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  1. I'm 1-2 against him. When I beat him, I had the Waywatcher's legendary trap kit that inflicts two wounds on an enemy that engages a hero. I also had her aid action fully upgraded that allowed me to inflict a wound on up to 2 enemies engaged with the target hero. Essentially, that allowed me to put 9 wounds on him before getting to the final round, where I rolled a total of 12 damage between two heroes to finish him off. The Trap kit does not work against Snak Kraggle seeing he never engages you. He never leaves the shadows unless you have a way of drawing him down form the shadows. Every attack action allows you to engage an enemy. Honestly the issue with this quest for me is that if you finish it too early, you can end up not getting any of the legendary cards you've ended up earning so far from winning any of the first 2 quests, but if you play too long, you can just outright lose because of how much armour he will gain (Resistance from the other monsters in play), or end up not being able to explore the location enough that you'll lose come peril phase. Overall though, i really like the quest, it requires proper teamwork and has multiple ways of approaching the goal i believe. I think the best way to go about it from my experience so far, is to set up the location as a buffer if you don't think you can kill the boss before now and the green peril track (So you don't lose), and then try to kill as many people as you can and atleast get some damage on the boss before the green peril forces you to travel. The main issue i see though is for 3 players or less it can get pretty awkward when trying to both explore and attack since you have 1 or 2 less action sets to use, and your "ready all actions" card is usually the worst of your set, in terms of dice atleast.
  2. So, I can't play "Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy" because the main character is an Egyptian male? I can't play Tomb Raider because the main character is a female? I can't watch Nikita because the lead is a woman? I can't watch ***** as Folk because the main couple is ***? No one is stopping you from playing Warhammer if you're a man, woman, black, white, straight, bi, no one cares. No one is stopping you from watching any TV show, playing any game, or reading any book you would like to enjoy. There is no "women are not allowed" sign for this game, and it even has female options in this instance. It's also funny how there has to be an "even" amount of men to women for it to "not be sexist" and be "more female friendly". So I can go complain to the people that made "Sex and the City" and demanding an even number of male lead roles for each female lead role? I can go complain at any game or show that has 5 women for every 3 men and shout sexism? It's funny, every time this topic comes up the "accepting" people that "care about gender and equality" can only play a game so long as they can play their own gender and their own race. Not at all close minded, bigoted or hypocritical. If you cannot play a game because you cannot play as a woman, or as a white man, or what have you, then the issue is with YOU, not the game. Shame that Qeer is censored. Also, why on earth is G ay censored??
  3. It feels impossible to play without spirit sometimes, especially when you run into cards like "discard your hand", like seriously, it isnt fun, its just really really annoying after awhile
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