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  1. OVERWATCH: - Can you make a counterattack if someone with the overwatch status attacks? SMOKE GRENADES: - If you launch one, the rules say two smoke tokens are put on top of the smoke grenade token but if you do this the effect will not last the remainder of the game turn plus the next two turns. It will be the current turn and three more. What do you do? GRANDES: - If you target a movement circle that has already a movement penalty do you put a doble-icon rubble token? ZOR'KA: - For the "awekening" there are differences about the rules in the revised rule book and the Operation Novorrod rules, the first one talk about double moving points and two attacks, the second one says something abou having a value at level 9. - If the correct rules are the revised rule book, after you played "awekening" during the next turn where you can't move or act, can you play overwatch or counterattack? - There are differences too with the "Magnifier" How does it works? As the revised rule book says or the Operation Novorrod rules say? The magnifies is a Had-to-Hand weapon or not? How many dices do you use for the attacks? Can you do counterattacks with Zor'ka or not? FRANKENSTAHL: - Even the overwatch attacks can't be done by heavy weapons, Frankenstahl always does it if he is equipped with the Schulterkanone, is this correct? OKSANA GUSARENKO: - To make a counterattack or a attack when you are on overwatch, can you use the special attack using the "vesper" and making three automatic attack successes? - Using Oksana can you play with 4 voïvodes and no troopers in your team? - If you have "stroboscopic lamp" as the selected single voïvode equipment token on Oksana's character sheet, and in play she's next to her two voïvodes and other characters enter to the same path, do they suffer -2 penalty to their combat value or -4 penalty (-2 for each voïvode)? BOEPRIPACY SOLDAT: The "slavic honor" activates many times per heroe on the same path or just once no matter how many heros are? STEN MARK II, WOLF and GORGEÏ VOLKOV: - This weapon has different rules with the Wolf miniature, what's the correct, the wolf's rules or the rules that appears in other characters? - For Wolf and Gorgeï there are different rules within their manuals and the revised rule book, what are the correct rules?
  2. Talking about playing with more than 2 players but no more than 5... the core game has 3 heros for the Union and 3 for the Reich + 2 troops for each side, so is it really needed to buy the Union & Reich Troop Packs? I'm confused and I don't see why should someone would buy one of those troop packs. I think just if two players want to play at the same time with the same team. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  3. If you would have to do a ranking of the Shogunate characters, what would it be? Hoss, Wolf, Iroh, Mizu, Itami.
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