanks for telling me that and sorry that i was unclear. I just didn't know how to ask this question clear enough.
  10. Well i just do so. I don't use any other cards or effects. I think this isn't allowed but i still want to know just in case.
  11. So shortly once again. There are 2 enemies engaged with me and i defend with my hero. Then i change the defender to ally, then the ally defends against second enemy. Is this legal?
  12. Thanks. That's pretty good quest but that last stage...it's so hard when you reveal 3 cards per round...(i mean in 2-player game)
  13. So shortly: I complete stage 3 and then continue to stage 4. What happens to my friend then? Will he advance to stage 4 too or does he stay at stage 3 still? I hope that my question isn't unclear.
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