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  1. We haven't run into this yet - we've been juggling between stories and so people aren't always particularly good at remembering where the items are. Heck, I have a hard time remembering where the plot points are as keeper sometimes. Would you just change the location of everything that's not story related then?
  2. NICE! Will you be making more of these? Good job!
  3. I'm all ziplock crazy, doing a lot of things mentioned here. Each puzzle in it's own bag. Each scenario in it's own bag. Each investigator in it's own bag. Originally I had each monster type in it's own bag, until I decided it was actually more annoying to dig through those bags, and now I just have them all in a box, at the ready. I've also got three boxes of my stuff, one is the box of stuff I deal with (with all the cards sorted into types), one is the box of stuff the investagators deal with, and one is my monsters. We get things set up in about 15 min now, but we're also getting pretty experienced at it, and don't have too many newbies.
  4. I've been having all sorts of lovely plot lines running about in my head, and I'm working with my gaming group to write some of these down. I was wondering if there was a writing or format guideline for writing story scenarios for Mansions of Madness? I thought if I wrote something up, and play tested it with my group, and it didn't suck, maybe I could get it to FFG so others could play it as well. Anyone know of such a thing? WG
  5. What I've done is: all the player items (the game board, since they do set up) the health tokens, the skill points, and the players (which I have all divided out into little ziplock baggies) are in the main box. I have all the monsters in my forbidden alchemy box. And then I have a tackle box with all the things I need to deal with as keeper. Top layer has all the cards and chits, the bottom layer has all the game scenarios (in baggies). It's been working pretty well so far.
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