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  1. I have been having the same issue. L5R announcement wouldn't load for me either.
  2. I follow Lotr (own everything) and SW lcg (own about 95%). However, I play Lotr purely solo mostly because I can't find a local play group. Sadly only played SW lcg twice due to lack of play group. You would think this would sway me to not get into ANR or GoT but I want them both....my wife would kill me though
  3. The fatigue I experience is mostly due to the fact that I play solo about 95% of the time. like others have said between work and family having little time to game and then getting beat over and over again can get old. I am very excited about where the game is going. Thanks for all the work Grey Company!
  4. Really enjoyed the interview. Looking forward to the coming months of Lotr lcg goodness.
  5. I go back and forth. I have bought packs at LGS but they have lost my order and have not called me when packs arrive on a few occasions so I started going elsewhere. I have been getting my packs at http://www.ebay.com/usr/discount_games_store and I usually receive the packs 1-3 days after release. They are wonderful!
  6. Thank you! My question came about because I am using Sam and I was not sure if I was able to trigger his response but it makes sense now because the guardian would move to the "new" first player during engagement phase...just to be clear, we have to exhaust a hero to claim a key right? I noticed the keys don't have the guarded keyword on them but some do attach to a location or guardian through the quest text. At that point we have to damage the hero or explore the location to have the opportunity to claim it? Thanks for your help, sorry for all the questions
  7. Similar question to above but different stage 2a In the stage 2a "trials of intuition" the card reads "each guardian enemy engages the first player. In a multi player game would this mean the guardian remains engaged with that player? Or does the guardian then engage the new first player at the start of the next round? I just want to make sure I don't need to add the guardian back to the staging area or switch endgame ya with different players. Thank you!
  8. I really enjoy seeing the fellowship campaign unfold and just like mentioned earlier it seems that the desires of another thread are coming true about linking multiple quests together. Can't wait to try this one out, and old forrest.
  9. I am super stoked for this. Already emailed lgs to see of they will host
  10. I agree. Having a SW coop game like Lotr would be amazing. I would imagine this would be a huge money maker for ffg as well as you could have light and dark side campaigns... My wife and wallet are probably happy this doesn't exist though.
  11. Coolstuffinc said they would probably have this in stock in the summer. Just fyi. Looking forward to this release a lot!
  12. I look forward to the Khazad Dum expansion. This is easily one of my favorite parts of the LOTR series. I think thematically the expansion is wonderful but I look forward to even nastier shadow cards and in specific to into the pit, having cards "put out" the torch, I hate the wandering eyes attachment but love the theme it adds of sneaking around the mines and being caught by goblins etc. I expect more of this mechanic being added in the nightmare editions. Thanks for making this contest Mitch!
  13. Nice deck! The deck I made is pretty similar but I wanted to try out Eomer. I do not have any of the AP's for HoN yet so those cards are lacking. I look forward to them arriving this weekend! Thanks for posting your deck. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Aitqe_Zp_e4UdE9fVFkyMGFNOXlWamRRQlM4MnVicWc&single=true&gid=3&output=html My thematic side had a bit of a problem putting horn of gondor in the deck but I figured if Eowyn and Farimar are doing their thing Eomer would be able to borrow a horn for a while I just took down the first quest in VOI the other night with this...I tried the first time with my card draw / healing lore / spirit deck and that was a disaster haha
  14. ^ love that signature, haha. First few times I played I had multiple Farimar's out
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