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  1. I dont think so and the problem even gets harder. It's easy to miss an entire sprue, it already happened to me since the new policy to a marvel crisis protocol sprue. No Thor in my box. But proving you do not have a part is a lot harder when you miss an entire figure
  2. Ah, completely missed that was a command card, thnx!
  3. Am i missing something? How does the full squad become range 4?
  4. Only 1 GCW era unit? Already running out of steam it seems
  5. I kinda want FFG going forward to just give us a release date 2 weeks in advance for all new expansions and then just make that date. That would really be a nice change in the rhythm they have had the past couple of years. No preview articles half a year in advance, with a release date of a certain quarter you know they will never make and the unit totally being ruined and analyzed to death before it is even physically on the table.
  6. I'm not sure if the development of the game digital interface was outsourced or not but this is also a more general problem within FFG as a company. Not even talking about asmodee as a company. It's an environment where employees will be less happy to work in.
  7. Some bad news: Very painful for the employees of course, but also what will this mean for board games that need interactive content? That are actually no game without it.
  8. 75 points for a boba fett unit, that can jump movement range 3 from a height 2 terrain, perform an attack and then jump move back again out of harms way... I don't think that is really a good option. So if you ask for an opinion, then my opinion is that this would be an overpowered unit. Loose the surge on defense, make offensive surge convert to hits, make movement range 2 and attack 1 black and 1 white or even 2 white and we are getting somewhere. Edit: Let me correct myself, you can't jump twice, but still making a 3 move with the ability to jump and then perform a free attack is way to strong
  9. So what cost were you thinking of? Because this is basically boba fett in unit form. So it should be in the ballpark of 140 points. The steady is actually a very powerfull addition and the lack of arsenal is countered by having at least 3 units who I assume do more than 1 black per unit. So this would be a pretty costly unit.
  10. In the manual it doesnt say it, but it does in the tournament guide (I really had to look for it)
  11. Im not sure if it would be great for a starter, but prince xizor has a nice story line
  12. Well that is definitely a good point.. FFG does seem to have a little problem keeping up. Some of these were announced as far back as August
  13. So is palpatine, but here we are. Both in legion as Imperial Assault. IA had a good solution for Jabba too, letting him influence others to do his bidding.
  14. Oh great, 1 critical hit and everything at range 1 will blow up...
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