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  1. Yeh, this is what I did last night. Guy was so **** salty. This kind of troll is exactly the problem.
  2. Shortens the game and makes it more exciting. I don't see a problem...
  3. I can get the frustration of having someone run away when you know you could likely beat them if they attacked, but because they're ahead on points they'll win. But the problem is, there's nothing unsporting let alone rule breaking about playing out the clock. What it really comes down to, is someone getting upset because the other person won't play their game, which is always the worse possible thing you can do. You never want to play the other guys game. Again I get it's frustrating, but that doesn't mean the game needs to be changed or running to preserve an advantage is somehow wrong. The board isn't that big and there's only so much room to run... If you can't hunt down the last ship then you really didn't deserve to win. Because that's what it come down to... If the only way you can win is for the other guy to do what you want, to play into your strength then you could've played better. I agree with everything you posted. Articulate as always and nothing too loony. However, I hate it when games go to time. I see it as inevitable due to the sheer amount of upgrade combinations available. Keeping track of all that stuff is completely different (and more time consuming) than the time when games rarely went to 60 minutes in tournaments. I personally liked the shorter games and decisive ending much more than the way things currently stand. So much more thematic imo, and it leaves little to no room for uncertainty as to whom the winner is. For my money, I'd rather see an exciting and dramatic match at the end game over hide and go seek. Now, I agree that if you can't catch him then his strategy worked, but that can also be said of a forced confrontation. Develop a new strategy, knowing you'll be engaged until someone is defeated. I am not convinced that the game would suffer if running away were removed.
  4. This idea of shrinking the board is awesome, but maybe just shrink it once by R2 at 60 minutes? That way the game changes at the end, but has enough time to matter and also shrinks the board significantly enough that the end game would be much more dramatic imho. I'm definitely giving it a try, thanks!
  5. Tl;dr Don't you tell people to shut up, just shut up. lol fair enough. The only thing I can't tolerate is intolerance
  6. I think that you hit the nail on the head. Turrets aren't OP, but for some lists it's terribly unfun to play against. I'm not sure that there's a good way to fix that tbh. How can you take a game with asymmetrical mechanics and make it so every matchup is fun and exhilarating? (spoiler: you can't) But, I like where your head's at!
  7. To those trying to silence the cries of outrage by saying that this isn't the right time or place need to grow up. EVERY platform is the right time and place. This is America, and having people say things to your face that you don't like is how it works. Now if they want to moderate this thread down, great! But until then (or until you become a moderator) maybe NOT telling people what to say or where to say it is the way to go.
  8. Yeah, that's why they win so many tournaments As our resident hobo eluded to, skill does play a part in any matchup... Tournament results prove very little. Worlds in particular - the rebel list in the final avoided a lot of the lists that would handily take it down. Good luck running Corran with so much stress dealing shenanigans out there. Then there was the top 8 (?) match, where Carnor took the initiative for some reason. Not to detract from the rebel player, he did really well, but he had some luck in places. As well, with defenders being a meta list, lots of people take hard counters as they are so prevalent. Obviously player skill comes into effect, but you'd be lying to yourself if you said defenders weren't one of the strongest options out there. I think that the tourney results do matter because that seems to be exactly what you're arguing. If defender's are one of the strongest options, that is in the 100/6 deathmatch, no? The inference is that they are a winning list, yet the evidence points to the contrary. As had been said elsewhere, x-7 defenders have a high floor skill wise, which makes them prevalent. But, like the quad TLT (another 'high floor' list) it's easy to be mediocre to good with, but difficult to win a tournament with. I think as usual, the new hotness is what people are flying. That newness can equal some easy wins until folks figure them out. After the newness wears off though, they're just another good list in a game with a lot of good lists.
  9. Ahh, more salty tears over PWTs. Haven't we already figured out that they aren't that hard to shut down? Autothrusters, bombs, regen, Zuckuss and Palp; not to mention pilots like Fel or Corran that can solo a falcon...so many answers. PWTs are powerful, but every faction has a good counter for them. There's more balance now than I've seen in this game since Wave 1.
  10. Yeah, that's why they win so many tournaments As our resident hobo eluded to, skill does play a part in any matchup...
  11. Sorry, is it actually called FA"C" in some places? Frequently Asked Cuestions?
  12. Are we seriously discussing why the outcome of the World Series is off topic on the x-wing miniatures forum? Really? The Rebels thread is mostly off-topic too, but at least that one is actually about Star Wars.
  13. Sweet, the year I was born! but why 1979? Because that was when you could party your ass off and not worry about a **** thing. Plus, you know, funk. Gotta have that funk.
  14. Takin my kiddo trick or treating, and then partying like it's 1979.
  15. The sick Scyk fix nixes sick Scyks. And chicks dig a sick Scyk fix, so don't be dicks. Golf Clap? Golf Clap.
  16. You might want to try TTS, but you might get disappointed. Do you know for sure it was a first? I have not heard about anyone on this forum that has been banned at any point in the past and now is able to post. Also people were pretty shocked when he got the ban, I'd think the reaction wouldn't be that strong if it happened before or if there was any form of ban here that isn't permanent. But no, I don't know for sure and I admit the possibility that I'm wrong. There was another person who was banned but I'm having trouble recalling his name at the moment. He received a short ban, then a full ban. He then created a new account but it got figured out and he was banned as well. I remember that he liked Boba Fett (the character, not so much the ship) a lot... Ribann. He got banned and then re-banned.
  17. It really is stupid. Keep up the good fight. Look, I'm a writer, and I've got both English and Law degrees. I know language evolves. I also know that dictionaries are "descriptive" with definitions, not "prescriptive." I'm down with that. Where my ass gets chapped is when there is actual useful informative content being lost in language evolution, basically because of the combination of (a) people being too dumb to know there's a difference, and (b) the same people either not knowing or not wanting to admit they're dumb, so they use words incorrectly. And the dumb-virus spreads. "Literally" has useful information attached to it. That useful information is actually pretty difficult to impart gracefully in other ways. Accepting the destruction of that usefulness, all in deference to the dumbness of swaths of people, is so unfortunate that it's criminal. (Except, you know, not literally ... unless I got my way.) My biggest language complaint along these lines? The conflation/merge of "bring" and "take." Starting about 15 years ago, dumbness began to spread noticeably, and people stopped knowing how to correctly use bring and take. At this point it's reached pandemic levels. And the reason this is my biggest bugaboo is that, used properly, "bring" and "take" impart a tremendous amount of information -- regarding spatial relationships, temporal relationships, and subjective relationships, all both relative and absolute -- that simply can't be so efficiently imparted otherwise. And we're losing that because of dumbness. It's killin' me. Possibly literally. So, again, keep up the good fight. Not enough likes in the world for this! This is the era the scholars of the future will struggle to explain - how and why the language changed - because they will all be grunting.
  18. Futant420

    Storage solutions

    I use 3 of the Plano 5321; 1 for each faction. Tokens, templates and mission pieces in the top, ship tiles, bases, and dials in the bottom. I have a couple of 30 day pill containers that are just perfect for the number tombstones. An Ultra-Pro 9 pocket sideloader for Pilot cards and a couple of the Ultimate Guard mini-american sideloaders for the upgrade cards. The ships themselves I keep in the original plastic, but I cut off 2 opposite sides and the bottom as close as I can to the model. Having said that, ship storage for a continually growing collection is tough. I currently have 2 totes and 3 core set boxes stuffed to the gills with plastic (96 small, 24 large and the four Epics) and I wince at all the wasted space, even with all the trimming. I just refuse to buy Battlefoam. I know a few guys that bought some foam and a foam cutter from hobby lobby and made their own, so I am seriously thinking about that route. For what it's worth, this forum has seen several of these topics and I have yet to see a good universal answer for storage.
  19. Not if it's all you can eat Muwhahahahahahahahaha! So true! YOU GO NOW! YOU EAT ALL FISH AND TWO FAKE ROBSTERS!
  20. Futant420

    Stopping acronyms

    Truth. That's his lostI'm still going to sleep well tonight. How do people use the internet these days if they can get so offended so easily. Baffles me brain Some people like to avoid aggravation/irritation in a game or hobby that brings them some enjoyment and relaxation. Some veterans of these forums forget it was much easier to pickup the slang if you were involved from Wave 1 as opposed to jumping into the game with Wave 8 or 9 like a noobie. If you're baffled by Andy1909 being offended by the responses to his OP, I question why people were so offended by his OP. Would you have been so harsh if you were having a face to face with a new player over a game? I don't think so. The common courtesy exchanged in a face to face too often vanishes when that meeting is on the web. Remember, when you call someone an SOB on a forum, he can't see you smile. Sleep well. In a face to face game, I'm fairly certain my opponent wouldn't demand that I change the way I talk. They would calmly ask what I meant, and I'd tell them. There's a difference between asking what something means, and demanding that something you don't understand be changed just for you. One gets you a friendly measured response, and the other gets you labeled as an entitled whiner. As to your earlier question about my first post, no. It isn't harsh. Harsh would include more pointed words than lazy.
  21. Futant420

    Stopping acronyms

    So, four years of shorthand for and by the people that play and discuss the game the most needs to be abolished because you (and apparently you think that your experience is the only one that matters) can't be bothered to read, ask, or otherwise find out what they mean? Wow. And I thought I was lazy. Now I will go and listen to "User-Friendly" because that is the only worthwhile thing that came out of your post.
  22. This is, like, incredibly sexist. Please don't. what? it's a joke stop being overly sensitive. Kids these days. No. You really weren't joking. You're pretending that you were joking, but if you didn't think of spouses as "ball and chain"s, you wouldn't have thought to use that phrase. If you didn't think of women as buying shoes for frivolous reasons, you wouldn't have thought to say so. You may have been laughing. You may have been trying to make other people laugh. But you weren't making a joke, you were making fun. Don't do that. This is a public forum. Please don't presume to tell anyone what to do.
  23. I made the same mistake, OP. It is truly baffling and I really wish I hadn't. I'll just say that I bought 3 falcons to spam the ORS and leave it at that. Edit: In my defense, that was back when generic spam lists were a viable part of the game
  24. The pup came with a dial
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