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  1. We still only have the core sets and have been playing 150 points. Combat Ingenuity is not out yet. I have found that the fast cav moving speed 6 first turn and then charging turn two AND the golems charging turn three is just overwhelming. Then Kari coming in to mop up.
  2. How do I stop two units of speed 6 first turn cav and 2 rune golems coming up the middle?
  3. From the games I have played, I feel the Daquan Lords have an advantage with the current models available. I have not figured out a way to deal with both the fast cav and the golems at the same time. I may have to shelve my Waiqar army in favor of the Daquan.
  4. 34 Engagement If any part of a unit’s trays are touching any part of an enemy unit’s trays, those units are engaged. Corner to corner counts as still being engaged.
  5. I am here from Seattle for a few weeks. Do you think I can borrow some ships until I cam get mine shipped to Dallas?
  6. I am here from Seattle for 5 weeks and would like to make it out to play. I am in the process of getting my stuff sent to me. Would I be able to borrow ships on Thursday until my things arrive?
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