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  1. For the title, I'd suggest adding an extra attack die on Missile and Torpedo attacks instead of another attack. Two attacks would hammer low agility ships while still being a gamble against high agility aces. A free attack die would make the Punisher's alpha strike particularly scary, but wouldn't give it the ability to bring a Decimator or Ghost to half-health in one attack. The extra bomb seems fine to me, though. I'd actually add a "you may" to give more options and make it more appealing on Deathrain. Also, as the Variable Loadout upgrade is written, it looks like any upgrades you take with it won't get the benefit of Extra Munitions already equipped to the ship (Extra Munitions' tokens are assigned "When you equip this card," and your choices for VL don't show up until after the other cards are equipped). Since you're probably getting your chosen upgrades at a discount, that might be a reasonable drawback to VL.
  2. I agree with Mozic. Secondary weapon costs are paid in step 1 of the attack sequence (Declare Target). Step 2 is Roll Attack Dice, so you'd need to trigger any abilities related to spending the focus token for Deadeye before you move on to rolling the attack.
  3. 4-LOM could choose either the evade or the focus token, and prevent its use. Omega Leader only prevents the ships he TL's from modifying dice. He can't do anything to prevent abilities like 4-LOM's from triggering, since 4-LOM doesn't modify any dice.
  4. That question is actually answered in the Rules Reference (p.3):
  5. I think a Mindlinked Brobots squad is a strong option. I've been really impressed with how well Attanni Mindlink has worked for me, and that's been with ships that aren't generally on the same competitive level as dual IG's. If you're already running Crackshot on your Brobots instead of a more expensive EPT, I think it would be worth it to give Mindlink a test run or two. "Must" is a strong word. You can just as easily set a white maneuver, execute that before the other IG does its S-loop, and feed it a focus before it activates. Either way, I'm pretty unconvinced that IG's are fatally vulnerable whenever they have to perform a green maneuver. While I don't think that it makes AM suck, it is worth noting that AM squads don't like debris tokens. Unexpected stress is the worst kind of stress for Mindlinked ships. If you have a ship moving near a debris cloud, it's probably best not to set any red maneuvers that round, just in case your estimation is off and you clip the obstacle.
  6. Yes, this is how adding results works. It's very rarely relevant, because usually they're only added by Evade tokens, which happens after the attacker can modify them anyway, so very few people bother, but strictly speaking any form of addition of results is done by physically picking up a die, setting it to the relevant face, and putting it into the pool of rolled dice. Yep. From the Rules Reference, p. 13:
  7. Hey, everyone knows you can still use Gonk + EI, right? You just do an action from your bar before the Gonk action, and you get a shield back every other turn. On that 4-LOM build, I'd argue that's the better way to play it, even if you could double-Gonk. If you're double-Gonking, you regenerate a shield every turn, and you get no offensive or defensive actions. If you instead take Evade -> Gonk every turn, you're regenerating a shield every other turn, and you're canceling one damage every turn. That's 1.5 damage canceled out every turn, instead of just 1. If you're ever not getting shot at, then take a target lock instead of an evade before you Gonk. Seriously, am I missing something here? Unless you face nothing but TLTs, Evade -> Gonk is a tankier way to Gonk than double-Gonking. (Gooooonk)
  8. I don't think that Advanced Homing Missiles are going to give you a good alpha strike. They can be nasty against low-HP targets, but those are the most likely to dodge a 3-dice attack or two, or just dodge out of arc. And that's ignoring the AHM's Range-2-only restriction. And against low-agility targets, the best-case scenario is 4 face-up damage. If that's not enough to kill them, then you still have to chew through their shields to finish them off. I'd recommend dropping the Feedback Arrays from the Tracer Pirates, and upgrade the AHM's on the others to Concussion Missiles. The Tracer carriers are going to be your opponent's first targets anyway, so it's probably unwise to invest points in assuming they'll make it past the first engagement. Ideally, your alpha strike will be enough to kill their beefiest target, and your Feedback mini-swarm can clean up whatever's left. Its alpha strike is less reliable in comparison to the equivalent Rebel swarm, since it doesn't have a Blount to guarantee that a Tracer shot sticks. But if you can pull off a successful alpha strike, the Scum swarm should have a better late game.
  9. That is an idea I hadn't considered, and the Jumpmaster does have a nice set of greens. But Dengar crew really helps Manaroo put out consistent attack dice of her own, especially when she has to spend her focus on defense. And I think that's pretty key to the list - Kath can hit hard, but she can't handle all the offense by herself.
  10. That's the part I don't get. I mean I get the RAI, but it would of been fairly simple to have RAW and RAI match up in this case. They've even done it before, just look at the WED-15 Repair Droid. True. We could point to Miranda as another effect that's written that way. I think the difference is that both of those cards have the same format for both options: "Do W to X or do Y to Z." In other words, each option has a cost and an effect. It's unambiguous in English that each half of the sentence is mutually exclusive. The rewording of Gonk to "Action: Place 1 shield token on this card or remove 1 shield token from this card to recover 1 shield (up to your shield value)," doesn't have the same form. Instead, it's "Do X or do Y to Z." That is ambiguous in English - it can also be interpreted as making both X and Y (placing or removing the shield token) valid costs to pay for effect Z. Yes, that reading would make the shield tokens going on and off the card pointless, and most people would figure that the other reading is the intended one. I'm just trying to explain why I think they went with the formatting that they did. This is true. I'm not saying that the boost rules provide a precedent that we could've used to interpret Gonk the way that Frank's ruling does. I was just making the limited point that we already have actions in X-Wing that have different "flavors" but the same name, and both actions being "Gonk" actions doesn't mean that you should be able to both with a single action, like thespaceinvader suggested. I can understand being disappointed in a ruling, but I can't remember a time that an official ruling from a designer was met with, "Nope, that's wrong, I'm not playing it that way." I mean, it's possible the people saying that just play casually, in which case, cool, more power to you. But in a tournament?
  11. For me, it's a surprise that he went with the interpretation that imposes the more restrictive design. As it has been mentioned, Gonk could have easily been written with a single Action: header and an "or". A future card that grants two different actions is going to need to do something more cumbersome than just listing multiple headers to differentiate them. True, it will make it tougher in the future if they do want to explore that design space. I'm guessing that they separated the effects for clarity - even with Slugrage's big, bold "OR," I think some people would be arguing that you could "Place 1 shield token on this card [...] to recover 1 shield." Of course, by doing so, they made it less clear in another aspect.
  12. Man, people are positive that Frank got this wrong. How so? Frank didn't say that the whole card is one action, he said that both options are considered "Gonk" actions. This isn't actually a new concept in X-Wing - boost straight, boost left, and boost right are all "Boost" actions, right?
  13. Coming up on this store championship, I was going back and forth on what to bring. I had ideas for some squads, but not any good ones, and certainly not any I had much experience with. So when I picked up a JumpMaster the night before, I decided I’d give one of the squads from my Attanni Mindlink thread a trial by fire. I wasn’t expecting much, but at least I’d get to play with a few new Wave 8 toys. On the morning of the tournament, I saw plenty of JumpMasters and Ghosts, but I didn’t end up facing any of them over the course of the day. 35 people showed up to play, so it was 5 rounds of Swiss, with a cut to top 4. My list: Manaroo (27) Attanni Mindlink (1) Dengar (3) Punishing One (12) Kath Scarlet (Scum) (38) Attanni Mindlink (1) Tactician (2) Engine Upgrade (4) Binayre Pirate (12) Total: 100 To review what I talked about in the linked thread, the core idea of this list is that Attanni Mindlink allows Kath to get a double-focus stack on top of a target lock, evade, or boost action, while Manaroo retains a focus of her own. I tweaked it a bit from the version in that thread, swapping out the Outlaw Tech for a Tactician, in hopes that limiting movement options might make it easier to set up those rear-arc shots. On to the matches: Round 1: vs. Matt Omicron Group Pilot (21) Emperor Palpatine (8) Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Stealth Device (3) Autothrusters (2) Royal Guard TIE (0) "Echo" (30) Veteran Instincts (1) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) Total: 99 Everything went wrong for my opponent this game. Soontir and Echo both whiffed their first shots, and Soontir blanked out on his first defense against Kath, and took a stress crit. Next turn, he had no tokens and blanked out again on Kath’s rear arc attack. Meanwhile, he misjudged a maneuver on Echo and landed her on an asteroid, taking a hit and leaving her uncloaked for Manaroo's shot, taking two more damage. On the next turn, she had to run over the rock again, and ended up taking her last hit. (Another issue was that he kept forgetting to activate the Emperor at some key moments.) That left just his shuttle against my entire squad, so once I got behind him, there wasn't much he could do. (W 100-0) Round 2: vs. Jim Chewbacca (42) Predator (3) Luke Skywalker (7) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) Total: 100 He brought his ships toward me on my right side, with Chewie taking the lead, while I turned my ships across the center. Manaroo met Chewie in my right corner, and they exchanged fire while his Y-Wings were still out of range. But I kept getting my ships hung up on each other, and that kept Kath from getting into the fray sooner. I did manage to finish Chewie off once Kath got into range, but Manaroo went down immediately after. After that, Kath was in poor position at the edge of the board, and just couldn't stay off the rocks and get enough shots on the Y’s before they plinked her to death. The pirate wasn't able to pull of a miracle, and the game ended with two Y-Wings left. (L 52-100) Round 3: vs. Jake Han Solo (46) Push the Limit (3) Gunner (5) C-3PO (3) Engine Upgrade (4) Millennium Falcon (1) Gold Squadron Pilot (18) Twin Laser Turret (6) R3-A2 (2) BTL-A4 Y-Wing (0) Bandit Squadron Pilot (12) Total: 100 The Stresshog was a concern, but luckily he decided to focus on the Pirate I charged in on the opening engagement instead of range 3 Kath. My Z-95 survived with one hull and blocked his Z-95 next turn, while the Y-Wing cruised by. Kath wheeled around on the Stresshog and got a range 1 rear arc attack that tore into its hull, and Manaroo chipped in to finish it off before it could fire. Han was flanking me, but unable to get any severe damage on Kath. Next turn, Kath turned toward the edge and got another good rear arc attack, this time on Han. After that, it was mostly Han and Manaroo trading potshots while Kath made her way around the edges trying to get back into position. Both Z’s fell in the meantime. The game ended with a badly damaged Manaroo barrel-rolling out of range of 1-hull Han, as he turned toward the edge to try to get one last shot before flying off. Dengar did plenty of work this game, and Tactician even made an impact a couple of times, double-stressing Han after he PTL’ed. (W 100-33) Round 4: vs. CJ Soontir Fel (27) Push the Limit (3) Autothrusters (2) Stealth Device (3) Royal Guard TIE (0) Darth Vader (29) Veteran Instincts (1) Advanced Targeting Computer (1) Engine Upgrade (4) TIE/x1 (0) The Inquisitor (25) Push the Limit (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) TIE/v1 (1) Total: 100 He brought all of his aces up the right side, as Manaroo waited for them in the corner. After Inquisitor and Manaroo traded shots, the next turn ended up in a huge melee. Kath got blocked up in the middle of the board by misjudging a 2-turn that ran into the Pirate. What could have been a great range 1 rear arc on a blocked Soontir became a position where Kath was taking range 1 shots from his full list. On the bright side, Soontir and Vader were both blocked by the Z as well, so they were rolling unmodified, but his red dice were good enough to take down Kath in one nasty barrage (with help from 2 direct hits). So no shots from Kath this game. Manaroo, however, managed to ping off the tokenless Soontir's Stealth Device. Next round, the Pirate stayed put with a 1 straight and Manaroo turned into place to block off Soontir's escape again. This time, his red dice couldn't produce the same results, and Manaroo was able to finish off Soontir with minimal damage in return. Next turn, I flew Manaroo toward the edge, barrel-rolling to get out of arc if the Inquisitor K-turned. Both Vader and the Inquisitor did K-turn, and both took shots at the Pirate. A couple of lucky defense rolls shrugged off those attacks, while Manaroo put some damage on Vader. Next turn, both aces converged on Manaroo, but they weren’t able to produce enough damage, and she took out Vader at range 1. The Inquisitor couldn’t turn around to get another shot on Manaroo thanks to PTL, and a couple of turns later, it was over. I survived with a 2- or 3-hull Jumpmaster and a 2-hull Z. This was a really close game, and it really came down to a few key showdowns that could have gone either way. (W 100-66) Round 5: vs. Brad "Whisper" (32) Veteran Instincts (1) Fire-Control System (2) Agent Kallus (2) Advanced Cloaking Device (4) "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Comm Relay (3) Captain Yorr (24) Emperor Palpatine (8) Total: 99 My ships converged on his home corner with the shuttle, while his ships waited for me to approach. Kath turned away to get a good rear arc shot on Omega Leader, but his TL shut her down, resulting in no damage to him and some shields pinged off of her in return. Meanwhile, Manaroo and the Pirate got caught in the middle of his ships. Manaroo was able to destroy Omega Leader, but she was taken apart by Whisper shortly afterwards. Kath circled around the edge of the board, and when she met up with Whisper again along his edge, I misjudged the approach and gave Whisper a range 1 shot into Kath's side. With only a few hull left, Kath tried and failed to get clear, and Whisper finished the job before she could take the range 1 rear arc shot in return. The Z-95 was easily dispatched on the next turn. I managed to break through Yorr's shields for half points, but this matchup needed a whole different approach. I didn’t plan well enough and ended up playing right into a lot of his list’s strengths. (L 42-100) So I went 3-2 for the day, but I’m really pleased with how the list performed. (As a bonus moral victory, both of my losses were to opponents that went undefeated in Swiss.) I was a little rusty flying large-base ships, and it showed several times, but I got some valuable experience. I’m definitely planning to keep working on this squad. Manaroo’s loadout is great, but Kath’s Tactician really didn’t pull its weight in most matches. In general, Kath just isn’t as self-sufficient as Manaroo is when her Mindlink partner is destroyed. If I had 101 points, I’d swap in K4 Security Droid and call it perfect. Currently, I’m considering some other options, like 4-LOM crew plus Inertial Dampeners.
  14. Not exactly. The miniatures and the dials are interchangeable between the factions - as long as it's the right ship, then it doesn't matter if you use the Scum or Rebel versions. But the pilot cards and the cardboard base tokens aren't interchangeable. Rebels can't use Binyare Pirates, and Scum can't use Airen Cracken. If you're playing casually, and your opponent is fine with remembering, "These are all Bandit Squadron Pilots, even though a couple of them say Binyare Pirate, they're all PS2," then it's no problem. But if you're playing in a competitive event, then all of your pilot cards and base tokens need to match your squad's faction.
  15. No. The Rules Reference states that you can't barrel roll or boost if it would make the ship leave the play area. And while the Tractor Beam rules do make an exception to allow you to BR/boost your opponent's ship onto an obstacle, they don't make a specific exception for leaving the map.
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