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  1. Okay... ESB 10/10 R1 10/10 ANH 10/10 ROTJ 9/10 ROS 8/10 TFA 7/10 TLJ 6/10 (This could push up to a 7 on a second watching). TPM 5/10 AOTC 5/10
  2. Snoke and Luke I guess you mean? I said earlier in one of my posts that I wanted to see one of the 'old crew' do something really significant in the final chapter; that isn't going to happen now and it saddens me.
  3. You have hit the nail on the head. Disney had a lot of input in to R1, but I just don't know what they have all been doing with the Episodes. The scripting is awful, the storyline is so disconnected and I fear we are going to end up with a bit of a mess of a trilogy. I want to read George's script! I didn't hate TFA, I think Abrams gave just about enough to setup a decent trilogy....Right now I can't see how he can conclude this trilogy, unless disney are already thinking about another episode trilogy? Having said all of that, the film still managed to grip me and even pull at the emotions. I liked all of the early scenes with Luke/Rey and then Yoda later on, thought it was all brilliant. I didn't mind how Luke came to his end, but I really wanted him to be a central (living) character in the next episode. He died allowing to let his mates escape (much like Obi-Wan did)... I wanted one of the older characters to have a real effect on this trilogy rather than being throwaway characters (if you get me). Han is gone, Leia probably will not be involved much from now, and Luke will probably turn up as a guidance ghost in episode 9. Snoke's quick death after a really great throne room scene left me feeling sour. The casino scene and the slicer character were great at the time, but looking back it has added zilch to the movie. Plasma reached a rushed conclusion also, what a bloody waste! I can't believe I am going to say this....but part of me feels like we could have done with a prequel trilogy to this one! I always like to know the in's and out's of a story. My hope now is that Abrams can make this movie look better than it currently feels, by giving us a kick *** conclusion!
  4. Do not underestimate Fat Chewie with four Z's! As a rebel pilot, I agree with a lot of your points about missed opportunities. We can only hope they are going to bring a rebel vets pack with more y wing pilots and more x wing goodies. An E-Wing fix would be nice too, it is just in a whole different price bracket against its rival the Tie Defender. I also agree with the guy who mentions its just harder to be consistent with Rebels, they can match most lists on their day. I like being the underdog anyway
  5. A lad in our local meta is using a x3 X7 line up at the moment, he flies them well....But let's face it, as long as you fly them at 3,4 or 5 speed, they fly themselves. The white K turns to boot, make repositioning even easier and more threatening to enemies, with the extra evade. Don't forget you get the evade whilst stressed too! I used a fun Rebel Synergy list the other day which I put together, cutting to the chase....I lost 2 of the 3 ships fairly quickly, whilst managing to kill 1 defender. This left Poe against 2 full life defenders in the end game....I was rolling hits as if my dice were weighted, and I was also getting lucky on defence by managing to regen with the focus at the end of my turn, so I put up a **** good fight. From about a 1/3 of the way through I started to count the amount of hits I rolled with Poe, I rolled 18 hits across around 5-6 rounds, do you want to know how many went through? 1. I flew my nuts off with Poe, having to make him work harder than I have ever worked a ship, and I got absolutely no reward from it. The game went on for ages and we called it, and obviously he had killed more than I had. The point is, he didn't even need to break a sweat all game.
  6. As usual. I am so tired of hearing this baseless opinion that Corran is such a beast. No he is not. he is good but not great. At the moment people playing Rebels use only one regen ship and it is K-Wing Miranda. Corran is absurdly costly, drops like a fly to TLT shooting or fat turrets. Also bombs wrecks him hard. If anything Corran is a little underpowered in current meta - also dont get me started on comparison between him or countless broken Imperial aces. We were pretty much writing the same post, at the same time! I didn't think I would ever describe a 3 agility ship as a glass hammer, but that is exactly what he is. His cost leaves no room to build many good lists, and those Imperial Aces just laugh at him!
  7. I too got excited when I heard the E-wing was coming to Armada....Hoping for a fix, if not a fix, more pilots! I know people really rate Corran, and he does seem to pop up in tournaments doing well....but I still think he is way over priced, in comparison to fellow Imperial Aces. Corran is a pilot who is always living on the edge for me, he is either going to win you a game, or lose you it very very quickly. I compared him to Fel the other day, both maxed out, and I know who I would take every time....Mr dependable Fel. 13 points is the difference on a maxed out Fel and Horn....My point is, Fel leaves you space to actually form a decent list, Horn leave you so limited, and if your game goes wrong, that is a hell of a lot of points that go down the toilet. Going to try a more standard Horn next time, to make him less of a target. As for a fix, FFG have got to be careful they don't make a mistake like the X7 title for the defender, all it needs is a cost reduction and more pilots to offer more options for lists. The defender only needed the cost reduction, but to give them extra bonuses as well, has kind of made them over powered in my local meta.
  8. That's a fair point, It isn't great, but the max of three uses per turn makes it nearly as useful as if he was used in a 3 elite set up. Unfortunately the lack of E-wing pilots kind of push you towards him if you wanted to max out two E-wings, as he has the elite talent over the generics.
  9. Reminds me of a list my friend had some success with....two defenders (pre-fix) maxed out. It seemed fun to fly to me, and I had played around on the list builder making one for the E-Wings. I might have to try it one day.
  10. If you're feeling brave....my friend has been using Dengar with Guri and has had a fair bit of success. Both maxed out with all the toys.
  11. Prototype pilot A-Wing killing 6 ships in one turn (including two of my own), to win a game, via a deadmans switch chain reaction!
  12. I am loving this! great work. I have fond memories of playing the snes and n64 versions of starfox.
  13. I took him to a tournament in Jan and nobody knew about this combination in the area at the time, the look on peoples faces as I did it was priceless! Won the tournament from 30 players and Hobbie was my only pilot to survive every game. Best 27 points in the game for me.
  14. I don't normally like flying large ships, but the Outrider is definitely my favourite...I am liking the A-Wing combinations that I am seeing with Dash, lot's of speed! I will have a go at making my own version.
  15. Most ships have a viable pilot at least now, the game meta is in a decent place I would say Even more so when Veterans is out. Wave 1 all the way for me!
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