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  1. I'm just dipping my toe into play by post as well. I just set up a server on discord for a Genesys Supers (lite) game I want to run. If you're interested I'll leave a link. The server is really new not much is on it at all. If you're interested, join the server and we can get a game going. https://discord.gg/NeaGPxx
  2. In the old Mayfair DC Superheroes game, there was something called the Batman option you could use during character creation. Basically, all the points set aside for buying powers could now be used for skills, stats and even equipment. These characters would often start the game more powerful than the superpowered ones, but it evened out quickly. While we're talking about Batman what would you guys think about making Utility Belt a "skill" that works somewhat like a summon spell? Certain items would be a given, grapple gun, Batarang, smoke bomb, gas mask (gotta be ready for joker gas). Whenever the PC needs a new piece of gear he makes a Utility Belt roll. Just an idea.
  3. Overworld is a comic book style setting that takes place in modern times. Magic, aliens, superpowers, and advanced technology all exist but the general public has no knowledge of it. This is the stuff of conspiracy theory but that's all about to change. Something is building, growing, and soon the whole world will know your secret. I'm hoping to start a couple games on my Discord server. I'd like to play a game on Wednesday night using voice chat. I'd also like to run a casual text-based game as well, Players are welcome to participate in both but they'll need to play a different character in each. I'm new to text-based gaming so if you have some experience it would be great to get some insight. I'd also love to play with GM's who don't get a chance to play very often. I love having understanding players that know the rules. Ha. Here's a link to the server. If you have any questions feel free to ask me there. Thanks! https://discord.gg/dtbdPzs
  4. Maybe this evening. I need a nap.
  5. Life has made it seemingly impossible to get a good game going on a regular schedule with friends. I want to put together a weekly online game but I have almost no experience doing so. I ran a few EOTE games on Google Hangouts a few years back but I’m not sure if that’s still an option. I’m lookin for something cheap(ish) that my players won’t have to pay for. I also don’t want something that takes forever to learn. Built in chat would be awesome. I know there was a podcast recently that covered this topic but I was curious about the wider opinion and especially ease of use. What’s the quickest way to get a game going online with the least hassle? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for this podcast. All of my usual gaming friends have had to bow out as of late due to life. We’re old. I haven’t had a good game going for almost a year. So, I’ve been looking at Roll 20 or Fantasy Grounds as on option. It seems obvious that you two prefer Fatnasy Grounds but my real question is, which is more hassle free for GMs and players? Fantasy Grounds doesn’t have voice chat? How much work is it to learn at the beginning? Got an open spot? I’d love to give it a try before paying for it, are there many pick up games that will invite a newb? Thanks.
  7. This is an extremely easy game to run as long as you're quick on your feet. The narrative dice gives the players much more agency than in other RPG's. If your plan is too tight they'll run right off the rails. I typically make a timeline of events I know are going to happen. I don't tie anything down to a specific location. Once you're used to the system prep time is fairly short. I use the stat blocks from Genysis for all of my bad guys. I just reskin them and adjust things here and there. Mechanically, the system is simple enough that you can turn a group of Stormtroopers into palace guards with minimal effort. No introductory adventure but it's no big deal. You won't need one. If you want to get a taste pick up one of the SWRPG Beginner Boxes.
  8. glewis2317

    New Stuff?

    Where's the official release about the new sourcebook? Also, I don't remember implying they were lazy and acknowledged their Star Wars work. Simmer down.
  9. glewis2317

    New Stuff?

    I'm beginning to think that Genysis is on the lower part of FFG's priority list. I understand RPG's, in general, don't sell well. Also, with the Star Wars license printing money for them, it only makes sense to give that priority. Aside from Android has there been any news I've missed?
  10. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    Actually we do see him on CHARGEN day.Giant SIze X-Men #1. He puts his body in front of a moving combine to save his sister and it crumbles around him.
  11. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    We have already have skills that cover most of what you’re talking about though. Here, lets make sure we’re at least disagreeing about the same thing. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Character creation happens in a normal fashion. This is a snapshot of the PC before they received their powers through spider-bite, mutation, etc. I view powers as Unique Abilities as opposed to skills or talents. Page 193 -“ THe best unique abilities are those that define a biological element of a species that can’t be defined through skills or talents. This includes things like the ability to fly, breathe underwater, or not breathe the same atmosphere as the rest of us.” The character then receives an additional 100 Power Points with which to buy powers. Super Strength cost 80 - when calculating brawl or melee damage multiply success by ____. Can lift items weighing up to ______ and sil of _____. Notice this doesn’t increase their chances of hitting their target. It only increases the damage they do. They still need combat or athletics training to do something well but when they succeed its incredibly effective. Does that make more sense?
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