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  1. My second ever session of role playing, I was a Tactical Marine, in a small group with one each of Assault and Devastator, all Raven Guard (it was linked to our tabletop campaign). We were hunting for a Black Legion Sorceror (the GM's tabletop HQ in my last few games, he would lose the game but Xandrek would always escape). After trying to sneak about in under hive tunnels, and failing, I fell on my face in front of two Legionaries and a Squad of taitor Guard. Had to be rescued, and took some in character abuse. At the end of the session though, having located Xandrek performing some dark ritual, we decided to attack. As we got to a position to attack, the ritual ended and a Deamon Prince burst from the warp. The Devastator let rip with his Heavy Bolter, doing some minor damage, the Assault Marine, obsessed with grenades, throws a Krak doing a bit of damage, and, last in initiative order and having listened to the GM tell us how screwed we are, I decided to heroically throw myself into close combat while my comrades escape. What happened was just ridiculous, I basically just kept rolling righteous fury, and sawed the Deamon Prince, a 10,000 year veteran, in half. With a combat knife. When the Grey Knights surprised us by teleporting in, having used us as bait, they stood around with nothing to do. :-)
  2. I think it sounds like a great idea. Sometimes a "no winners" situation can emphasise the grimdark. Do it, and let us know how you get on!
  3. Sounds good to me. With regards to Augury, just make it less effective. Tell the Librarian that he struggles to understand the tiny whispers of the Warp or some such. If he persists, give him a level of fatigue to represent the difficulty. I used this in a mission fighting around Necron Pylons similar to those on Cadia. My Librarian player was becoming obsessed with augury, I threw in the pylons to make the rest of the team think on their feet more.
  4. Personally, I'd go for a -10 or even -20 if you're feeling particularly nasty, but remove any chances of spectacular miscasting due to the denizens of the warp not being active in the area. My reading of it anyway, since the "emotional flow" is calmed, so Deamons wouldn't be drawn to the area.
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