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  1. To bad Carlist Rieekan is one-shot, EPIC Only. So if you want that top-top PS you'll be playing 'Escort/shuttle defense'. With Roark as an AWACs maybe toss in Jan (crew) and a Turret. But that's 19+ pts of "defend me" and "Hey! I'm a lynchpin with 5 S/HP behind 2D" And nightmares of Wing Commander Escort Missons will be flashing through you mind... bloody Drayman's nothing but a Sitting Duck..
  2. If you want psychological impact play Fel's Wrath, Arivl Crynd, or Expose on a cheap EPT carrier. When they do stellar after being 'written off' early on, they're stuck in there minds with the thought "everyone lements how bad they are. Why's it performing?" They also double as a loss scapegoat for your own psyche...
  3. IvlerIin

    Slave to PTL

    Awesome. But not as Awesome as Corran + Expose + EI with R2F2 and FCS. 10 dice total R1 double tap..
  4. IvlerIin

    Raging Tycho?

    26 FEB 2016 would probably put it around pg 15... or 'out past the Jundland wastes' -or- within the 'unknown regions'...take your pick.
  5. IvlerIin

    Slave to PTL

    If you enjoy that combo, you try this out.. Vader + Decoy Turr Phennir + SL + EI (+salt to taste)
  6. IvlerIin

    Slave to PTL

    Usually before plugging in PTL on a capable ship I usually ask myself the following questions: Does the ship have more than 3 actions on it's Action Bar. Does the ship have a decent amount of Green Maneuvers. Low-PS (F/E Turtling) , Mid-PS (over/under) , or High-PS (Br/Bs Arc Dodging) What role is the ship? (damage, support, tank) What other EPTs increase Role Specialization (post match) Was the action flexibility of PTL game defining? (post match) Was there any engagement where Expose would have been game changing? And could I recreate that moment. (post match) When not using PTL approximately how may uses would PTL been more effective (post match) would a cheaper more specialized EPT allowed for better points allocation elsewhere (ex. On an Ace) (post match) What other action economy options are available? (pilot ability, SL, EI, ect.) Another question to ask yourself is: IF PTL was unique like Experimental Interface what other options would I take and who would take PTL.
  7. Try a Joust and Chase scenario. Basically 1v1 in and around the asteroids. Drop down 2-3 times as many asteroids on the table and setup in a head-to-head approach. The Ideal Pilot to use is Tycho + EH + EI + PTL or Saber + PTL + TC. Each player has all the standard actions available. Every time someone dies reset to a Joust approach AND exchange initiative. Most kills inside 30mins is the winner. Also works with a mini swarm (4x TIEs). When Attacking if they maintain a R1 formation they gain 'Howlrunner' When Defending if they maintain a R1 formation the gain 'Serissu' Any ship outside of R1 formation loses 1 Agility and Attacks against it gain +1 Attack. Note: the player could pair them together in 2s or a single group of 4. But remind them of the risks. If one pair becomes a single ship it immediately suffers an 'Outmanuver' effect and all attackers gain +1 against it. --- The former is good practice at remembering to make actions and thinking of which one to select. The latter is good practice at formation flying and remembering to apply special effects.
  8. Silently waits for a BatRep and build where Poe Dameron wins single-handedly against a 10-Tie swarm.
  9. Bachelor party, 16 'bros', ladies program already scheduled... I'd go with a FFA generic battle 35pts. When your ship is destroyed 'Shotgun a Beer' (or chug). Or go Teams with everyone controlling a single ship. Beer by death rule still applies. After said beer, respawn at a 'friendly table edge' after 1 full round. How you draft the order on ship selection is up to you.
  10. Octa-Poe and Nona-Poe. Then with VI/Adaptability we also have a Deca-Poe, and the less elegant Hendeca-Poe...
  11. I feel like the strongest option for 9 Poe is VI. Cranking him up to 11 would be what makes him the most dangerous and opens up the most options for him. At 11 the most likely candidates he would face are Vader, Wedge, and Hans; a maybe Cobra. Fel's happy chilling at 9 with PTL. Black One is what I wished Expert Handling also entailed (proc off boost option) but it's also a nice Support skill.
  12. I've found Triple Regen Builds to be wonderful things. Even though it's not the best action economy all the time. Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing 25 R5-D8 3 Ship Total: 28 Poe Dameron — T-70 X-Wing 33 Draw Their Fire 1 R5-P9 3 Black One 1 Ship Total: 38 Wedge Antilles — X-Wing 29 Draw Their Fire 1 R2-D2 4 Ship Total: 34 Once upon a time, Poe Dameron was Luke, then Wes, and 'young' Poe, with other upgrades to tastes. Edit: intially had the 'young' Poe plugged in.
  13. I'm about 80% sure the new trilogy will be about Snoke trying to defeat the Vong. EP:IX ends with the Vong appearance and a cliffhanger to rage the SW community to see the Extended Trilogy. PT -> OT -> ST -> ET
  14. IvlerIin

    The illicit.

    Jettisoning Spices gets the Falcon a Slam action. And here we all thought this expansion was a TFA timeline only...
  15. Your choices in Phrasing could use more inuendoes in it... Eventually you'll master your phrasing, then everything you say will be deeper, harder, and all the more meaningful to whomever is receiving you...
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