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  1. i am checking if you all are going tonight to play
  2. sorry that I didn't make it there Thursday but the snow is why I couldn't make it but if the weather is better then I will be there this Thursday if you all are going to be as long as the weather is not to bad like snow that is I will be getting there around 4pm if you are going to be there
  3. ok I will show up there it is a drive for me so I don't want to drive out there if know one is there cause it is a bit of a drive for me thanks for letting me know
  4. I know starting in the new year the are trying to start a league at the guard tower but not sure what day it will be so I would call there to check on it if you want to get into a league play cause I know they get the game night kits there
  5. i just got the star wars lcg was wondering if you all play on Thursdays at the Packrat Comics and if so what is a good time to be there to get some game in
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