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  1. Would there be some sort of face/heel dynamic with this as well?
  2. I believe Fantasy Flight holds the license for Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror in regards to board games and LCGs (though, IMO, calling both the LCG and the board game by the same name lends to some confusion). But, both are firmly set in the Lovecraftian mythos, just like the Call of Cthulhu RPG is (I am beginning to suspect that the reason why the LCG is not still called Call of Cthulhu is because of the RPG). While I believe Lovecraft's works are in public domain, I still do not think that Fantasy Flight would try to release a Cthulhu based rules book while the Call of Cthulhu RPG is still going strong. I think for the moment, Fantasy Flight is going to stick with the "universes" that it holds the licenses to outright (like Android and Tannhauser).
  3. My guess is that if there is an Arkham Horror setting for Genesys, it will be fan made. I don't think that Fantasy Flight is going to step on the Call of Cthulhu RPG, especially since the seventh edition is so relatively fresh.
  4. You mean the Kevin Sorbo series, right?
  5. Chyrondave

    The A-Team

    As for the team of six, there are the core four, Amy, and that added guy they had in the last few seasons (Frankie Santana). Either that, or if it is a one off, the "special guest star" for the episode.
  6. Chyrondave

    G.I. Joe

    I'm a bit curious, has anyone worked out a G.I. Joe scenario that fits in with the older Adventure Team theme?
  7. The only thing that would work against this happening would be then continued existence of Call of Cthulhu. While the Cthulhu mythos is public domain, Fantasy Flight might not want to push a Lovecraftian RPG when there already is one out there.
  8. Given that the end of the world system appears to be a more basic version of Genesys, the conversion doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult. You could work in the fear rules that are mentioned in the horror section of Genesys as well.
  9. I definitely can see this system working well in a horror setting. Possibly we can see some sort of horror source book that looks at different types of horror tropes through the Genesys system.
  10. I could see a conversion book to use the End of the World RPG series with Genesys rules.
  11. I think the only thing that would stand in the way of a Marvel LCG is the Legendary license currently held by Upper Deck. Given that the RPG license is apparently up in the air, that could be a thing. Still, personally, I am too much of a fan of the old FASERIP system to completely accept a Genesys based Marvel RPG.
  12. If I remember correctly, Marvel's latest RPG is a Cortex system, and DC is using the Mutants & Masterminds/3rd Ed OGL system, so I don't think we would see any official Genesys licenses from either. However, I am not sure of the Image is locked up into any RPG system yet.
  13. Reading through the Genesys rulebook, there are a lot of match ups between the two. Personally, I always thought of the EOTW system as a good primer for RPGs because of the simple dice system. I can see that with a little tweaking, the scenarios in EOTW should work with the Genesys system
  14. DC Comics used to have a comic called Weird War. Two of the features were Creature Commandos and G.I. Robot. The former was a team of soldiers who were modeled after the classic monsters (vampire, werewolf, Frankenstein monster), along with their Sergeant. Later stories added a female character with medusa type powers. G.I. Robot was about a marine squad in the Pacific with a new recruit; J.A.K.E., a robotic soldier. The original Creature Commando stories have been collected in a trade (DC revisited the concept a few times over the years), while there is information about G.I. Robot online. You can also look into The War that Time Forgot, also a DC series that had WW2 soldiers finding themselves on an island populated by dinosaurs. A Showcase trade (black and white pulp paper) is available.
  15. I don't know about apocalyptic scenarios, but I think that there is still some room for new ideas that use this concept (simple stat set up with players acting as themselves). Case in point, I used the rules outlined in the series for a "ghost hunt" scenario (which I still have yet to run).
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