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  1. Audio Weasel

    Armada is Dead should die.

    As near as I can tell, the game is in a really good place balance-wise. Maybe they're afraid that if they touch it, they'll break something
  2. Audio Weasel

    What's going on around here?!?

    Honest truth? The devs realized everything was going pear-shaped, so they started working on fixing everything. My advice? Wait for the release of the app, where the point levels and upgrade slots are stored. I'm hopeful, but I've been burned before...
  3. Audio Weasel


    I can't respond to this properly without the entire internet hunting me down
  4. Audio Weasel

    What factions are you most excited to play in 2.0?

    Honestly, not entirely sure. I am considering selling off my scum to finance updating the other two, then waiting to see what happens with epic...BUT...i would miss the quadjumper. Tough decisions...
  5. Audio Weasel


    You're not the boss of me
  6. Audio Weasel

    X Wing preview

    Technically we still don't know that, that could be the traditional mistake in the article.
  7. Audio Weasel

    TIE/rb - the new Heavy TIE Fighter from 'Solo'

    "Shoot down that Rebel scum!" "By your command"
  8. Audio Weasel

    Meta is dead, long live the Meta

    Not just Vassal. With the limited release at GenCon, the app will have to be available and working by then, giving us all a chance to mess around in 2.0 before the September general release.
  9. Audio Weasel

    X-Wing 2.0 - batteries required.

    I figured Skynet would happen after Google bought Boston Dynamics with their crazy cheetah robots and such
  10. I would say more excited. I like what I'm seeing (that flying is going to be more important than listbuilding). 2.0 still looks like it will bring me back to the game. However, I'm still not planning any purchases until I get a chance to use the app. I want to see everything involved before I commit to coming back.
  11. Audio Weasel

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    From Nero FIRE EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!
  12. Audio Weasel

    Cluster Missiles 2.0

    Well, the other attacks will probably be unmodified, but.....
  13. Audio Weasel

    STAR WARS FILMS Discussion Thread!

    OK, so if you take all of the horribly forced romance parts out of AOTC, how does it change your rankings?
  14. Audio Weasel

    Jon Favreau Star Wars Series

    Oh for the love of f!@k the sun crusher no longer exists. It is legends. It's probably a story that makes kids not want to be Jedi because they don't want to destroy sun's. Not canon, it's a cautionary tale.