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  1. Luckily one squad does not have to take over an entire hive. You need detailed maps on the locations that have the PCs taking part in firefights and less detailed map or some general "this is residential area, here factories, the roads you will take go from here to here etc." will do. A proper map might be more to the liking of the players but you if all else fails you can always say that the platoon leader simply drew a simple map on the dirt and the squad leader copied it off to his notebook and only the higher ranking officers have REAL maps of the region.
  2. I am planning to start a new OW campaign soonish (after my group finishes our current campaign in a different game) and have been thinking about maps. My first thought was to use Google maps and have them attack the 40k version of their hometown... Which in this case be the suburds around some tactically important Hive city or one of the levels inside the hive (there would be a roof overhead and some of the taller buildings would cut off when they hit the ceiling.) Then I realized that I could also use some aerial pictures of cities like Berlin or Stalingrad during WW2 give them an old map of the area before the bombings (which they get from Munitorium) but use the aerial picture after the bombings as the real game map... This is to simulate the damage from the fighting between Imperial Guard and their enemies. And then I realized that at some point the campaign would have to use the map of Hiroshima. Which in this version has been struck by an orbital bombardment. "Does my character recognize any of the land marks on the map?" "Not really, you see ashes, a stream ...more ashes ...Chimney without the building etc." I know this is black humour and not everyone would do this but I guess I am a horrible person...
  3. Yeah this is another rule that makes absolutely no sense and has never been enforced in any of the games I have been a part of. A jam results in one round being lost - losing an entire backpack because one round decided to misfire or improperly feed/eject is stupid in the highest degree. Our group considered the logic so that the characters believe that the machine spirit of the weapon must have been offended by something if it refuses to function and therefore they abandon the unused ammo. It could be tainted or something. And with some weapons faulty charge pack or something is the most likely cause of malfunction. The part that plugs the pack to the gun on the lasgun charge pack might be damaged or something. Leaky tank for a flamer is likely to kill the user. And if the ammo for plasma or melta weapon is damaged it can cause a catastrophic explosion.
  4. ...When you know nothing about the setting apart from the copy of Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer that your GM gave you before the game and suffer a traumatic breakdown as you notice that the "orks" you just shot were just grots and the REAL Orks aren't just puny little creatures with malfunctioning weapons... WELCOME TO IMPERIAL GUARD!
  5. So basically, the Assault marine is going to surpass the tech marine pretty soon because they both excel best in their own special tasks. But in the meantime you could give the Assault marine a power sword or power fist for their next mission (just for the mission because due to enemytype X being present in the target area they will need it.) This will let the ASM a taste of what he can do with those weapons (but take it away after mission so that he will requisition his personal weapons as normally.)
  6. Isn't it that people know about the Horus heresy but don't know the involvement of Chaos? That they just think that Horus and the others were just regular traitors?
  7. More like: Guardsman: "But it was the strenght of the Emperor that filled my body and let me strike down the chaos marine!" Commissar: "If you are truly innocent then you have nothing to fear and will submit to be tested!" Ministorum priest: "All miracles must be verified, tested and registered properly to protect the people from false prophets!" Inquisitor: "Look over there!" *As everyone turns around he grabs the Guardsman and enlists him to his acolyte cell.*
  8. I will just point out that if in one of my Only war games there is a guardsman who can "solo" a chaos space marine there is only one thing that the officers will do... They will have him detained by the commissariat immediately pending an evaluation by the Inquisition. Because the odds of him being possessed by a daemon or something are quite high. ...If the Inquisition comes to the conclusion that there is no heresy, mutation or xenos behind this then the guardsman in question will be recruited to the Inquisition (or in the case of radical Inquisitors they may be recruited regardless of suspicions. After all what better use for tools of Chaos than to turn them against Chaos in the service of Imperium?)
  9. I have come to the conclusion that Commissar is a troublesome class. I wouldn't ban it in a game but it requires more from the player than the other classes do. Simply the fact that the commissar has so much power if used like in the fluff AND the commissar is also weighed down with many responsibilities. The player needs to understand both sides of this. Also, it is not the only class with these problems. If a penal trooper or sarge wants to do some black market deals to get better gear for himself/squad or something the GM can handle this and it can suit the character. It may (should) cause problems if he isn't careful but this can be a plot hook for the GM. If a commissar does something like that and gets caught the only options are immediate *blam* from the rest of the commissariat or a one way trip to a penal legion where he is expected to get him self killed alongside the penal troopers. And that is an important bit, the commissars are supposed to be fanatical. They don't just stand in the back and send other to death like NKVD. They have been brainwashed since childhood to truly believe in what they preach and those who fail to become fearless fanatics are often executed in the Schola Progenum or sent to penal legions. (Note that according to the latest fluff, the "final exam" for a commissar may be the order to execute their best friend. Simply to prove that they can be as cruel and harsh as needed in battle.) Similarly to commissars, priests and enginseers need to be played in a special way. The Rogue trader may pick up "the weird" tech-priest who is borderline heretek but the average enginseer should be played as someone who nearly has a stroke if they notice the troopers "improving" their gear.
  10. Now THAT is finally starting to sound like Only War.
  11. I have come to the conclusion that human enemies (whether Dominion, other renegades or chaos warbands) are the best starter enemies on Only War. With Orks and Tyranids the players are easily swarmed and the battle tactics of those enemies if used properly either make them TPK (if in large numbers) or too easy (if in unrealistically few numbers) though, the latter might be explained if the players are sent to mop up the last of a nearly beaten enemy. When you use regular human enemies even the lasguns are deadly and the enemies can use "normal" tactics which is usually easier for both the GM and the players. If you have trouble with explaining why a single squad would only face few enemies at the time make it into a part of a larger battle going all around the squad. The other squads are around the players and they are facing most of the other enemies, the players might be ordered at one point to do something like flanking the enemy positions (give them a turn to shoot at the enemies who are focused on the IG in front of them) or to hole up in a position to prevent enemy flanking maneuvers or counter attacks. This way you can explain that there are more enemies but the squad only needs to concentrate on the ones in their killzone and if things get too easy or too hard it is easy to adjust.
  12. I managed to catch the latest story live when it was told and it was just as good as the previous ones.
  13. askold2


    Chrusher Bob, That was an interesting read and obviously done by someone who knows about artillery (although I am extremely skeptical about the first round scatter. Either our artillery was utterly incompetent or there is a huge gap between the artillery systems in use in our countries...) If the player squad does not have a dedicated artillery spotter you can simplify the system greatly. Have them radio their officers and explain where the enemies are (depending on how well they read the map and make the estimate accuracy will change.) and several minutes later there will be an artillery barrage (if the command thinks there is need for one.)
  14. In the Battlefleet Gothic miniature game there were two types of boarding actions (IIRC.) Hit-And-Run, during which the boarders would damage the internal components (Boom! goes shield generator, BOOM! goes torpedo storage,) on the ship or assassinate officers or simply kill as many crew members as they could before teleporting out or leaving in their boarding craft. All or nothing, which would require physically connecting the two ships (Generally done by ramming the other ship and then opening the boarding tubes.) The crews would fight and the goal would be to destroy or take over the other ship. This could not be done just by a few boarding crafts because usually it would would require most of the crew to succeed. (Naturally smaller ships would be in trouble.) Deathwatch marines are more likely to be doing the former. They could do it at any part of the battle to weaken the other ship(s) and even when doing the latter the Deathwatch will probably not be simply going with the other crewmen, since that would be a waste of their potential. They would still be teleported or otherwise transported into some critical region of the ship or they would try to charge the bridge and end the fight. ...Then there is always the possibility of the enemies trying to board the player ship. The team could either be guarding the bridge or some other vital location or they could try to hunt down the enemy boarding parties. (Note that the enemies will also be sending their best teams and meanest critters to board the ship. There could be anything from a Squiggoth to a Daemon-engine tearing up the ships bowels, or perhaps a Chaos Space Marine squad that leads a horde of chaos cultists...)
  15. Those titles are positions in the Chapter hierarchy and like it was already said, a Deathwatch member is not likely to hold such a position. In background they are fitting (either a PC has held one of those titles or a Deathwatch captain has had one before he started his tour in the Deathwatch) and may be used to explain why a character knows certain things. Like a former Master of the fleet being very knowledgeable about naval battles. Maybe the aforementioned Master of the Fleet will take over the command of a space battle due to his experience for example. (If the Master is a NPC it could mean that one of the PCs gets to command all the Deathwatch assets in his place since the Captain is busy commanding the ships?)
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