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  1. I am unsure how these squad mode abilities work. Do they allow the Battle Brothers to use their reactions to tactical advance/standard attack on their turn (in addition to their normal allotment of actions) or do they allow them to do those things *as* reactions during enemy turns, in lieu of say, dodging?
  2. How exactly does this thing work? It says it allows ganging up at range, but it's far from clear what this means. Is this just a straight +20 to hit for everything, with the players being considered to outnumber every individual enemy 4-1? If so do they have to have a ranged weapon equipped? Does it have to be able to shoot to the targeted enemy? Do they have to attack the same target to count as ganging up? If so does the first person who fires get the bonus? Really seems to me like this needed a little clarification in the rules, extrapolating the melee ganging up rules to range is far from an easy matter.
  3. I know it doesn't actually destroy the vehicle, only disable it, but as far as I am concerned the ability to disable one for 6 rounds (if pushing) is the same as destroying it. Also, how many vehicles do you think I'm throwing against the kill team? I figured one predator supported by a few chaos space marines was supposed to be a challenge, but the predator might as well not be there. I could just throw in another predator on the assumption one will be immediately taken out of the fight, but that just seems like cheating since all I'm doing is compensating for the presence of the machine curse power.
  4. What do you guys think of this power? One of my players took it a while back, so far he's only used it to jam guns and stop power weapons working, fair enough right?. However, doesn't it basically mean I can never field vehicles against the kill team, since one WP test effectively destroys them immediately regardless of everything? It has all that DM discretion stuff in the rules, but I'd really hate to just have to DM fiat the power to not work, especially since it's so specialised. Has anyone else encountered this? When I first read the rules I googled it expecting a load of threads about this but there is nothing. It just seems really strong to me, especially considering how early it's available.
  5. Was the Rogue Trader's name Isery by any chance?
  6. How does everybody handle this? It seems like the actual printed rules assume you aren't using a grid system, though this is still bound to come up from time to time surely? What is the general consensus about moving through enemies/allies, also what about hordes? What happens when a character finds himself 'inside' a horde so to speak, surrounded by foes?
  7. Is that so? I've been having my hordes make the usual agility test to avoid being hit, I'm sure I googled that and found an official answer that hordes did indeed make the agility test. I'll have to recheck that then.
  8. Of course enemies can score righteous fury, personally, I never even considered that there could be a question over this. Just tell him to stop whining, what's the point in playing if you're doing it on EZ mode?
  9. Guys I get that genestealers are meant to wreck face in melee, that isn't my problem, I don't mind the 3 WS65 attacks each that do 1d10+14 at pen 7 with razor sharp and tearing, I really don't, but how are you meant to kill them with shooting either? Consider the likely scenario; I give the squad 2 turns worth of shooting vs the genestealers (they're really fast), now, the genestealers are winning initiative (+12), so they're going to start running. This means a -40 to all BS tests to shoot them (-20 for run, -20 for Hard Target) so even with aiming and firing on full auto (which consumes 2 turns) you're looking at about a 50% chance to hit for each marine. Then we have their 2 80% dodges each. So the likely outcome of a full squad firing is to maybe kill one per 2 turns of shooting, maybe. Then they close and fate points are getting burned all over the place. Some people say use flamers, equally if not more worthless than bolters since your chance to hit depends on their agility, giving you a 30% chance to hit or 50% if you have cleanse and purify, then there is still their dodge and the only 30% probability they will catch fire even if you do hit them. Plus if they're close enough for flamers you have exactly 1 turn to kill them all or its time to burning those fate points left and right. I'm looking at how this encounter is going to go, looking at the numbers and realizing if I field more than 2 the squad is getting wiped.
  10. I get that they're meant to wreck face in melee, but I'm pretty sure you're meant to be able to shoot them. Between the -20 to hit and the 2 80% dodges per turn each, you'll need at least three or four battle brothers concentrating fire on a single genestealer in order to kill it before it closes. Really you're chancing it a bit with less than five. I think I will probably use the weaker versions from Creatures Anathema, the lessened agility alone effectively doubles the chance that hits will actually connect, though they do have unnatural toughness. Also toughness works as defence for hordes, unlike dodging, which should lessen the power difference there as well.
  11. So I'm running the first mission of The Emperor Protects at the moment and it looks like the kill-team will soon be getting up close and personal with some genestealers. However, looking over the stats it seems to me as though they are horribly overpowered. With the stats given in the book they each have 2 80% dodges per turn. When you factor in the -20 to hit from hard target it really seems a little ridiculous. I've got no problem with the ungodly amount of damage they do, they are stealers after all. However from what I can see it looks as though a single genestealer running in a straight line at a battle brother across an open field has a very good chance of getting around all his fire, matrix style, and tearing him apart, I don't think it's supposed to work like that. On the other hand, a horde of genestealers, not having access to dodge, will fall like so much wheat before the scythe. Has anybody come up with more usable stats? However I run this encounter it looks like it will be unsatisfying. Either the Kill-team gets raped by 5 or 6 individual genestealers or I throw a horde at them and watch the heavy bolter cut it down in one or two rounds. Plus it just seems silly for them to be so much more formidable when not in a horde.
  12. In the campaign I'm running I was planning on having the kill team confront a wayward Ordo Xenos inquisitor. I wanted to have him loose some arco-flagellants on the kill team prior to them having to fight the inquisitor himself. I remember from the game Inquisitor that the arco-flagellant was one of the few things in that game with a chance of taking down a space marine (assuming it could close), however there are no rules I know of for such creatures in Deathwatch or in Dark Heresy. Also, when I thought about putting the rules together myself, I noticed that the iconic weapon of the arco-flagellant, and their namesake; the electro-flail, is utterly terrible and would be of absolutely no use against a space marine, still, I'm fairly sure arco-flagellants are meant to be pretty scary. Basically, does anybody know of any rules for anything like an arco-flagellent/has anybody put together any unofficial rules and what would be your suggestion about making them more powerful so the battle brothers don't brush them aside. I don't want to field them as a horde as I feel that dilutes how scary they are meant to be, I'm really looking to make them about as powerful as their Inquisitor iteration.
  13. Remember it's apparently a Nemesis ''power'' lance. For when you want to break canon as well as balance.
  14. How is it screwing anyone over to simply remove an obviously, gamebreakingly overpowered item? Screwing you over would be fielding lascannons every fight and always having them target the marine with the item. Admitting you made a mistake as a GM (albeit an obvious one in this case in my opinion) and rectifying it is hardly screwing anybody over.
  15. You cannot beef up the enemies to compensate if you've only allowed one marine to take overpowered equipment. The only enemies capable of standing up to hits from that are things like Hive Tyrants and Deamon Princes, and if you deploy those against the squad the other marines will simply cease to deal damage. Your choices are basically to let the other marines take equally overpowered items and simply give all the enemies extra wounds and increased unnatural toughness (essentially compensating for the squad's weapons) or take the overpowered weapon off the assault marine. I would suggest the second option.
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