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  1. Allow the entire rebel fleet to escape a Star Destroyer blockade almost entirely intact!
  2. The one time I don't check myself... Typical ?
  3. Well it specifies trooper units must shoot at the ordered unit. So vehicles can ignore it, so you can take mortars off your list I don't think it's going to be such a problem. Nowhere near Biggs level annoying, as like previously stated, Biggs was an always on nightmare
  4. Did I tell you I'd seen it somewhere or what! Haha. Thanks for the clarification.
  5. And if they rule that big satalite dish doesn't block line of sight...
  6. I'm sure there's an email from alex standby and relentless with saber throw, seems to be the same scenario here - B is correct.
  7. All true, but given the nature of strike teams seems to imply these units will live and die by the heavy weapons. That leads me to think running either unit without will not be a smart move. The real questions for me is therefore will both heavy weapons be equally useful to truly enable the 2 units out of 1 box feature. If not, a second box will likely be on the cards solely to get two of the good weapons.
  8. There's a whole list building sub-forum, I'd say 'how many x u it in your army' falls neatly into that bracket. As for the actual question, just one for now for me. Getting a 2 for 1 bonus is good but if they're coming in at ~15 point per model the 2 units will probably run you 150 point or so. That's a big chunk of change in this game.
  9. Rauhughes


    The only real way I see to fix it is to word it such that if you have an ion token, your only action is action: discard one ion token. Leave the shizzle about discarding all tokens at end of round to stop ultimate ion lockdown and boom! Ion system works flawlessly
  10. Rauhughes


    So this came up last night - Rebels with ion shot at a unit of speederbikes via a standby action after the bikes compulsary move (sneaky rebels!) 2 wounds were caused, So an ion token given. The rules state 'at the start of a units activation, if that unit has one or more ion tokens...' so no effect from the ion during the current activation, then '...at the end of a units activation, it discards all ion tokens it has.' So despite seeming like a great real world tactic of surprising a vehicle with an ion hit, in game it literally had no effect. I didn't miss anything here did I?
  11. I've rarely managed to hit more than 1 unit with master of evil surpression because nothing wants to be near Vader in the first place. I don't think it would have been too overpowered to let MoE pop after Vader's activation, not at the start.
  12. Those are the exact ones I got here in the UK. No idea where mind, but you can get them outside the US.
  13. I specifically downloaded imgur for this post, uploaded images, copied links into 'add image from url' nothing. Added link into actual post with [ IMG ] tags, just posts links. At this stage I decided life was too short!
  14. Thanks Chaoticus. That is indeed a little clearer, but I'm struggling in my mind's eye to see the difference as they both have you 'suffering' a fatigue. I'm happy to go with the general consensus, and we ruled it could NOT be used in the campaign, but I said I'd check for next time.
  15. Thanks for the response. Given the wording is similar to that of runic knowledge; While you have a Magic or Rune weapon equipped, each of your attacks gains:: Suffer 1 to gain +2 And this skill has been FAQ'd to confirm you MAY use this skill whilst max fatigued, is there any reason why you think Sir Valadir's hero ability would be different?; Q: Can Runemaster hero use Runic Knowledge surge ability if he has no fatigue to suffer and suffer 1 damage instead? A: Yes he can.
  16. Hero ability; Once per turn, after dice are rolled, you may suffer 1 to add 1 to your attack roll Question; If Sir Valadir has already suffered up to his stamina, can he still activate this ability and suffer a damage instead? Thanks!
  17. Maybe the filth rebels would pull such scummy tactics but stormtroopers 4 life bro
  18. I don't know what twisted reality you live in but if one of my boys get caught in a teeny, tiny net me and the gang don't just write him off for dead and crack on with our day, we gonna get our boy back on his feet and seek us out some holy revenge!! TL:DR - it's perfect feisable that one guy in a squad getting trapped would delay the remainder whilst they free him
  19. I got some nail art ones dirt cheap a while back. Imperial gears in a few sizes. Work great on models
  20. I don't see any power creep at all. Other than veers to free up some builds I don't see any of the post-core units as must-haves. Boba looks fast and tanky, but his damage output is far from spectacular. Sure command cards may help with this, but looks like you'll be hampering your command phase to get that bonus damage so meh. To me, he just looks like another perfectly viable option alongside everything else. I think balance wise we're right on the money right now
  21. Going to be hard to spam being only in the commander packs
  22. From the shape of the thumb I'd say human. ?
  23. Hey guys, As much for my own records, I'm going to be recording my painting progress here. For those hoping to find anything rebel related, be prepared for bitter disappointment. Ok, first storm trooper squad. Turned out ok for a first attempt and took around 4 hours for the squad. I'm confident that'll be down to 3 hours by squad 3 and beyond, which is a solid evenings painting per unit - absolutely fine. These model, save a few centrepieces, will be getting the tabletop standard and nothing more. Unit - https://photos.app.goo.gl/bF21AAWZ5n7Moxha7 Heavies - https://photos.app.goo.gl/l9kVqmafmhNxFcZK2 Troopers - https://photos.app.goo.gl/PXHozNNeo3FgYd1MA as for the paint guide, I'm mostly using Vallejo model colours (v) with a bit of citadel (c) Armour - Abadon black base (c) heavy dry brush - German grey (v) light dry brush - founation white (v) light dry brush - foundation white (v) (2 coats should be sufficient) layer - Gloss white (v) (hitting the panels, tidying up armour plates ect 2 X gloss varnish weapons Abadon black base (c) highlight - grey green (v) highlight - medium sea gray (v) I then added a gentle highlight to the extremities of the weapon with metal medium (v). This adds shine without much colour, making your highlights pop and shimmer giving the impression of black metal. matt varnish. for the other black areas, I added a first highlight of German grey and did not add the metal medium highlight, making these areas look flatter than the weapons for contrast. nice and easy. Hope you enjoy. If people want specifics just ask! EDIT: these models are not yet glued together, if anyone is concerned some of the joints look wonky!
  24. Leia/fleets are still listed as at printers and Han/commandos in development. If X-Wing is anything to go off I'd be asking santa for Han and his chums
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