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  1. To me the most interesting part was about changes to how you can target a model. No more shooting at the barrel of the sniper, or the light saber blade of a force user. That is a change I want to see made.
  2. Funny. I just checked their website and the core set is still listed as pre-order. Along with all the other CW sets. Lucky you!
  3. To an extent that list does have a lot of different units. But I look at it as really have two elements. The first element being a base of fire element containing the rebel troopers, vets, MK II, and the AT-RT. The second element is a flanking element containing Jyn and the pathfinders initially deploying on a flank, with Luke and the Tauntauns quickly moving up to support. But also having a number of different units is, in my opinion, a good way to learn the game. It lets you learn what works for you, and is fun for you to play vs what does/is not. Then you can build out your collection from there.
  4. I have always thought that Jyn and Pathfinders were fun to play, just a little over costed to really be competitive. But if you are not that into competitive play then that should be less of an issue. With a core set, and what you plan on purchasing you can make an interesting list. This is what I threw together using the new point costs. Luke Skywalker (Force Push, Force Reflexes)Jyn Erso (Duck and Cover, A-180 Rifle Config)Rebel Troopers (Z-6 Trooper)Rebel Troopers (Z-6 Trooper)Rebel Veterans (CM-O93 Trooper)Mark II Medium Blaster TrooperRebel Pathfinders (Pao, Duck and Cover, A-300 Long Range Config)AT-RT (AT-RT Rotary Blaster)Tauntaun Riders (Endurance, Comms Jammer) While I don't think that this list will become the new meta or anything, it does look like a fun list to play. In fact, I have a friendly game coming up this weekend, and this might just be what I bring.
  5. In all seriousness, I'm sure I remember the bad rolls more than the good. However, once I got the FFG dice app I feel my rolls have gotten much better.
  6. Are you joking? I can hear the little buggers plotting against me in my dice bag.
  7. One of his arm options has a baster. So I'm sure he has the option of a ranged attack.
  8. One idea I have for curbing the use of sniper strike teams is a change in the rules reference guide. Make it so that when a unit looses its leader, the new leader must have the same equipment as on the unit card. In other words, unit leader upgrades could not stay the unit leader after being killed. The new leader would have to be the model that the unit would use if the leader upgrade had not been taken. The new leader would still benefit from unit wide upgrades,like grenades, but not their model specific ones. This would mean the heavy weapon upgrade for strike teams, the officer upgrades for core units, Bistan or Pao for pathfinders, and DT-F16 for death troopers, etc. I think this would mostly effect strike teams, being only two models, and would be a good way lessen their effect. I know my explanation is a little wordy. Hopefully FFG can word it better.
  9. I'd like to see Baze, Chirrut, and K2 as operatives, and Cassian as a commander. And then give Cassian the ability to take an extra operative as long as it is K2. Kind of like how the Emporer can take an extra unit of Guards, and Director Krennic can take an extra unit of Death Troopers. I'm not sure how to represent Bodhi. Perhaps as a pilot upgrade, or a command card for Cassian?
  10. Stupid, brave, foolhardy, adventurous.... All just words. Take the AT-ST, and have fun.
  11. Was this for rebs, or imps?
  12. One thing that I find interesting about the tournament set up for Flames of War is that they change the point limits for competitive play each year. I wouldn't mind if FFG did something similar here. Say a week or so after worlds FFG announces the new point total for the fallowing season. Have it set at 800 one year, then the next bump it to 950, and the year after drop it to 725, and so on. The game play can change quite a bit with different point totals, and something as minor as this can really shake up the meta. I don't think I would ever put the limit above 1,000 or below 650. Also I would wait until each faction has a good selection of units.
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