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  1. Hi i have a question: If there are 2 players named A and B. A use "Ours for the Taking" (Any Phase: Choose 1 location that would kneel to trigger its effect. Copy that ability (paying any additional costs),without kneeling the location.) and choose Longship Maiden's Bane of player B(Challenges: During a challenge, kneel Longship Maiden's Bane to have it participate in the current challenge on your side as a character with 'cannot be killed' and X STR. X is the number of Warship cards you control.),Before he declaring it partecipate. My questions are: 1)The STR of Longship Maiden's Bane is equal to player A warship, or player B warship? 2) Can player B declaring it partecipate even it is partecipating at player A side? Thanks for the answer
  2. I'm new and i have few noob questions 1) -If i have Dragon Sight: "If if is Summer,when you declare a challenge type,your opponent must declare defenders before you declare attackers. The opportunity for your opponent to declare defenders after you declare attackers is lost." and Robert Baratheon (TGM): "While Robert Baratheon is attacking alone in a challenge, each opponent you are not attacking may declare 1 eligible character as a defender. If you win the challenge instead of the normal claim effects, each opponent must satisfy the claim effect of the challenge." What happenend if i'll declare a power challenge? -And, for example,if i'll attack with Robert + another character(whitout Dragon Sight), a player that cannot declare defenders (becouse all your characters are kneeling), and remove my second attacking character after the opportunity to declare defender is gone(so Robert is alone). Can other my opponents declare defenders? -If my Robert Baratheon (TGM) get deadly who choose the character that was be killed, if a player that i attacking not declare defenders? 2)If i have 2 duplicates on my character and my opponent cancel one with a card, can i trigger the second duplicate? 3) If The Iron Throne (LotR) would be to cancel a response on my dragon, can i cancel the response with Nurtured by the Crone? Sorry for my bad english and ty to everyone answer me....
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