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  1. This alleviates many of my concerns for the future. I do still wish that Alex had also made the move, but this is still good news.
  2. I'm fine with the rebels being vehicle light. But then I'd also be happy if not every faction had mirror versions of units to each other. I'd like some asymmetry.
  3. I think tabletop admiral is being updated as I type this. Or at least the points changes for CIS have been.
  4. I hadn't seen that yet. Huge change that I am very happy with.
  5. Very initial reaction, but I'm really liking what I see so far.
  6. I don't think Alex Davy would have been let go if the move was that far down the line.
  7. What a **** way to do things. Luckily I think my collection is about complete. I don't collect CW era, and was always more of a casual player. I'll likely still pick up Lando at least, and maybe the other GCW era sets that are supposed to be coming out early next year. But I don't know if I will be collecting much after that. I'll wait and see. I'll continue to play and enjoy Legion for now, but I also play and enjoy other games that are not controlled by asmodee. I hope AMG fallows Alex's last bit of advice, and that they don't "**** it up". As a personal aside I'd like to thank Alex Davy and the whole development team for making a game that has provided me with countless hours of enjoyment. I hope that those of you who lost your jobs land on your feet, and I hope to play games that you develop again in the future.
  8. Reading the press release it looks like the creative staff will also be making the move. So other than a different logo on the packaging I don't think there will be any major changes.
  9. He seemed to do fine in the last couple of episodes of clone wars.
  10. To get to 9 activations you have to go a little light on the upgrades for the saber users, so 8 activations is probably the way to go. But as I'd only play triple the fall for fun anyway I'm not too concerned about competitiveness.
  11. I came up with one with 9. Basically the three saber wielders, Maul's probe droids to mark targets, and 5 naked B1 units to grab objectives, and generally get in the way of the enemy.
  12. Time for triple the fall!
  13. Cad Bain will love these guys. Of course that mean taking Cad, and Maul. So likely not having many points for a commander other than the generic. But that isn't necessary a bad thing.
  14. And in the Crabbok interview it was said that the card spread for Maul was a mistake from an earlier version of Maul. Only Anikan has the drawback card.
  15. As far as the next imp vehicle, I'd like to see the imperial transport (don't remember the name) that started as a toy, then was in rebels, and the showed up in live action in the last couple of episodes of the Mandalorian. But I don't expect it this next release.
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