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  1. I have posted some images on RPGeek in the creative gallery for WHFRPG of my home made/brew game pieces. When i have worked it out will try and create a link or post pictures here. Its not very simple to do so! As you will see they are very sculptural; like kind of mini stone henges and i often find the players just enjoying handling or arranging them. They are abstract so can be used to represent furniture, architecture or whatever works. My next project is to make an eaqually stylised board for them to stand on. It won't be as grand but think of thart fantastic map table in Game of Thrones. Enjoy. Oh...just had a look and they have been rejected! I'll take some more pics again tomorrow when its light. Right...a day late and etc etc and they are now pending authorisation. Should be up soon. Still waiting...maybe they don 't like them?! Here they are: http://rpggeek.com/image/2084608/warhammer-fantasy-roleplay-3rd-edition
  2. I don't use the stand-ups: too difficult to read in dim lighting. We have used some minis from any old system but again I can't always quickly see who is who so I have collected some nice old chess pieces, and turned some pieces of my own. These are larger: about the size of a traditional king in chess set and much less fiddly to move about. They are in clear wood dyed colours for the players and black for chaos cultists etc, I was inspired by the Viking Chess Set found in the Scottish islands in the 1920s or 30s. I much prefer a more symbolic depiction that allows for instant recognition of each player s piece and leaves the rest up to your imagination. I don't play chess but both appreciate the style dictated by wood turning or simple carving, the feel of quality hard wood, the aged patination hinting of ancient battles fought long into the evening, and the look when the two sides engage. For the same reason I have never really liked the artwork used by fantasy rpg games. I would rather see images that look like they were drawn or sculpted by an ancient culture, it just gives a more authentic feel for me. I even prefer the old black and white illustrations in the original DMG to the current garish 'realistic' vogue. I think I am alone on this though! But wouldn't it be cool to represent your warrior with a replica of a 1200 year old swordsman figurine from Gaul!
  3. There is very little I would want to change except core books that don't disintegrate in your hands, a lighter, simpler graphic style; the books, cards etc are visually cluttered and very dark ( they probably look great on the designer/artists computer screen but not when printed) and clearer tokens for stress/fatigue/power etc. Perhaps a rules summery or flow diagram and an index. I love the dice though wonder if you could streamline the black and purple dice into one?
  4. How did I miss this it's only about 20 miles away! Ah well next year. I hope Sean runs another game too as it was him who revived my playing of RPGs and WF in particular; he is a master craftsman and entertainer and very creative GM.
  5. 'Rules Lawyer' yes but since we are really still learning the rules as we play there is a certain amount of 'trading'. If they come up with a better reason or more dramatic scene description or action I will throw the rules aside. This has encouraged them to be more creative in their actions and RPGing. I find it quite useful to hand the rule book over and let someone else do the page flicking: that way the game keeps going most of the time.
  6. Fantastic; I shall download all of these and that will keep them busy for the next year. I have ordered the players vault and guide ( the floppy books which came with the the core set have fallen apart already) so I can support another player. One of the players is quite a rules merchant so I am thinking we run the next chapter or so together.
  7. This looks perfect Emirikol; it will suit this party perfectly; they have turned into a bunch of self serving thieves and cuthroats already and I can weave in the painting they already have somehow, thanks for the pointer.
  8. Thanks Valvorik, Yes I like the idea of meeting Von Bruner and the bride especially since the party have just incinerated Lord Aschaffenburg. I also want to see how they explain the possessed painting away too.
  9. I have just run this over a series of lunchtime at school; it's not ideal but after burning the lodge down and most of the staff in the process the party have escaped with the possessed painting, lost one member in the conflagration and have another unconsciousness. They are now fleeing through the woods with the sound of howling at their heels. I am running this with the core set and four players with another wishing to join! 1) Should I get another core set or some other combination of books/vaults? 2) I need some ideas for short, discreet episodes that run in under an hour, are not all combat based (I want to squeeze more role-playing out of them) and add up to something meaningful when connected. ( they don't have any idea how dangerous/evil the painting is!)
  10. Sorry Steve: will edit above post to credit you. An excellent resource thanks.
  11. I have copied the clue cards from Steve (of the Red Fez) post on running Eye for an Eye and created a publisher document you can print them all from. First time I've tried to do this so let me know if it doesn't work. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xdd450f914sb7mp/clue%20cards.pub
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