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  1. Audio Weasel

    What’s your user name origin story?

    It's from waaaaaaay back in college and involved a Photoshop of a ferret wearing headphones.
  2. Very well done! If may quote: " All I am surrounded by is fear... and dead men"
  3. Audio Weasel

    Vader Immortal

    Between this and the Star Trek Bridge Simulator, I may have to get an Oculus. One or the other probably wouldn't be enough to convince me, but both...
  4. Audio Weasel


    He's totally murdering ewoks in that pose.
  5. Audio Weasel


    I don't know if they did it on purpose, but the pose looks straight out if Robot Chicken. Not saying its a bad thing, just saying it's there.
  6. Audio Weasel

    transport and storage

    I've got an empty Stele Open bag that, if I buy into Legion, I will be buying foam for.
  7. Audio Weasel

    What future Empire units?

    Krennic and Thrawn as commanders,Rukh as an operative, and Deathtroopers as special forces.
  8. Audio Weasel

    Tourney trays

    I second this, particularly for people who play multiple games. I have the box, and a topper for Infinity and one for Armada.
  9. Audio Weasel

    If the Resistance was added who would buy them?

    The Resistance's first commander post-Episode 9
  10. Audio Weasel

    If the Resistance was added who would buy them?

    The Resistance doesn't currently have a Legion, they just have the crew of the Falcon.
  11. Audio Weasel

    Armada news on stream now - Super Star Destoryer

    Shall we start a pool as to how long before @Crabbok posts a video about it? EDIT: He just posted the whole in flight report, so he'd probably have one up before we got the pool together lol
  12. Audio Weasel

    Armada is Dead should die.

    As near as I can tell, the game is in a really good place balance-wise. Maybe they're afraid that if they touch it, they'll break something
  13. Audio Weasel

    What's going on around here?!?

    Honest truth? The devs realized everything was going pear-shaped, so they started working on fixing everything. My advice? Wait for the release of the app, where the point levels and upgrade slots are stored. I'm hopeful, but I've been burned before...
  14. Audio Weasel


    I can't respond to this properly without the entire internet hunting me down
  15. Audio Weasel

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    Honestly, not entirely sure. I am considering selling off my scum to finance updating the other two, then waiting to see what happens with epic...BUT...i would miss the quadjumper. Tough decisions...