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  1. She'll fly a Quadjumper painted black with flames on it
  2. Excited? Yes. Ready? No. I haven't played since NoVA. I might just say screw it and take something insane.
  3. To repaint as a Dorito?
  4. I honestly think those are escape pods. I think Poe is shown in the window of one watching things blow up.
  5. Because Expert Handling.
  6. You forgot the best one cinnamon bun dough in the waffle maker.gif
  7. Well, you can explain one of those as Luke Vs Luuke
  8. I have to admit, I really like that they're putting in multiple weapon loadouts for the physical mini in the box. Gonna need magnets!
  9. Standard list rules indicate that you won't be able to have more thn 2 Heavy Support units, which I would assume is the category for the AT-ST. I'm with you, though. I'm hoping to make work 2 AT-ST's, 3 Speeder Bike pairs, the commander, and fill in with Stormies. Because Imperial Might, that's why
  10. Look for me at the bottom tables of the Martinsburg one
  11. You've heard of elf on a shelf, now get ready for
  12. Uh oh.... someone crossed the streams
  13. Although it does open up the system slot on B-Wings for....say.... Advanced Sensors
  14. @Chumbalaya Am I correct in remembering that none of you seemed particularly excited about Legion?
  15. PSA to your PSA (yes I'm going to do it everywhere, the people need to know): Rian Johnson has tweeted that if you "want to come in clean" you might not want to see this trailer, so fair warning.