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  1. Thanks for the different replies, they are very helpful. I think, I will roll with this: No strength & Toughness bonus. No bonus for swimming Bonus for climbing only if he has at least 2 Servo Arms. Additional attack as stated in the Trait Multiple Arms. I think that makes a nice compromise.
  2. Hello fellow Marines. Another Question has come up in my mind: If we have the standard equiment, We have one bolt pistol, one combat knife, six grenades, a pouch with repair cement, and ammunition.(our group has reduced it to six supplemental ammo magazines the player chooses what and whatnot.) can we assume that this the max that he can carry on his armor. What about other stuff? any sugesstions, if they would have to pay req.points for moer carrying space? How do you handle this?
  3. Hello fellow Marines, I have a question that is tickeling me sine some time: The core Rule Book states that when using a Servo Harness, you can use the Multiple Arms Action or any correspondant action with your harness inseadt of your Arms. The Talent Servo Harness Integration states:" allowing him to use its pincer-arms and Waepons arrays as if the were extra limbs of his body". (p125). Does this not mean that you are effectively havein the multiple Arms trait?. This talent is at 1000xp, for only one additional attack and is MANDATORY for the Servo Harness. I have read in several articles here, that this is/should not be the case, but I ask myself why? Servo Harness integration is the ONLY talent that is Mandatory to use one specific equipment. How do you handle this in your groups? Love to hear your comments.
  4. Hi Tricky, First of all, magnificent work, that is your character generator. I have found a problem with the deed price of victory. The problem are the two mastercraft cybernetics. The sheet generator tells me that my reputation is not sufficient. Do you have a workaround for that? Another question is the extension Honor the Chapter. Will you integrate this in you sheet? Thanks again for the magnificent work until now.
  5. I would like to join your Killteam I have Core, Rites, First Foundings, Honor the chapter. Would like to play a Blood raven Apothecarius. Please let me know how to register at nerdbound. Greets
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