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  1. I do agree, shame on me 🔔! However the drop came from a pint of B&J which sort of makes up. Funny thing though, these kind of things either happen the first game or never at all.
  2. Like the title says, I am quite disappointed in the quality of the components. Got the game yesterday, played it and had fun, which is the most important. But the cardboard playersheets are a bit warped, and thus keep turning, meaning all the cards underneath are dragged along. The cards themselves look very 80-ies instead of what we came to expect with rebellion, x-wing and imperial assault. Also 1 drop of water was enough to make my reference card go wobbly. And of course not enough dice, this is FFG after all. The reputation sliders could have easily be made a bit fancier, but this is really the simplest of solutions. A none fitting piece of carton laying in a little trench. Combined with the warped player board, again not ideal. All in all it is just not what I have come to expect from FFG, especially not for a price that is close to the core set of a miniatures game.
  3. No. Yoda, Ewoks.. I need them. Also, ts is clearly trolling
  4. The color really didn't work for the camera, so from that point of view i hope they never use them again. The greyish/blue one seemed ok on the eye, the orange ones wouldn't be my thing. In general I think FFG can do a lot to be less amateuristic in organizing something like the worlds. Better camera's, better overview of the current damage and stats ugh, so many things went wrong there, but using indistinguishable dice is definitely up there. And yes, the prices could definitely also be upgraded. At least have a decent trophy ffs.
  5. Less... 1 wave and 1 aces pack and 1 last epic for scum. And absolutely none of this...
  6. Hmm interesting. Maybe he meant the Regional kits? Im prettys sure they have not announced them yet, or they did so only through the distributors. The summer kit is mentioned here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/1/16/2015-x-wingtm-regional-championships/ And since than I have been checking the news pretty much every day. Thing is, I don't own a store and while we do get them through an actual store, they dont check themselves and we have to give them the heads up
  7. Way to early for fall yes, but not for summer. The Spring tournament kits announcement was December 10th, with the max. preorder date on December 29th. The season started in March, although im not sure if there was a set date, most tournaments I played were in April. Anyway, 2 full months before the kit can be used, plus another as preorder period, means that at the earliest we are talking start of season in August if they would announce it today. While that is still summer it would be close to a fall kit already and would already be more than 3 months after the last kit. So completely fair to wonder, especially as for the moment as a TO there is little to give after the spring kits run out. In my case that will be this Sunday and there are tournaments planned in June and July. Of course there are the regionals, but not for my group.
  8. Because a lot of people played it as an evade you got, so it could still block autoblaster. Not it's clarified that it does not, which makes those hits unstopable. I too think it's annoying to have autohits, that can in no way be cancelled. While it is true, the situation doesn't come by that often, the new y-wing with all upgrades does say hello, and really destroys a lot of autothruster/stealth device/ptl focuse evade combo's, like my favorite interceptor build. Especially ships that are quite expansive, but have few hull points are vulnerable here.
  9. I did see this page get linked: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2015/3/20/memories-of-taanab/ I did check that page, but by that time they already removed the image.
  10. Yes there will be an ATAT, but it will be in a battlelore/battles of westeros type of game. Im calling it.
  11. And yes, I did notice the hair and the fact that i have few pegs that are mounted straight these days, and have seen countless of IG's with arms/wings all over the place.
  12. The model they used in the 360 view looks a lot like it want to compete with the derpfender for crooked wings. You'd think they would actually use a nice model in their previews, but they are not even trying to hide the recent lowered quality bar
  13. Somewhere in the universe Kir Kanos is getting really upset. Everybody gets EPT's except for him
  14. sigidi

    Panelist Feedback?

    The thing is that the 'fans and their favorite' is not one voice. You like the Scimitar bomber, i hate it with a passion. I rather have 10 punishers type, no matter how many pods attached to it before i would use that flying johnson. You say they took Mara Jade, Soontir and Ysanne while 'the fans' want Thrawn, Dalaa or pellaeon (who?), but I have a much closer connection to the first 3 (even though i love the Thrawn trilogy). But I come from the 3 original movies and the comic books inviolving x-wings plus many of the pc games. You might be coming from another angle. My guess is that the more mainstream a movie/game/comic/book is, the more fans it will have buying the stuff and thus will likely be introduced first. And that tells something about the popularity of other models, pilots and crews. The fans do not speak with one voice and the its definitely not that clear what is and isnt a favorite, as pretty much all the posts on this board should already have told you
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