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  1. Reporting a great trade with chief4ryan
  2. Sent you a personal message, would be cool if you responded.
  3. No wonder I didn't know about the 8/27 date. FYI-Kryptonite in Janesville also has a tournament scheduled for 9/17
  4. The death of modified wins will certainly crush my hopes for a modified loss.
  5. floof, you don't understand the history of "World Series"
  6. Excellent trade with bobdaninja, fast shipping and good packaging. Would recommend!
  7. Isn't that the point of the forums, to express opinion?
  8. wow, just wow. Perhaps this thread should be locked?
  9. He said he's in town Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Thursdays at Netherworld won't help him.
  10. Gaming at Pegasus on Mondays and I'm Board on Fridays. Tuesday-Thursday you may be out of luck.
  11. Very cool, can't make many of these but will be able to make this one. Thanks again for running this at Pegasus!
  12. What does it mean your x-wings are in the hanger?
  13. Reporting a positive trade with ArbitraryNerd. He sent me his trade and I never received it, then he sent me another one that I did receive. A swell person to do so.
  14. One problem I see is that anyone can be a TO/judge and from what I've seen it is just a player trying to promote the game and not a store employee. Don't other games like this require the judge to take a test or something? I think Heroclix did. Judging is a tough gig and open to some interpretation and people need to make judgment calls, I sure wouldn't want to do it and am thankfully someone else is willing to take the time to set tournaments up. Unfortunately this game has lots of pieces and lots of setup time involved but starting 45 minutes late would drive me nuts and make me not want to attend the tournament again if that is something that normally happens.
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