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  1. 37 points. Built-in stress maker is mean. M'rsei PS 5 X-Wing Before revealing your dial, you may barrel roll using the 1-Hard Turn movement template. Then, receive one stress token.
  2. I like 5ks. Nice way to wake up.
  3. The one you have most fun playing.
  4. 25 points. Jorg Elsen PS 6 TIE Fighter After you perform an attack that hits, you may assign an Ion Token to the ship you hit.
  5. I'd recommend MWR or contacting individuals at specific commands. There's always some sort of organized recreation. The hardest part is making sure that the contributions get to the desired target. Kudos to everyone involved and also to the folks out and about. -Sailor
  6. 38 points Cmdr. Te'Ey Y-Wing PS 4 You may forgo taking an action to allow up to two friendly ships within R1-2 to take an extra action.
  7. Rebs! I don't like seeing my ships go down.
  8. Grudge

    Y-wing question

    She's not old. She's in her prime. Still in use today. Hooyah. That being said.. I'm all for electronic warfare.
  9. My take on a scout: Kev Storme A-Wing PS 5 At the start of Combat Phase, you may choose an enemy ship within Range 1. Reduce that ship's agility by 1 (to a minimum of 0) for the rest of that Combat Phase. And an experienced squad leader/instructor: Gordon Mes Y-Wing PS 6 After performing a green maneuver, you may assign a focus token a friendly ship within Range 1. For the Imperials: "Death" TIE Advanced PS 8 (EPT) At the start of the Activation Phase, you may increase your Primary Attack by 1. Then, receive 1 Stress. And his wing-mate: "Death's Hand" TIE Advanced PS 6 (EPT) At the start of the Activation Phase, you may remove 1 Stress Token from "Death," if he's within Range 1.
  10. Luke w/ Swarm Tactics Garven Dreis Lando Love that squad.
  11. Eh... ~$80 or so? Nothing too crazy.
  12. Grudge

    Fun Ranking

    YT-1300 X-Wing Y-Wing B-Wing
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