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  1. stuffedskullcat

    Conversion kits don't have shield tokens?

    That's disappointing but not insurmountable. I already color the edges of blue, red, and green cardboard tokens with paint pens; if I feel the need to adopt the "flip" mechanic of expended tokens I can just color one side of the shield tokens with a transparent red marker.
  2. stuffedskullcat

    The manual effort with changing to 2.0

    I'm just planning on a lazy Saturday of beers and organizing. My brain likes the "filing" aspect of stowing old components, and it will be nice to filter down my lists; I tend to bring an absurdly unplayable number of lists with me to casual days and I like the idea of paring back down (insomuch as I can with the absurd number of ships I have). I'm also planning on keeping all my 1.0 pilots and upgrades in their existing binders, and just buying new binders (and thank the Maker, just ONE size of card sleeve pages) for 2.0 cards.
  3. stuffedskullcat

    How strong will adult Anakin be?

    Stronger than your dad.
  4. stuffedskullcat

    White Flag

    <cough {sellout} cough> Welcome.
  5. stuffedskullcat

    Wedge Vs Soontir

    If only there were some way to adjust the point values.
  6. stuffedskullcat

    What would you want in an X-wing campaign?

    I'd like a mix of HotAC and the mission structure of the old X-wing/TIE Fighter/Alliance PC games. Ways to integrate capital ship mechanics onto the table without needing a mini. Leveling, but also flying different ships depending on mission parameters.
  7. stuffedskullcat

    That Yellow Fighter from Star Wars: Resistance

    I remember it being frustratingly awful, but it was a LONG time ago, too. I kind of want to watch it now with a substance of choice and laugh through the whole thing.😂
  8. stuffedskullcat

    Will you buy 2.0 ships to play in 1.0?

    No, but I'm shocked at how many people are literally going to throw away 1.0 components; I'm all-in for 2.0 but all my 1.0 cards and incompatible components (tokens and such) are going to be condensed into a shoe box. Then again, I'm a little obsessive about keeping all components; I've a "backstock" of more cardboard then I could ever hope to use, just can't bring myself to trash/recycle perfectly good components.
  9. stuffedskullcat

    Just a thought about 2.0 for new players

    If you're playing with kids, just use whatever slots you want; if a kid would delight in having EVERY UPGRADE because it's fun, just indulge it. I feel that, even as a casual player, I was able to remember what ships had what slots after a short time playing them.
  10. stuffedskullcat

    That Yellow Fighter from Star Wars: Resistance

    Never played the minis game, but I played the heck out of the old PC game.
  11. stuffedskullcat

    Strikers or Phantoms in 2.0

    Yeah, Duchess is nuts; I'm really excited to give her more time now.
  12. stuffedskullcat

    Just bought Guns for Hire and Most Wanted

    HWK, all the way; it's a fun ship that will only get better in 2.0.
  13. stuffedskullcat

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Yes! Forgot about that part, must have blocked it out.
  14. stuffedskullcat

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    TLT on the Ghost, probably the only time I've been visibly irritated while playing.
  15. Madness... this is fantastic work!