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  1. I would call myself thematic. I start with an idea or a card, be it an admiral I want to use, or a fleet name I want to fit my build... then I add one or two MC30's and build from there, unless it's an Imperial build
  2. You would think that if you're making a trilogy, and you KNOW you're making a trilogy, you'd make an outline of the overarching story before you started
  3. My spoiler-free hot take: JJ Abrams is one bad day from being Michael Bay.
  4. Structurally I agree with you, for the most part (although the story beats were very similar). The part where Ren inform Rey of her lineage is EXTREMELY close to the Vader reveal in Empire, then the Ren and Rey fight in the throne room was EXTREMELY close to the Vader and Luke fight in the throne room in Jedi. There were a few other sequences that stuck too close, IMO. Full disclosure: I am going to see it again next weekend, with the mindset of trying to enjoy it for what it is. There were some things I really liked: the Poe/Finn bromance, the humor was on point for the most part, the treasure hunt was nice, and I LOVE the little black market droid Tech.
  5. Not sure how it's weird, the story should continue, and evolve, not recycle the same plot points and sequences over and over again
  6. My main problem with it is the same problem I had with TFA. Too much Empire and Jedi in the mix. Write your own **** movie, JJ.
  7. That's the thing I like about this game. I've never been in any danger of winning a tournament, but I've always had fun at them. I've only dropped out of one tourney, but that was because I hadn't taken any Aleve, and it was 5 rounds on 1 day. I'm too old for that, unfortunately.
  8. If you're taking data on how many people couldn't go because of work, count me in on that
  9. A TIE Scosceles ...I'll show myself out
  10. Ship: MC30 Squadron: A-Wing Upgrade: Advanced Proton Torpedoes (see ship fave)
  11. https://io9.gizmodo.com/star-wars-wings-ranked-1837908990
  12. https://io9.gizmodo.com/star-wars-wings-ranked-1837908990
  13. ... I did a quick CTRL-F and I'm not seeing defenestration in here. An oversight on FFG's part?
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