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  1. ... I did a quick CTRL-F and I'm not seeing defenestration in here. An oversight on FFG's part?
  2. Spaceball-1. They have a zoo, a circus, all kinds of stuff. You just have to be able to deal with being surrounded by *redacted*
  3. Announcement of the DP20 and Lancer Frigate as squadron killers Also... Obligatory
  4. First person to be GunganScout gets a hug
  5. I ended up pulling the address for the RSS feed from the website
  6. Good stuff so far, looking forward to more
  7. Honestly, I love me some new minis, but I think I'm most looking forward to the campaign. 2 words: new objectives
  8. Just put umlauts over all of the o's in their names and say that they're pining for the fjords.
  9. As far as I know, it hasn't been shown anywhere. If the Starhawk were released for Armada, it would be the first time that ship class was seen (which would be quite a coup, and would be good for visibility of the game). From the description of it, I've always thought it would look a bit like the Asgard ships from SG1
  10. OK, so ideas on what these could be? I'd like to see a Starhawk. I know the Dornean Gunship has been floated around, but it's not what I would consider "sizeable" (neither is the DP20, which I was hoping for)
  11. If done right, it could be REALLY funny. I don't know about Ridpath, but Hamill has good comedic timing
  12. Maybe they're leading up to an Odd Couple-esque show for Disney+ where force-ghost Luke and force-ghost Palpatine share an apartment.
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