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  1. R2 socket, interesting; I wonder if that will make it to the XWM release.
  2. ...you've ruined the Summoning. Now we have to start ALL OVER.
  3. "Nos-gauth, al-shuul shannoth." <cuts hands with meteorite dagger, dribbles blood into bone chalice filled with the ash of a hero's heart> "...nesharoth bal-faur, fannoth..."
  4. That poster set is sweet!
  5. I hadn't flown my Lancer(s) since first edition, and Asajj seemed like the most fun to start with, so I tried this a couple times this weekend. Shield Upgrade is nice, and the only reason I put a Rigged Chute on her is the lack of other Illicit options, though I did end up using it in the second game. Won the first match handily, then lost the second after making the mistake of separating the Skulls and Lancer by WAY too much. It was fun, will try again. Asajj Ventress — Lancer-class Pursuit Craft 72 Hate 9 0-0-0 5 Rigged Cargo Chute 4 Contraband Cybernetics 2 Shield Upgrade 6 Shadow Caster 1 Ship Total: 99 Half Points: 50 Threshold: 6 Skull Squadron Pilot — Fang Fighter 47 Fearless 3 Ship Total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 Skull Squadron Pilot — Fang Fighter 47 Fearless 3 Ship Total: 50 Half Points: 25 Threshold: 2 https://imgur.com/a/eRzpg63
  6. Thank The Maker for independent third-party heroes like LaunchBay and YASB; without them we'd be building lists like Gandalf researching The Ring in the guts of Minas Tirith.
  7. I haven't tried out the new rule yet, but I do like how the defender gets some agency (via the stress and rotation) over whether they might still have a shot, or not flying through an obstacle on their turn. Can't say much about pricing; such things are beyond my meager simian intellect.
  8. I should give Dorsal Kavil a shot, so to speak; I've always run him with ion just because the extra die (or dice, if I'm Trick Shotting) almost guarantees at least a damage, and is pretty intimidating against aces who can't afford to be ioned and Med/Large bases who I can potentially ion with one shot... then my pretties swoop in the next turn.
  9. It just dawned on me how cool it would have been if he found and used an old Lambda, but with busted-up dorsal and wingtips. Would have a hyperdrive, too.
  10. I have a handful of 1.0 Y-wings (repainted), and one of the 2.0 (WAY better sculpt, even if the turret is too tall). I bought a Republic Y-wing and repainted it Scummy; lots of fun to use it for Kavil in casual matches.
  11. I'm a little obsessive about my play area; how my cards are set up, where my token tray is, setting my pool of dice on top of the bag of unused dice, and how my templates are lain out. If I'm playing on a cramped table and things aren't fitting in the room I need, it throws me off. I also like to take photos of my squad with the beer I'm drinking that day, then post to IG for fun. I make ship noises. I don't like shaking hands; I'll do it, but I'm a germaphobe and also view it as an outdated tradition. I prefer a fist-bump or dance-off. I'm not superstitious, these are more like compulsions, than tics... and certainly anyone with a tick should remove it safely ASAP and check for lyme disease.🐜🐜🐜
  12. That is true; I'd be fine with picking a set mobile arc on deployment. Perhaps the expansion Hot Shot would come in could with little arc indicators that wouldn't interfere with existing turret arc indicators. I'd also be fine with the Hot Shot attack just being 2 dice (3 at range 1), and possibly unmodifiable, or only modifiable with Focus. I dunno.
  13. Illlicit really needs moar options; I'd burn down a Tusken Raider village for my beloved Hot Shot Blaster back.
  14. Love this, (those were some great scenes of him rattling the organics with his high-G maneuvers); should it be similar to 4-LOM in that the calculate is assigned after the completion of the red maneuver? Or different in that the Calc is assigned regardless of completion, just upon reveal?
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