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  1. Armada is dead

    Aside from various board games, I'm playing Armada, Infinity, and Dreadball. I do have a Wrath of Kings starter I've been considering painting up and trying, and a Guild Ball 2-player starter that I have primed. EDIT: Had to add, there's nothing quite like playing Catacombs at board game night at a brewery.
  2. Can we call Dreadnoughts, "Nunchucks"?

    Ah, but did you ever pour rubbing alcohol on them and set them on fire while you were wearing them?
  3. Citadel Paint Sets

    Vallejo FTW....except for nuln oil. I haven't seen anyone else with anything quite like nuln oil
  4. Rules reference finally!

    Shall we start a pool on how fast @Crabbok has a video up on this?
  5. Rally the rules reference.

  6. Ship scale reference

    In that case your driveway may not fit on the 3'x6', so the point maybe sorta still stands
  7. Rules reference finally!

  8. Rally the rules reference.

    Two words..... GRAND ARMY
  9. Galactic Conflict Podcast

    Very informative, and still entertaining, thank you
  10. Galactic Conflict Podcast

    "now defunct Stele Open" I had to pause and raise a glass at that point
  11. How Many Tokens to Buy?

    You may want more braces than that, depending on how many ace squadrons you usually fly. The place I bought mine from, they were sold in packs of 5. If I remember correctly, I bought 3 of Brace, 1 each of Scatter and Contain, and 2 of each of the others, and it worked out right for everything I've flown so far
  12. FFG Star Wars Worlds

    I'm willing to bet that there will be some legion events there, just not a world championship.
  13. Live streaming wave 7 now

    Darn it, first time I see this it was posted 9 hours ago. Grrrrrrr..... Real life interferes with my gaming far too much
  14. Thrawn's Fleet Arrives at Atollon

    ..... I'll be in my bunk
  15. Good God, Luke

    Obviously Arquitens have a design flaw involving a trench of some kind