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  1. A cool feature (in my opinion) for an expansion in Wizwars would be the following: When a player is eliminated, it is not game over for that player ... because a new element called Ghost Mode is activated. - Yes, the Mage is dead and his spells belong to another (if someone else killed him) and he can no longer score victory points ... but he can "haunt" the living players on the board ... as a Ghost. Basically there will be rules for ghost movement and ghosts can do different things that affect the game and the ghost can grow in power to cause living players a bit of grief. There will be a card deck for the ghost to get cards from and rules for how the ghost can obtain new ghost action/ability/spell/manifestation cards. The ghost may even be able to gather enough "ghost power" to be able to resurrect as his former Mage if the appropriate conditions are met. For example if the ghost would be able to get his former treasures back to their original spot and he could move his ghost to his home square and he has a cdertain ability, then he would resurrect. This expansion feature would allow eliminated players to still have interaction in the game and not feel completely left out. It could increase the fun and extend/increase the gameplay experience. For now this is just an idea that I think would be cool to develop.
  2. Not sure if that quote makes it a "no". It depends on interpretation. I.e. Is Corruptis an enemy and is it a Daemon? If yes, then the Inquistor should receive +2 against it (- For comparison, does the Ultramarine Captaing have +2 against Corruptis?). Furthermore, daemon hunters have been chasing Corruptis before according to the backside description of the card.
  3. Since the card description states that Corruptis is a Daemon Prince, my question is if the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor gets a +2 to battle score when fighting Corruptis in the final confrontation.
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