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  1. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Sam, please tell me every one of your thoughts on running a superhero campaign using Genesys. Every. Single. Thought.
  2. My favorite RPG as a kid was TSR’s Marvel Super Hero RPG. There are several places where you can get this material for free and it’s all legal. Not sure how that worked out but it’s true. Here’s one place. I have tried several different superhero rpg systems and for one reason or the other, none of them have really excited me. I have no doubt that the narrative dice system can handle the story aspects of a superhero rpg. What about scale? Mechanically how do you build Superman? The Flash’s powers? Do you break the cap and let attributes creep up to six? Is Iron Man’s suit a vehicle? How would you build your favorite superhero?
  3. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    1- I was planning on using the obligation rules from Star Wars for my Thieves World campaign. Is there any reason, mechanically speaking, why I shouldn’t? 2- When porting assets from Star Wars to a Genesys campaign is there anything I should keep in mind as far as the numbers are concerned?
  4. The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    1 - When designing or deciding what expansions to release for Genesys or any FF game, how much attention is paid to the work that’s done by fans and shared in the forums? 2 - Has there ever been talk of an app for Genesys that is deeper than just a dice roller? I’d love and integrated app that lets you create and share characters, communicate with players over the internet and of course roll dice. Thanks.
  5. Original creations or re-skins?

    I’m just curious how many of you are creating settings, adversaries, etc from scratch and how many of you are re-skinning assets from the book. Who’s re-skinning Star Wars assets for your game?
  6. I can’t wait to sit down and use the GM Toolkit to create my own species, skills, etc. However, I don’t have ton of free time right now but I want to play. I also want to squeeze all the juice I can out of this book. I want to use as much of the provided material as possible in one setting. Then I remembered this cartoon from when I was a kid. Ive re-skinned most of the archetypes and have a general history worked out. Anyone in Austin interested in playing?
  7. Extraneous Unofficial Sheets for Genesys

    Printing. Thanks!
  8. Very Detailed GM Screen (probably overboard)

    or Magic?
  9. Very Detailed GM Screen (probably overboard)

    This is great! Thanks. I'll be printing this out soon. Thanks!
  10. GM Screen?

    I’m a single dad working doubles most days. I really don’t want to make my own. Lol. Thanks for all the tips though.
  11. GM Screen?

    Can I get a GM screen? Please. Maybe some cards too? Thanks! What kind of stuff are you all hoping to get?
  12. Austin group?

    If I was running a game it would be modern era, supernatural. I really enjoy crossing genres though so it could start as one thing and be completely different after a while.
  13. Austin group?

    Thanks. Will do.
  14. Austin group?

    I don’t even have my book yet but I’m looking for a group in Austin TX. Anyone? Anyone?
  15. Putting together a new online game!

    Hey guys, I actually filled all my spots within a few invites last night. Sorry, but for now we're full. Thanks for the reply though.