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  1. Of course everything from The Hobbit an LOTR. But also music from HANS ZIMMER! Very epic - and absolutly recommend!
  2. @booored call me insane - it´s ok. If you would see how oftend I tried some other hard quest until now - you would surly cry about it^^ But as camacazio say´s right, it´s so much fun in that game, finding out how to beat it. The quests are thematicly and it makes a lot of fun even to get beated Of course the win of Dol Guldor is nothing else as luck! But hey, I had that luck and certainly you can lead you cards in your hand to stay with luck (by well thought playing). Combination of both let you through (or out ). But we miss the point friends I´m very intreted in the question I meantioned first. Because my statistic excel will beat every quest with every Speher There he´s back again - psychiatrist PS: I´m thinking about beating it again, just to see if it would take again 50+ tries^^
  3. Hey - I´m so excited and I need to show it After hours and hours I finally finished Dol Guldor just with the Core Set (2x Sets) Cards! I firts skipped the quest, thougt I won it with 2; 3 and 4 players and go on until I reached the last Quest of Khazad Dum. Here I decided not to go on until I managed the the unbelivable hard Dol Guldor with only the Core Cards. I tried endless times because I wouldn´t belive that it is unbeatable. This is how I managed it: I choose Leadership, because the are the only Sphere which can handle with the low resource, because it creates more by Steaward of Gondor. Also you can handle the first part with almost every mix of the two not caught heros. And finaly it has the best joker option Seak attacking Gandalf^^. I played with 30 cards (as the Core Set are) and try to hit and quest as fast and hard as I could. What means, if starthand has no Gandalf, Sneak attack nor Steward, give up I don´t know how oftend I lost. I didn´t count. But it´s for sure something like 1 out of 50^^. But now I can say: It´s not unbeatable, quite the contrary. To my surprise it was many times very close It feals great to beat it ^^ Thought it´s more luck than everything else xD Did you beat that quest just with Core Cards? And yes with which Deck and points? I had 148 points (49 threat - just one wrong card and I had died - but I didn´t ) as you can see at the Quest Log. I try to beat every Quest with every Sphere, so maybe somebody beat it with another sphere too? PS: Still grining
  4. Send you a request You can add me too - I´m also looking for new Questfriends^^
  5. Hey again, after many games I wonder how most of you could reach point far away from 100 by almost every quest??? I know there will be good cards for sure, but I can´t imagine it anyway. Because many quest cards with 17; 15 points still block the questing sometimes for 3 or 4 rounds. And less 100 points means a win in 6-7 rounds only. So: Do you count the rounds? Or are the cards comming so strong? (I´m now almost finished with Khazad Box and the next Cycle is in the cupport^^). I hear something abot secretsy. Where you just start with 2 heros and less threat, but that would also just get only one extra round... So still wondering.
  6. Hey everybody. I found that video and this fantasytic playmat But it seems that they were not for sale. Does anybody know if there is a possibility to get such beatifull mats? Or will there be some in the future? Would be great if there would be those matts as play material. Would pay the world for it
  7. Computergames can also be challanging and tricky. Even LOTRO. But the problem I always have is when I logged off and shut down the PC. I asked myself: What have I done the last hours? Moving a electronic 1001110010 character from one to another point fight xy monster get reward upgrad my equipment - fantastic. But nothing of that realy belongs to mi in real life. So I turn off the computer and had nothing. Just changed a few rows fo 1110110101101 numbers. The card game challange me and it is tricky too. But in the end you still pull the box full of cards in your cupboard and know that you have a fantastic collection with a little worthiness. Also I´m realy relay afraid about kind of gams with no realy end (not only MMORPG) since scientists discovered that exzessive gamers has the same reaction areas in theier brain as alcoholis (so they talk about an offical addiction)... But thats enough fodder of conversation for a new topic though.
  8. For me it´s the most imprtant thing: Fun with fantastic drawn cards in a very cool challanging game. Personally I have more goals: 1) Try to beat every Quest with every sphere 1; 2; 3 and 4 handed (or with 2-4 people). 2) Try to beat the whole Cycle with only one multible Set (hard). 3) Try to beat the whole Cycle with only one multible Set in hardcore mode (unbelivable hard :/) 4) Enjoy the extrem fast changnig situations in the game (close win, hardcore loos) and building decks - the most fun
  9. Yes of course That what it makes so easy was the fact that allways every time was solving for the upcoming problems. Noone dies and seldom get hurt. But it´s good to hear that it seems no waste of time to get 4 people together to try having a nice evening. I was afraid that all quest will stay that kind of level. However I herad that the balance will be improved from Dwarorelf up (after Mirkwood)? Is that right? I only have Core Set + the Mirkwoodcycle and the Khazad Box.
  10. Hey, I also want to thank yozu for that great software! I just start using it and felt suddenly in love with it! GREAT! Is there some plans on other languages? Like german scans
  11. Still be willing to beat the best score ;D
  12. I planed to invit some friends for LOtR LCG. At the moment I played allmost the whole time solo or with my brother. I tried to play a 4 player game "four handed" solo. But somehow it seems it is not as challanging as 2 or one player game... Indeed it was a little bit boring The Core Set Quest were beaten easily. Even Dol Guldor was mor a walk through as a realy hard Quest. So tell me you 4 Player gamers: Is it orth the time and funny? Or a waste of time? GOnna try the first cycle with "four handed" but I guess it don´t gets any harder. I allerady heard that 4 Player game is to easy. But that what I tried could nobody loose
  13. Just a quick clarification that all Print on Demand 'expansions' (whether they be GenCon or nightmare) only have encounter cards. There are no player cards included in these. But also worth the investment!
  14. Hi Dedalus, first of all: all the best for your marriage! I´m still married since 2007 and won´t miss it. I play all the way from the beginning at the moment. Though I have the expansion until Khazad-Dum^^. I do because I found (finaly) the QuestLog ( http://tools.fantasyflightgames.com/lotrquestlog/#/home ) where you can save all you´re scores and compare it with friends! So don´t hesitate to retain all you fails and succsess there. Also you can add other player as friends to compare with you´re own progress! ( http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/96526-friends-search-for-quest-log-comparison/ ) So have much fun with the very good and intresting different Quests!
  15. I still use it just to draw one card. As I play now from the beginnig with only Core Set, it´s ok because there are not so many possibilities to draw cards (except exhausting heros/characters) at this time. So I pay 1 resource and take a card^^ Helped me a few times. However, I think later with the other cards it would be disapeare in the box too.
  16. Sounds intresting! Would participate if not all cards are needed (Just collect until Khazad Dum).
  17. Me too. This fantastic tool need to be up to date! It would be a big waste if it gather dust @faith_star83 yes, as you did, it seems that you need to add friends.
  18. Thanks alot for the first request - I realy pleased about the fast response! And it seems that there is no generelly overview about all player who use the QuestLog?!? So maybe we can get all friends with each other here^^ ( Or somebody programms something that you can decide to show you´re succes and statistics public! I think that would be an incentiv for the QuestLog comunity users^^ )
  19. Power in the Earth, can´t remember when I realy could get use out of it...
  20. Hey, the titel say´s allready anything^^ I thought you can see all statistcs of every user of the QuestLog, but it isn´t. So I want YOU as friend for comparing the scores, because I love statistics^^ Just send me a PM or add me as friend! Or is there any other way to see best scores of quest´s or other statistics? Edit: Just startet new again from the beginning of course of the Quest Log So I need some spur
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