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  1. Cad Bain will love these guys. Of course that mean taking Cad, and Maul. So likely not having many points for a commander other than the generic. But that isn't necessary a bad thing.
  2. And in the Crabbok interview it was said that the card spread for Maul was a mistake from an earlier version of Maul. Only Anikan has the drawback card.
  3. As far as the next imp vehicle, I'd like to see the imperial transport (don't remember the name) that started as a toy, then was in rebels, and the showed up in live action in the last couple of episodes of the Mandalorian. But I don't expect it this next release.
  4. From one of the Gen Con live streams we know that probe droids are coming at some point, and that they will have the same, or similar mechanics to the probes that are coming out for CIS. So I'm sure they will have some use even if we don't know what that is yet. Also I expect if nothing else they will likely be a rather cheap activation.
  5. I do have some experience in play testing miniature games (not legion), and while there are a number of ways to initially come up with point costs, generally speaking it starts with something like deciding on an arbitrary number of points for a standard game. You want the number to be large enough so that you have granularity in adjusting point costs, but small enough for the numbers not to be intimidating. Then you come up with a point cost for your baseline unit/miniature. So for example if you are going for your basic grunt to cost about 1% of the total points for a standard game a 1,000 point game would have basic grunts be 10 points. Then you go from there for other units. Maybe a commander costs about 10 times that of a grunt, an elite trooper 50% more, and a total bad a** 20 times more. These are just your initial estimates that will very likely change during playtesting. Sometimes you adjust point costs, and sometimes you adjust stats/abilities. Originally Legion was going to be played at 1,000 points (again from interviews or live streams. I don't remember exactly where), but during playtesting it was found that a game was taking too long. So the point level of a game was dropped to by 20%. However I don't think it is a coincidence that the game was originally designed for 1,000 points, and that a rebel trooper costs 10. I would not be surprised that if early on in the design of Legion stormtroopers also cost 10 points each, but were found to be a little stronger than rebels so got a 10% point increase. A strict formula for how much a unit will cost is usually not a good way to balance a game. Some abilities will synergies better or worse together effecting the strength of a unit that will not show up in a points formula. Also how well a unit will synergies within its own faction should effect the price. Two units identical on paper can have vastly different power levels depending on what else is available to a specific army. These are some of the considerations that need to be taken into account when pricing a unit that a formula will not show. Again, I have/had no part in playtesting Legion. So this is all just speculation on my part based somewhat on my experience as a playtester for other systems. Coming up with a points formula for units can be fun, and useful for initial ideas for homebrew units, but it is not likely how existing units received their point cost. But if it is something that you enjoy doing, I say keep at it! I do find it interesting what you are coming up with. I thought I'd just share a small piece of how the sausage of game design is made.
  6. The game designers have said in at least a couple of interviews (I don't remember which ones, or where to find them if I did) that they do not use a formula for the cost of units. Or at least that is not how they come to a final point cost for release.
  7. I'm hoping for the updated points and RRG. But probe droids would be pretty cool too!
  8. I think that a simple change to cover would greatly effect sniper strike teams. When checking to see if a unit is in cover over half, and not at least half, of the unit would need to be in cover. This would also be a hit to R2 when taken with 3PO, and tauns.
  9. Give them a call. MM was very helpful, and understanding.
  10. No. They are not charging shipping for either part. And neither part would qualify for free shipping on their own ordinarily.
  11. Yeah, it is a bit frustrating, but at least there is something of a date. For others who also pre-ordered through MM, they were very happy to spit my Arcs off from the rest of my order. So the rest of my order is shipping, and when the Arcs come in they will also ship. I did have to call to ask, but there was no problem.
  12. Yeah. I was in part looking at that data. It also matches up with my own experience.
  13. I think the biggest problem the Empire has right now is that the GAR does what the Empire does, only much better. The Empire actually matches up quite well against Rebels and CIS. In fact Empire, Rebels and CIS all feel fairly balanced against each other.
  14. Good episode. Has a similar breakdown been done for the last invader league?
  15. One change that I would like to see is for the rebels to be able to take Bistan and Pao in standard corps units.
  16. It would probably be best to have both GCW and CW sets. In any event I would build the lists from the core sets plus one expansion for each faction you do. For the theme of the terrain I would go for something iconic, but also something fairly simple so as not to be intimating for people starting out building terrain.
  17. And quite often it's nice having a suppression on a character for the cover.
  18. Also we can expect an update to the RRG, an errata, and points changes some time this year.
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