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  1. Imperial assault can be played solo. That to me is a huge factor in buying a game. Legion will be much closer to X-wing in that it’s a skirmish game. If if you have ever played and enjoyed any of the other FFG games like descent you will like IA. It has the same feel as other co-op campaign games. If you have kids I would definitely suggest IA. My kids get excited to play it and with the app out now it’s much more fun to play with your kids against the app.
  2. We need a way to add in imperial units. I have been playing through the campaign with my son and we keep getting Nexu’s popping up constantly. It would make more sense thematically if some elite stormtroopers popped out instead of a nexu inside an imperial base. And in those instances when I defeat the wrong unit I can put it back in.
  3. I think it’s werid that so many keep saying that it’s too compact. It’s Modular, you can build whatever you want. You guys remind me of a bunch of Lord Businesses who can’t build outside what’s on the box. You can make a battlescape of anything you can think up with these sets.
  4. If you check out both Kickstarters they have the massive indoor sets and smaller outdoor buildings called the “outlands” that looks like something you would find on Tatooine.
  5. FFG has taken complex game archetypes and simplified them before with games like X-Wing. That game could have been a very deep stat heavy game but they made it fun for noobs and still fun for veteran war gamers while being easy to learn. They appear to have taken that formula forward with Legion. I was able to talk with Alex Davy who is the lead on Legion while I was at Gencon. He said they they want the rules to be flexible and easy to use. He said the rules will be a basic template which gaming groups and time to their liking. The movement is going easy, there are templates just like armada and x-wing taking any difficulty out of movement. The attacks were simple to figure out without any help on my first demo. I really think there won’t be any other game quite like Legion because FFG are the masters of making simple to learn AND very deep games.
  6. It’s designed for 28-32 MM so it’s perfect for Legion. I have the original set and the outlander from Kickstarter 2 and together they fit in one small box but fill an area 2’x4’ with multiple levels. If you do one level you could fill probably 4’x4’ or 3’x6’ fairly easily. The price is VERY affordable for this high of quality. You can get one set for under $100.
  7. I wanted to share some incredible terrain that looks like it will be perfect for Legion. I talked with Alex Davy at Gencon and showed him this terrain and he said that it will work perfectly with the rules that will be implemented. He said that he is working on elevation rules and the ability to use Boba Fett style jetpack troopers. He actually wrote down the info when I showed him pictures of my set and he said that he was going to look into the company because he was so impressed with their stuff. They ran two different sci-if kickstarters so go check them out http://www.battlesystems.co.uk/
  8. Post here if you are at gencon currently and would use this ticket. Saturday at 2:00pm
  9. I won't need Boshek since I just take intentional draws.
  10. Just giving my 2 cents. I hope the game is a total flop after I sell my two promo's off. Then they can do the game over as a LCG format.
  11. They appeared to do it because they wanted people to be able to afford to play. The non-random format makes it simple to play multiple LCG™s without breaking the bank, dramatically increasing the chance to find opponents that play the same game you do. Their words not mine. I guess they want people to not play the same games? Some clarification should be nice on why they have made this shift. What shift? This is one product out of dozens that is collectible. They are not discontinuing their LCG lines in favor of moving back to CCGs. Also you say that the LCG model makes it easier to find opponents because people can and do collect multiple games, but how does that jive with the fact that outside of Netrunner and the recently released AGOT all of their LCGs have pretty small followings. Even those games don't have huge playerbases, just bigger then small. The biggest problem for their current Star Wars LCG is finding player for it, with some Regional events not even topping 15 players. FFG made the assertion that LCG's make finding opponents easier. I just believed them.
  12. Did you read what was in my original post? You guys need some help. I ...first....discovered....it... at... Gencon. I was not exposed to pre Gencon information. Can I make this any easier to understand? I then read post Gencon information discovering that the game was a giant hole for money to be thrown into. I was simply sharing my experience from Gencon. I guess if you guys are representative of those interested in the game then by being turned off by the CCG money pit and not getting into this game I am doing myself a favor.
  13. Also, if you'd like to ensure people read your full posts you may need to.look at your formatting. It is very difficult for people to read walls of text like you are posting especially on mobile devices. thanks mom
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