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  1. stuffedskullcat

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    I do feel as though the E-wing depiction in the Poe comics was more of an Easter egg than any serious canon commitment, which isn’t to say that it isn’t canon, but that it’s canon may have changed. Like Thrawn; his new canon is based off of the old canon character, but certainly his story and introduction are wildly different now given that the Thrawn trilogy just didn’t happen. Similarly, the E-wing, if it exists in the new canon, may never have been a widely adopted fighter of the New Republic, but maybe just a prototype or experimental fighter Incom was working on before scrapping the design and moving on to the T-Whatever X-Wing. But to answer the OP; I feel like we’ll still see everything released, at some point. As stated earlier, all the figures and dials are there, and releasing them with simultaneous new ships gives FFG breathing room to focus on the design space for newer ships. I’d possibly even be down for interesting repaints or resculpts; heck, I have WAY more Z-95’s and M3’s than I could possibly field, but a shiny new paint job? I might pick up another.
  2. stuffedskullcat

    Are you an X-Wing cheater?

    Emphasis mine; even as Filthy Casual, it drives me nuts when I see a player not using Crit Tokens. As for "cheating", yeah I forget stuff all the time, and many of the 2e changes are still sinking in. Though I do feel I most often "cheat" against myself, forgetting Swarm Tactics, Systems bomb drops, etc...
  3. stuffedskullcat

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    Agreed. I really appreciated them using repaints in article.
  4. stuffedskullcat

    Questions about the Squadron Packs?

    I'm REALLY hoping for another title or two for the HWK, some approaches different than the current Moldy Crow that accentuate other traits of the ship. For the time being, I'm thinking of making my own alt-art HWK title cards just for variety (same ability) for casual games.
  5. stuffedskullcat

    People are Excited about Fortressing?

    No, just no. Vulture Droids landing on objects with their robot-legs and turning into turrets fits into the lore of the ships. It turns them into turrets (very fragile turrets), and also turns them into stationary targets. I'm excited to play against, and possibly try out for myself, a new game mechanic.
  6. stuffedskullcat

    Redesigning Flight Assist Astromech for v2.0

    FAA is why I have WAY too many T-70's. I like the idea of Calc tokens, though.
  7. stuffedskullcat

    Flock of Vultures?

    Only read this thread to see if someone made a Leia committee joke. 10/10 not disappointed.
  8. stuffedskullcat

    Is the Rebel HWK-290 getting played much in your area?

    Haven't really seen it; I do have a Kyle list I've been wanting to try that's a version of my 1.0 Garven Focus Factory.
  9. stuffedskullcat

    Mining Guild - Multiple or Single Support?

    I tried the MGT for the first time yesterday and had a lot of fun with Foreman "Four Man" Proach. Managed to trigger his ability a couple of times to good effect, landing an enemy ship on a rock, etc. Put Trick Shot and Shield Upgrade on him; my big mistake at point point was 3-K-ing onto a rock and forgetting I would not be able to shoot. Flew him with ion Kavil (holy heckn), 4-LOM, and a Prox tug and did pretty well. I MIGHT pick up another and see how two do in a list, but as it stands, with seven factions coming I'm planning on being much more conservative with multiples.
  10. stuffedskullcat

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    I bought a 2.0 Y-wing even though I have too many original Y-wings, simply because I like the sculpt that much more. My complaint is that the turret seems too raised from the chassis; which is fine, I repaint a lot of my figs and plan on chopping down its height anyway. I feel it's plainly obvious that both sculpts and paintjobs have improved over the years.
  11. stuffedskullcat

    Is there a miniature quality drop coming with 2.0?

    I followed a Youtube tutorial on cleaning the gunk out of Saw's X-wing, and it worked really well, BUT I did find it was then as floppy as the new T-65 foils. I adhered a tiny amount of clear tape to the mating peg inside the foils and it's the right amount of friction to keep them locked in either position. Good to know it's better on the T-70's, but given I've already an obscene number of them, can't say I'll invest in the new ones.
  12. stuffedskullcat

    Fraction Limitations on Cards

    I like this, makes me think of the D&D Ranger "favored enemy" trait. Sure, I'm guessing most Rebel pilots are down with killing the Empire, but if my wife and cats got blowed up on Alderaan I might be a little more excited about hunting Imperials. I don't want blanket EPT's where you can load an entire squad with anti-<faction> upgrades, but a Limited upgrade could be fun.
  13. stuffedskullcat

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    I'm happy with the Wave 2 Conversion Kits; I finally have enough Shield Tokens to breathe. Still unhappy with the app but am perfectly content to use YASB.
  14. stuffedskullcat

    What is your favorite 2018 X-Wing moment?

    2.0 releasing, and finding that even though I've never considered myself a "wargamer", X-wing holds my interest like never before. Flew my first tournament and had a good time!
  15. stuffedskullcat

    Importance of Initiative?

    Sounds like fun! This is another thing I like about low-init ships; the possibility of having multiple, or ALL of your squad at the same initiative. Being able to choose which order they activate and engage each round is nice.