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  1. If you beat them based on initiative then yes they will lose the ability to attack you and apply the penalties, if they manage to score well enough for a counterattack that is where they suffer the attack penalty against you. One thing to keep in mind though is that the enemy can anticipate surprise to either negate or at least reduce the penalties (don't have time to check my books at the moment), this does mean that they will go slower in the turn order but it's a fair trade off to not have the surprise penalties constantly applied to them.
  2. I believe you have the right of it in this situation, if it only applied for the stats at level 1 than I believe it would specify that.
  3. Having a Marionette that uses cancer isn't something that I'd have any problem with personally, after all you have had to invest the points to learn both and need to get your hands on the weapons or the materials to make them. Though with that said I would rule that you can't do it using their own strings since that is the very thing that you use to control the marionette, though granted if your marionette were to be destroyed during battle I'd have no problem with using the now unoccupied strings as a cancer weapon provided they are of sufficient quality to withstand the rigors of it.
  4. In regards to the summoning, you could do that, but the thing to remember is that summoned monsters must be controlled or bartered with otherwise they won't follow your commands. Personally I can't see a random creature just sitting there letting you take it's zeon and not retaliating against your for doing so. And in regards to Magic Levels, this is the resource used to buy spells. If you choose to level up through on of the schools of magic (Creation, Destruction, etc.) then it costs one point of magic level to gain one point in the book, unlocking the spells and free access slots as appropriate. If you choose learn a spell on its own rather than through leveling through the school then it has it's own cost, which is the tens column+1 then multiplied by two e.g. a level 18 spell would be (1+1)*2, a spell that is in the single digits would (0+1)*2. Magic level is gained either through leveling up your Intelligence stat and can be checked in the table in the core rule book or by spending DP on it. It's bought at a cost of 1-1, has to be purchased in at least blocks of 5 and cannot exceed 10% of your total DP. It also is considered part of the Mystic section for spending so keep that in mind when doing so, the same rules apply for MK but with the Combat spending. Hopefully that was clear enough, I'll check back latter after work, speaking of which I need to get going.
  5. Maintaining a spell simply takes the zeon from your pool every turn that it is maintained, it doesn't interfere with any actions that you choose to do.
  6. If I remember correctly there is a free access spell that allows for immortality while it's maintained and having a high enough gnosis allows for immortality as well.
  7. What that means is that it costs 50DP to buy one multiple for MA. That means is that if you have a base MA of 10 for every 50DP you spend on MA you will add another 10 onto your MA. If you increase your base MA by raising your power stat that will upgrade through any multiples you have bought. Hope that's clear enough an explanation.
  8. This is correct that you can split your potential and use a power multiple times in the same turn, would never suggest doing it too much though unless it's for low level stuff and preferably with some of the level jumping advantages for powers. Personally though I have it house ruled that it's limited to a maximum number based on psychic projection just as attacks are. Saw a few too many fireballs flying around early level and making other characters obsolete as a result.
  9. As cdcace said they are used to block attacks with a projection roll and any attack they successfully block deals damage to the shield. One big advantage they have over physical defenses is that they are able to block as many attacks as they want without penalty. though of course each successful block chips more and more LP away from the shield. These rules apply for psychic shields as well.
  10. Projection as attack module covers all active spells, while projection as defense covers all passive and defensive spells. Personally my group also has them as 50DP each to keep in line with the cost for psychic module but that's just a homeruling that's worked well for our group, results would vary from group to group on that front. As for characters, probably my favorite character to date was a warlock/technician that I had called Vladimir. He was a half Devah (just used the nephilim stats for him) who lost an arm to a magic accident before he learned to wield it properly, and due to the chaotic nature of the magic involved he couldn't get it restored through magic. Started as a warlock that used creation, essence and blood magic along with a couple of other spells to be a combat medic. By level 6 he was able to cast once per turn a heal spell powerful enough to fully heal anyone in our group to full health without spending zeon (couldn't cast any other spell that turn though), and could do pseudo resurrection by recreating or repairing a body with creation and putting the soul back in with essence. After level 6 went on to change to technician and started learning a technique tree that I created (called the Red Cross, it's in the technique tree thread on these forums if anyone would like to take a look). Also ended up being quite high in Elan with Mikael as well, think I hit about 70/80. As for story progression I went from someone being trained in an academy, to becoming a knight errant and taking on the surname of Victoria (was an orphan) and going on to become one of the pillars of his kingdoms forces before falling to an invading enemy. Probably my favorite moment though occurred just as he was about to be cut down he took knee knowing they couldn't beat them and basically passed the torch on to the next generation so to speak (which we are now play playing as). For that sacrifice for the next generation Mikael made the defensive spells I had active permanent and reinforced them (this is set far in the past so the Beryls are a lot more active in the world) and blessed the sword that he wielded. The statue is still in the same spot in the former throne room waiting for some with high enough Elan to come and wield the sword again. I'm now playing the daughter that he created with creation magic (was a high power game so we ended up being able to access high magic), somewhat of a goo creature but that has a solid skeleton underneath it to hold a shape around. Not long ago we came back to the throne room and saw what became of Vlad there, needless to say our characters were somewhat awestruck by it. At any rate that's been my favorite so far though I've also played a warrior mentalist that ended up bound to a new born Ciel dragon, losing his voice in the binding, who wielded a rapier and electromagnetism psychic powers and serves as part of the Tol'Rouko. They've since gone on to become an NPC in the world that we use for our Anima games so gonna be fun if any of our characters meet them in game.
  11. I've had a few nasty combos thrown together through magic, admittedly though that was generally through the metamagic that allows you to combine two spells and take the best of both. Probably one of the nastier ones was the Implosion and Black Blade of Doom void spells, created a sword that had about 900 or so damage, ignored armour, added to crit and was wielded with magic projection rather than attack and defense scores. And as for the rune bit, if any of you can get your hands on a copy of the Prometheum exxet they cover use of runes in the creation of artifacts and such in there, so adding elements or making devices you can put down etc. I'm not sure how good the translation for French would be, i know the English translation of the book isn't the greatest, but it's proved to be a very good resource for artifacts regardless.
  12. Back again with another question here, this time about healing, specifically healing undead beings. I know that there is a spell that heals only undead creatures in the necromancy tree, but i was wondering if healing spells from creation or essence would work as well. I've got a necromancer planed as an enemy coming up and I'm debating having him already undead or not but I've got an npc that'll be acting as a healer for him that uses creation.
  13. Just one quick question to make sure I understand correctly, when a character inherits a zanpakuto they will have to pay the DP cost as well as the MK in order to unlock the shikai and bankai? I know they only need to pay MK for sealed form, but just clarifying the wording for the shikai and bankai.
  14. Figured I might as well put ask this now, even after so long. With the Path of Ascension Elan, who are you referring to when you mention following the path of an ascended? Is it the people that went on to become incarnations after death or was it someone else? I'm Interested in having a character use that Elan path so figured I should get some more details.
  15. Yet another awesome set of homebrew to play around with at some point, especially looking forward to creating a character that uses a zanpakuto. Always have liked the idea of a character based around an artifact weapon, but could never really justify getting one from the start since they didn't scale up with the wielder.
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