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  1. Audio Weasel

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    I see Old Ben as more of an operative, honestly.
  2. Audio Weasel

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    Could always name it "Grrrl Power" after the Riot Grrrl movement in punk in the 90's. That may head off any misunderstandings. Plus, let's face it, they're both kinda punk rawk
  3. Audio Weasel

    On the Hunt - Sabine Wren and Bossk!

    Chopper as astromech, and Darth Lothcat can sit on the sidelines on a space whale.
  4. Audio Weasel

    Rebel With A Cause: Jyn Erso Article

    They're sooooooooo GOOD
  5. Audio Weasel

    Dear Devs: How to do patch notes

    Ah...the legacy lives on
  6. Audio Weasel

    Happy Friday

    Same here, unfortunately. I haven't played since NOVA 2017. Not out of lack of desire to, just life went really pear-shaped
  7. Audio Weasel

    What is the best podcast for legion?

    Hadn't listened to Stabcast, so decided to check it out by starting from the beginning, which is before the game officially released. I do like the podcast and I'm going to listen through all of them, but it's kind of funny to hear things like: "Maybe that ion trooper will help with that" And "the AT-RT has 2 good weapons... I'm not sold on the flamer"
  8. Audio Weasel

    Is it worth starting Armada?

  9. Audio Weasel

    Unsung Heros.

    Everybody keeps saying this regarding CIS and Republic, but I'm thinking GenCon announcement, minis end up in the case to be "ooo-ed" and "aaahhh-ed" at, and we find out what quarter of what year they are supposed to come out. Granted, I could very easily be wrong, but that is my guess.
  10. Audio Weasel

    New vehicles!

    Paint it white with red trim and use it to cart a medic around
  11. Audio Weasel

    Error in Quick Builds?

    Maybe the quick builds were made by the same people who write the articles.
  12. Audio Weasel

    Quick Build Armada?

    I would suggest separate threat values for admirals. Higher threat admiral means less threat amongst the ships and vice versa. They can, of course, be placed on any ship.
  13. As the TO, play against the third player yourself.
  14. Audio Weasel


    Even if you have no releases, make a tactics or weird list article. Something to let us know that they know we're still here
  15. Audio Weasel


    Peterson founded and (as far as I know) owned FFG and designed, amongst others, Twilight Imperium. Pure speculation, but I figure he probably continued as CEO during the transition after Asmodee purchased them and it was always planned that he would leave after a certain amount of time. Again, pure speculation but it's not an uncommon occurance.