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  1. Well, To start, I'm going to make a spreadsheet of skills and abilities in order to assign tasks better.... The Golden man, I can probably get away with by disguising it, like you said cultadium (It's very polite and seemed like just...well, just like any chilled out dude). Anyhow, i need to come up with some ideas to give myself more control....such as a "speak when spoken to" kind of rule or something....where is a place i can find the most information on warrants of trade and their allowances of power?
  2. Well, the player in my party who is a tech priest is going ballistic in orgamic excitement sort of way, which means he's a bit heretekal. Other Adeptus mechanicus personel, yeah i'll probably see if i can keep it secret but i feel that i may have to destroy it. Then again, I don't know how far my authority with the warrant of trade extends to, so i'm only ever so slightly getting more and more knowledgeable of what I can do because of it, and maybe i could have certain things sanctioned due to them being helpful means to my ends (such as an orc I currently keep as a slave that is sanctioned) etc.
  3. Hmm...well, My character development is coming off, at least to me, like a mix between Handsome Jack from BL2, and The Warden from SuperJail... And i'm not talking combat, THAT i'm ok with though I still am not sure what else my status as a rogue trader can do. I know that i'm able to trade with xenos on occasion ans such so long as it helps the Imperium in some way. At the moment, my thoughts go to the current situation in my game where we got off a planet and now have what is called a Golden Man. Very polite but still Artificial intelligence and while we have a sanctioned Orc Weirdboy (PC [character is treated like crap obviously XD]) and for the next session, i'm thinking of extracting information from it, then destroying it due to it's heretical standing of simply being an AI. Then again, like the weirdboy, perhaps i could get it sanctioned, though i'm pretty sure there's no way in hell and my character WOULD know this, though I'm not sure. SO, being able to to certain things such as this would most certainly help me out, but again, some of the details of this universe are still strange or unknown to me. also captainstabby, i think i need to add a bit of jack sparrow crazy into it at this point but maybe not..we'll see where it goes.
  4. Unfortunately, I seem to be struggling to find a place in my Rogue Trader group and as the RT, I can't seem to find a place i the party. Yeah, i know, I own the ship and can command people but I can't seem to understand my role in order tocontribute, rather than just be like a glorified landlord. Everyone else seems to be better than pretty much everything statwise, so it always forces me to sit back and just give orders (not that that's not good but eh). Even my Fellowship is challenged by one of the other players for frick sake, though I have the best weapon skill but that only comes usefull in combat thus far (obviously). So maybe i'm not fully grasping my role here becaus i'm pretty frustrated that i'm just sitting there not contributing very much. Can anyone help me to understand or send me a link to an artivle that can help me understand my capabilities and thus allow me to contribute more often than the occasional buying session when we get done with missions? Also, maybe others who need help with understanding their roles can be helped as well here, so other people, feel free to ask. (yes I'm still very new to all of this)
  5. There have been debates on the forums about this, and I am of the camp that it is completely Tech-Heresy to experiment with ANYTHING in the 41st Millennium. You are meant to go and discover STCs, and then celebrate the rediscovery of lost archeotech (which admittedly tends to be better than anything we have now). The thought of taking what we already have and tinkering with it to combine it should be anathema to tech-priests, because the tiny magical spirits that live inside of the technology were never meant to be combined like that, and you're sinning against the Omnissiah by attempting it. Naturally there will be many who think otherwise, and presumably very senior Ad-Mech members can do whatever they want, but they wouldn't even teach the idea that technology can be combined. Starting to think that way would be a huge leap forwards... or technically backwards. That's a shame. It means that I'm gonna most likely give up my awesome pistol (if it is heretech since this combining dude concocted it....if he didn't, hooray for me but still) although i think i will enjoy blowing a heretek out the airlock. Hell, i might even lose my "mech" on this...maybe.... also, my tech preist player should be calling this stuff, but i'm not sure if the player actually knows it's tech heresy. Anyway, how about aquisitions of a rare type (such as those thought to be only obtainable by SM or such?) Because i'm looking at ignatus pattern power armor but it's only available to the inquisition (at least it appears to be from the 40k wikia)
  6. sorry, i have no idea why the font was so tiny. i set it to larger but i guess it didn't take :/
  7. On the point of long time periods to turn the ships, i have no problem but one of my co-players is an ******* about precisely how thecombat between 2 or more voidships works. He keepson saying that when we fire, it takes up to a half hour for rounds to ravel and hit the other ship due to distance but that seems incredibly stupid as i have never heard of spacebattles constantly being that far away. I makes sense with ships nowadays all the way back to the late 1800s, but these are supposed to be epic space battles for frick sake. yes a VU is quite a bit of distance but really? heck, as a result of this, the people currently left on the ships to look after them have to skip several turns to compensate for the turns of the ground team which are much faster.Back to the flip belt, yeah, that was blatant writing abuse and frankley it's kinda out the window at this point. As for the "mech" or whatever it is at this point, I need to clear it up tonight, the GM says that since it is a device i'm technically wearing and not piloting, it is linked to MY movements and therefore only needs tech use to activate/calibrate after putting on, which can be done by my groups tech prest. I will try to get the info on this abnormal thing on here as soon as possible. anyway,perhaps there are alternate ways to increase agility though my weeaknesses are willpower and perception ( 25 and 23 if i remember. don't have sheet with em now) so Those i think i need to fix PRONTO to become decent.Although now i have that and also, i'm gonna have to make a new thread on Tech Herest, what qualifies as that, and aquisitions of certain items (because a certain member loves to combine different things which i think is 1: bull and 2: Tech Heresy)
  8. my mistake, i entered that and was tired as hell. the agility would be 58 after the increases, so actually 78 when added with an MIU (if posible for whatever it is). and I'm always trying to find ways to increase my stats in whatever way possible. yes, i know that there are other people that can do things and are suited to doing so would like to have fun and not have what their character is good at taken away, but Sometimes, once in a while, i'd like to do something (usually if i'm not actually taking away someones experience). as for the "what mech?" question, my freind still hasn't told me where he found it but i'll talk to him tonight and find out.
  9. ok, i couldn't get away with using the flip belt for ALL my agility saves, but for the mech, it seems that it's still within a certain amount of reason. still negotiating. As for hotshot pilot, i'm going to chat with the GM to see if i can replace one of my other pilot skills with that. Anyway, back to agility modification, because even after the 4 advances i can purchase according to the book, i'll still only be at 48 agility (even if i get a +20 from my MIU, if compatable, to all pilot /drive making it 68 for that time). curses, so much to read, so little time >...perhaps a bionic implant or modification of some sort.....also, thank you for clearing everything up Kshatriya.
  10. I'm looking over the talents and the ranks for the rogue trader and it doesn't seem to have hotshot pilot anywhere in the ranks for the rogue trader, which perplexes me since my friend insists that I can get it. Then again, our GM is allowing for skills and talent purchase for such things at an additional price, though I feel I want to stay away from that. So, if it's possible, how would I even go about getting hotshot pilot, or what you guys say I need which is specifically pilot (personal) trained (which is better period). This is starting to seem more an more implausible by the minute and i should probably change my plans.
  11. hmm....it does say ALL agility based tests. and i could only use it when i get the pilot (personal) skill but since it does NOT say anything about that skill needing to be trained, just that you have it, which makes it an incredible solution. Thanks Namless for the location and thanks megellen for revealing it. Both of you are awesome.
  12. hmm...what page is the flip belt Magellan? From the sound of that, it might have to do with certain skills that have to do with physically maneuvering the body and not piloting but then again i need to find it and check out the rules. by my calculations, with the advancements and my MIU, and getting hotshot pilot(granting all pilot skills i don't have at basic), my agility skill should become 49 (due to my pilot personal or walker becoming basic and thus halving my agility before I add 20 from MIU) getting an additional 20 to bring that to 69 would be pretty dang nice. And thank you too Nameless, I'll look into those and do some research based on your suggestions, as well as talk to my GM.
  13. I'm a bit new to be honest, but for my rogue trader character, I summed up to my freind that my goal was to pilot a mech-like machine. I still don't know exactly what it would be most similar to but that's not what i'm concerned about. obviously, roguee trader does not get pilt (personal), which is needed for this particular item, and even if i get hotshot pilot, that's basic so here's what i'm asking: is there a way to enhance my agility other than through experience purchaing so that it becomes a bit better, OR is there a way for me to make the pilot (personal) skill TRAINED? thank you if you read this and thank you if you respond with helpful info.
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