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  1. I played for the first two expansions and was having quite a bit of fun - but the reason I left was because I always thought taking extra turns was a very stupid mechanic in a game with dice variables. I always though it would have been so much smarter for them to have cards that had very strong abilities but granted your OPPONENT and extra turn. How is the game now? Is it still extra-turn heavy?
  2. In an environment where character skill is being shut off in multiple ways it seems that the Imperial favor is getting more powerful because it contributes despite these cancels. Add in the “discard imperial” abilities and I think this all makes for tough choices, and great game design.
  3. Between Time for War, Kamatari, ready for battle, the spoiled One Man Army, I think dragon splashing lion is going to be really strong for them.
  4. I’m just surprised they didn’t go the “discard the imperial favor” route. Or “once per round”. Some limiter. It’s just slightly too strong for 0 cost in my opinion but that’s just me.
  5. All Unicorn is missing is a solid "send home" ability for their units that's cheap, semi-repeatable, and not terribly telegraphed.
  6. Here are just a few interesting ideas I had: Crab dynasty characters with province strength, basically cards that incentivize you to not play them during the dynasty phase. Scorpion shadow-tech. Shadows in Game of Thrones means you flip a card over and it is out of play and then you pay cost to flip it back over. This also makes the card un targetable Having this tech would allow you to trigger scorpion abilities twice in a single round. Scorpion burn decks. Phoenix Direct damage decks where they are killing people off from outside the conflict. Netrunner-inspired Phoenix “trap” decks. Where attacking them means triggering hidden trap spells that kill off attackers and cause major debuffs.
  7. I'd play a 1x in a deck, only use against someone I knew wasn't dragon or splashing dragon. I guess calling in favors with also deal with this. No one is really running maya mystic.
  8. I'm assuming that with the current rules, after you resolve the ring effects that Isawa Kaede loses her ability once the "Claim Ring" step takes place. Since it's not actually a void ring, it does not follow the rules for the Keeper Initiates and that's why it does not trigger.
  9. Oh wow, yes you're right. I thought it was claim then resolve, it's the other way around.
  10. I think making the dynasty cards fully known would be a great "change". Any mitigation to variance and chance in a highly random environment is a positive to me. It lowers the luck-based stuff and increases the skill-cap.
  11. I can see that, but picking a keeper is equally about what you expect to defend from as what you would like to swing as in order to trigger keepers. Especially since they can change their rings and also prevent certain rings thus whittling down the choices, they are uniquely suited to get an advantage from incoming attacks, even more-so because they are a defensive faction. If you have fate on your characters and you are second player, they will not choose water unless they need the fate. The strongest choices against a Phoenix first attack is Fire and Void. Fire to dishonor their high-glory characters, and Void because they are a ramp-up faction that builds to a strong board presence with honored, high-glory characters. Also, Void is often chosen as a first-attack to prevent the ring from being used against the attacker in a counter-attack. Taking advantage of an incoming attack to trigger keepers gives you more options for longer, so you want to pick one that will be most commonly used against you early.
  12. This was another point I made in another post and to the Phoenix rep's, but they couldn't be persuaded. I like Phoenix, I have a lot of fun with them, but they aren't my main faction so -shrug-. I just know that triggering Keeper of Void and Keeper Initiates off any incoming Void attack, Elemental Fury, Kuroi Mori, and using Atsuko on Defense (also getting a fate) or any outgoing Void attack using Atsuko, or ANY attack with Isawa Kaede is EXTREMELY strong. Huge opportunity lost there until next year. That being said I do know the Phoenix guys, all great guys, I just would have went another way.
  13. I was talking to the Phoenix players today about their Water pick and I’m not 100% sure why they went with it. I guess they have their reasons but I think keeper of void or keeper of fire were their strongest role. Reason being with KoV you can flip the incoming ring to void with elemental fury and the Phoenix province and defend with isawa atsuko, trigger her ability, trigger keepers, trigger fate. This is a strong defensive play and should have been considered. Also alternatively as a keeper of fire, you can trigger an incoming ring with Show of Power and claim the ring, setting off the keeper role, triggering your keepers then triggering the ring immediately afterwards. Doing so allows you to use the triggered ring on a keeper initiate since the trigger fires after the claim fires - this would mean getting a 3/3 with a fate on it for 1 fate/1 honor with a fire ring. Water is a very situational ring, especially weak as the very first ring attack and weaker-still if there are no targets remaining for a show of power. I don’t see the advantage to keeper of water, but maybe the Phoenix representatives know something I’m not aware of.
  14. My recommendation to anyone struggling with this game is: Play 20 more games. My first month with this game made me feel completely stupid. After the learning curve it’s now my favorite pastime.
  15. There are leagues that don't require set matches, where players can play any time so long as they start the game as "League Match" and its understood by both players the game will be recorded. Your win/loss ratios and ELO are tracked and saved and you can participate any time. It's not all about number of games played either, a player 20-0 would be ranked higher than someone 40-10.
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