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  1. stuffedskullcat

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    I build my lists at home, on my PC with the Yet Another builder. If it's a list I want to try, I transcribe it onto an index card (takes under a minute) and take that with me. I'm excited for 2.0 and curious about the app, and as ubiquitous as smartphones are these days, I do feel it's unfair to people who don't have one. The common workaround is "print it" but I honestly don't know many people with printers and I haven't had a home printer in over a decade. When I do print (usually D&D stuff) it's an upload and trip to FedEx (which costs money, and again is reliant on access to tech). I can see how this can be limiting to people who don't have a device readily available to consult for squadbuilding, but again it doesn't make it impossible.
  2. stuffedskullcat

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    OMG the HWK. THE HWK!!! ❤️
  3. stuffedskullcat

    What's with the 2.0 expansion packaging?

    The less plastic clamshell the better; while I was able to make various uses out of all our 1.0 plastic (various containers, transporting large ships, lists, alcohol soaks for repaints) it's super hard to recycle and always seemed like a waste.
  4. stuffedskullcat

    You know what I think of all the 2.0 stuff?

    Blocking. All of you.
  5. stuffedskullcat

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    I'm still interested, I just haven't been able to; between being out of town and alternating D&D weekends, I haven't played since the announcement. There was some good sharing/chatter on our local FB page, but I'd really like to talk to some of our players in person and see how they feel, what their plans are, etc. Plus, I'm jonesing to play, always.
  6. stuffedskullcat

    The X-Wing's articulating S-Foils.

    I was wondering about that; not being a tourney player myself, but I was curious if FFG tourneys would require use of the articulating models. I haven't watched all the videos so thanks!
  7. stuffedskullcat

    Jon Favreau Star Wars Series

    I would LOVE Wedge... I was so bummed he didn't return in TFA or TLJ; it would have been great to see him as a grizzled flight veteran. Easily my favorite OT character outside of the core heroes.
  8. stuffedskullcat

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

    We're fine with it. Just further justification for stealing goods, selling them at inflated prices, and getting your younglings hooked on glitterstim.
  9. stuffedskullcat

    Happy Friday - Which Faction?

    I fly all factions, as a result I'm already lining up numerous kidney buyers so my transition to 2.0 is looking good. Mostly though, I'm looking forward to flying Garven, Jake, and Kyle together in 2.0 and seeing how that does.
  10. stuffedskullcat

    PSA 2nd Edition Will Not Be Balanced

    They've been playtesting for approx. seven years. This is a game, not the Hadron Collider... things might be a little off while everything gets its sea-legs but just how many decimals of a percentile are they allowed to be off by?
  11. stuffedskullcat

    How are you guys doing?

    ...also, very excited for 2.0, I kinda' wish there were some little free samples (like a ship or two's worth of cards) coming out on FREE RPG Day to demo it a bit, but oh well. Mainly right now though, I'm just excited for the next time I get to play 1.0. Sucked into a work camping trip this weekend, D&D next sunday... I don't get to fly nearly as much as I'd like.
  12. stuffedskullcat

    How are you guys doing?

    It's funny, I'm not HUGE Battletech fan (only played some late nineties casual tabletop and some of the later Mechwarriors) and I've played a couple missions of this new one and enjoyed it, but I CANNOT pull myself away from Into The Breach. I really want to put more time into Battletech though, the campaign is intriguing. I am a Battletech novice though, so I'm having a hard time understanding with bars mean what (heat, armor, etc) and how initiative works but I've no doubt if I can pull myself away from ItB for a bit, BT will sink in. Gorgeous game, nice terrain
  13. stuffedskullcat

    What to do with your collection if you intend to upgrade to v2.0?

    I'm all-in for 2.0, my first edition cards and tokens will go into deep cryo-sleep; with any luck the network will pick up their signal.
  14. stuffedskullcat

    Where did we all get so entitled?

    WHY DID WotC MAKE ME PAY FOR D&D FIFTH EDITION INSTEAD OF GIVING IT TO ME FREE OR FOR $20?! <looks at pile of Star Wars West End Games RPG books, Star Wars WotC RPG books, Star Wars FFG RPG books... realizes games go through revisions and participation is optional, goes back to life>
  15. stuffedskullcat

    2 Question Poll about X-Wing and 2.0...

    Yes. I'm a lifelong RPG and boardgame player, but this is my first tabletop miniatures game.* (*that I've stuck with for any length of time; I've some Monsterpocalypse in my closet gathering dust but it was fun for a bit.) No. After review, I'm excited. The cost for me entering into 2.0 isn't cheap (I play all factions, fly impulsive lists, and have at least duplicates of most ships), but it's worth it for me in the fun that I have and the potential that 2.0 will iron out a lot of the kinks.