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  1. Lambda full stop is white, white 3-turns.
  2. What a difference a few months makes. If only players like you had pulled their heads out of their asses years ago and demanded packs, maybe we wouldn't be in this current citation. Nice edit, btw.
  3. Card packs are exactly what FFG sells when it re-releases ships in "Aces" or "Heroes" boxes. And you're assuming a cardpack should include a plethora of ships or upgrades. A pack could simply include updated/errated cards reflecting the FAQ as opposed to carrying around a tome of printed PDFs and forum answers with a couple new cards sprinkled in.
  4. My suggestions: If you don't mind retro anime, watch the original Gundam from 1979 and Gundam Zeta, then watch the OVA's 0080, 0083, and 08th MS team. This follows the original Gundam storyline and characters. Shows like Gundam Wing are spin-offs that take place in different universes(but are still fun to watch). Its a bit complitcated to figure out what to watch and when, but its worth the effort.
  5. Stilgod

    Sad Times

  6. Stilgod

    Sad Times

    At least we finally got X-wing 2.0.
  7. They inadvertently admit FFG's reluctance to release card packs is holding back ships/pilots that need a boost in power. There's no need to wait for an excuse to re-paint a ship when the cards are ultimately determine the pilots and stats.
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