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  1. stuffedskullcat

    Ship Vader or Whisper with Crew Vader?

    I got ROLLED by a Whisper Vader at my first Tourney on Sunday. I think my mistake was focusing down Soontir first... Vader just killed me.
  2. stuffedskullcat

    ID chits not staying in - solution?

    Mine don't fit in the medium bases; I tried clear tape around the bottom edge but it didn't add enough bulk. Seriously eyeballing these Curled Paw bits...
  3. stuffedskullcat

    How are you handling the new Systems Phase?

    Just curious how players are handling the new Systems Phase, particularly if only one, or neither player has Systems triggers (bombs, de-cloak). I've overheard several times at nearby tables players forgetting to bomb or de-cloak. In the games I've played where neither of us have systems, we just check-in at the beginning of the game and agree to skip it. Is it critical to to still ask "Systems?" out loud before proceeding to Activation?
  4. stuffedskullcat

    U-Wings in 2.0

    I've been seeing them used quite well, and with more frequency than first edition, in my local games. Just the mere fact that the pivot wing flip is less of a telegraph ("I'm THIS next round") helps the ship immensely.
  5. stuffedskullcat

    The new lock system

    It does suck, but I've tried putting a Sharpie pen (cap on) into the aperture and rolling it around; seems to stress the cardstock enough to make turret rotation less resistant.
  6. stuffedskullcat

    The new lock system

    I'm thinking of just using my old locks; I like GG and FF and being able to pick locks that just aren't numbers I lose track of. I also tabbed tiny bits of velcro to my 1.0 locks, so they keep together in storage and also rest slightly above the mat when in play. The new lock system, as stated above, is REALLY easy to lose track of, and the ****ing tabs fall right out of medium bases.
  7. PDF and YASB reflect two mod slots for the HWK; that's how I've been loading it out while sheepishly showing up to games and shrugging as to whether we should trust a broken app or PDF. <shrug>
  8. stuffedskullcat

    HWK of Prey

    Love how the engines are lined up.
  9. stuffedskullcat

    FFG your app is poor quality

    Well said; I hate to dog-pile on FFG because I love X-wing and otherwise think 2.0 is amazing, but the app is an embarrassment. Such a big miss on such an apparently crucial element.
  10. stuffedskullcat

    2.0 Model Changes Moving Forward

    This exactly; I feel like B-wing foil mechanism would be too fragile, and/or too bulky and would negatively affect the appearance of the ship. It can be argued whether or not the foils have a purpose other than increasing fire spread, landing, and allowing the convergence gun seen in Rebels, but I don't think it's a physical change that needs to be made. As for the HWK; I'm curious if they will sell a single, multi-faction expansion for the HWK, or separate Scum and Rebel versions. Can't say I would buy either since I'm a HWK-freak and have four, but it would be cool to see a Scum repaint (even though three of mine are repainted/modded).
  11. stuffedskullcat

    So, how’s the app working for everyone else?

    Still one Mod slot on the Scum HWK, PDF says there should be two, so... I guess I keep building/tinkering with YASB.
  12. Yep. Still not fixed in 1.0.3 either. Rebel HWK has two mod slots, but Scum does not. So, FFG? When I show up to a game, casual or tourney, do I use the PDF? Or the app?
  13. stuffedskullcat

    So, how’s the app working for everyone else?

    Given up on the official app for now, unless we see squad bugs fixed. Not to mention just how clunky it feels; too much emphasis on card images rather than data, useless card flavor (which is fine and fun on physical cards) cluttering rules data, no ability to clone generics, and no offline mode. Then the trivial cosmetic bugs which, while they don’t affect the functionality, telegraph the effort that went into this (logos and trademark text crunching together, etc). I’ve messed around with Launchbay and it seems fine, but I’m used to YASB and it’s just superb on my PC, Android phone, and iPad; does everything I want it to with simple drop-down menus and no graphic clutter. It would be nice to show up to a game and not have to explain that my HWK should have two mod slots even though the “official” app doesn’t reflect that.
  14. stuffedskullcat

    Waves of Obscure Ships? : From Armada

    I'd love to see the Skipray Blastboat, and the Pursuer-class (Slave 2), but I doubt those will happen, along with the pantheon of ridiculously over-specialized TIE variants.
  15. stuffedskullcat

    Can some ships in 2.0 not take Modifications?

    And of course, there is some disparity between the official (garbage) app, and the PDFs/third-party apps.