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  1. thanks for the responses; I appreciate the answers. @scantrell24- that is exactly what I was looking for. The explicit ability for each card (Merchant's Widow, Red Viper) is a given what I was looking for you addressed perfectly whether or not there was some other global affect/use of the old.
  2. I looked around on CardGame DB and on here (my search-fu is weak) and couldn't find an explanation... What is the point of gold on a character (Merchant's Widow)? From what I read in the threat I could find on CardGameDB you can't spend it like gold in your pool and it also doesn't count for dominance, what can it be used for? Thanks, Steve
  3. Ok, thanks for your assistance. I am not looking to build all the houses or all "the decks". Currently I have no one to play with anyway but will be moving this summer and understand there are some people that play in the area I am moving to. I don't have any real concern about being really competitive. Though it might be counter to each other and make more sense to look at houses that are complementary or can use some of the same pool of cards/themes I am looking at House Stark and House Martell. To support this I ordered the following: -Lords of Winter Expansion -Princes of the Sun Expansion - Refugees of War Pack - On Dangerous Grounds Pack - Valar Dohaeris Pack - A Time of Trials Pack - A Poisoned Spear Pack I also ordered a couple of singles (Wildfire Assault, Valar Morghulis, Planning Ahead x 3). While this might not give me everything someone could want it should at least give me enough to piece together two decks and have some alternates to swap in/out and at least be able to play once I move and get settled. Would welcome any additional advice. Steve
  4. Awesome. Thanks for the replies. What are the "must have" cards out of the core set that make it worthwhile? Are there enough of them to justify 3 x core sets or are you better just selectively buying singles on teamcovenant?
  5. Is there any particular reason you have to have the core set for two player games? I know it comes with the board, tokens, titles, etc but in a two player game you don't use the titles (right?) and you could use just about anything for power and gold…… so is there anything I have to have out of the core set or would I be better off buying me and the wife each one of the bigger boxes (Queen of Dragons, Lords of Winter)? thanks, Steve
  6. Apologize for not reading through all the posts….. but is there a version or alternative for Mac?
  7. With enough cards now, I am to the point where except for a couple of key characters I am only running 1 x each of most uniques. Of course there are a few exceptions with something like Ghatanothoa where there is a specific benefit t having multiples or a character like Nug where you need to ensure you get him out as quick as possible so his forced response can have as much of an impact as possible.
  8. I am a brand new player as well and just recently picked up and started playing. As I am sure some of the other guys will recommend take a look at http://www.cardgamedb.com/index.php/CoC/CoCCards.html and start browsing through the packs to prioritize your selections. There are probably a variety of options for Hastur/X decks but a few to look at are: Hastur/Yog, Hastur/Shub, or Hastur/MU. These are are versions I have messed around with using the cards I have. With Yog and some neutrals you get some good complimentary cards, card draw, recursion. With Shub you can speed up your resourcng and draw out some of your deck to get to what you need. MU (just watch the Hero/Villain issues) gets you some card draw and some quick rush to get early successes while you are setting up the control.
  9. is draining the domain part of the "cost" for playing this card? If the domain with the most resources is already drained can you then not play this card?
  10. that makes sense. If they aren't critical to a key combo then if there icon/cost ratio bears inclusion then any special abilities they have are just a good bonus when they get them.
  11. I think the asylum packs are well worth it; though cost is relative to everyone when you compare costs vs. many popular CCGs you would spend a lot more buying just 3-4 copies of a key card than you will buying asylum packs and get that many more extra cards with it to build up other decks. Years ago I played a couple of CCGs where it was common for competitive decks to cost hundreds whereas in CoC you can get 3 x Core Sets (when they are in print), 1 x Secrets of Arkham, 1-2 deluxe expansions, and maybe even some asylum packs for less than that. Another CCG you would even see competitive decks (In some formats ) that cost way more than that. In CoC, although some people might still provide it cost prohibitive, the asylum packs seem like a great and cheap way to build on the collection and appear to contain some key cards (novice opinion from someone that just started). When I weigh it against other things for the cost of a a couple of cups of coffee a week or something close you can pick up a pack a week without too much sacrifice and build your collection over time. Steve
  12. Not a bad idea, guess that is a good alternative; a lot less likely to get stuck with multiples in your hand with two of a card instead of three. Of course two of a card makes it less likely to draw the card when you need it. which makes sense to tier it as you indicated and only do this when the cards aren't critical. Tough call for me as I like to think "every" card in the deck is critical otherwise I should be looking at swapping it out for something else. I haven't reached a decision on what I think would be a good general rule but I am thinking something around no more than 3 x unique characters (maybe 4) unless it is just single copies to flush out the characters in a deck. That few should make sure I am not getting stuck with a whole lot of duplicates in my hand. Maybe this is another reason to look at dual faction decks instead of single- it provides an even greater pool of cards to choose from even further reducing the need for multiple copies of unique characters? Steve
  13. When you are building a deck, how many unique characters do you think are too many? I understand that playing 3 x copies of each card improves the chances of drawing it when needed. I also understand that "extra" copies drawn can be used for resourcing or as a back-up for when a key card is destroyed. However, I am concerned that a significant number of unique cards (3 of each) will result in games/hands where I have nothing but multiples copies of two or three characters and nothing to play. Do you have a "rule of thumb" or unofficial guideline number you use for how many unique characters vs. non-unique characters you use? Steve
  14. yeah, I figured as much since I wouldn't find anywhere selling them online and given the fixed nature of the packs where you can get anything you want by buying the right pack…… I just thought I would ask as I saw it might be a viable alternative when you only want one/two cards out of a pack. Typically when I play card games I hate switching cards back and forth between decks and like to keep decks built instead of disassembling and rebuilding.
  15. What are some of the Asylum packs you recommend for rounding out Yog? I have been going through the Card Game DB and looking at some of them to see what cards I like but haven't read through and prioritized all of them yet. Also, are there any places anyone has found that sells singles for that occasion where you want a specific card but don't need the whole pack? Or is this nonexistent given the cost of the packs and known cards included? Steve
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