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    Good job!
  2. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    Actually we do see him on CHARGEN day.Giant SIze X-Men #1. He puts his body in front of a moving combine to save his sister and it crumbles around him.
  3. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    We have already have skills that cover most of what you’re talking about though. Here, lets make sure we’re at least disagreeing about the same thing. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Character creation happens in a normal fashion. This is a snapshot of the PC before they received their powers through spider-bite, mutation, etc. I view powers as Unique Abilities as opposed to skills or talents. Page 193 -“ THe best unique abilities are those that define a biological element of a species that can’t be defined through skills or talents. This includes things like the ability to fly, breathe underwater, or not breathe the same atmosphere as the rest of us.” The character then receives an additional 100 Power Points with which to buy powers. Super Strength cost 80 - when calculating brawl or melee damage multiply success by ____. Can lift items weighing up to ______ and sil of _____. Notice this doesn’t increase their chances of hitting their target. It only increases the damage they do. They still need combat or athletics training to do something well but when they succeed its incredibly effective. Does that make more sense?
  4. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    My argument though is that Force Powers, like magic can be looked at as a skill that requires training and advancement to use effectively. Super Powers are always there and they’re always turned on (unless there is an imposed weakness). The character may refine how they use their power or even find new uses for those powers but they don’t need training in super strength. A fish doesn’t need training to breath water. That beings said I can see room for advancement and talents to tweak things. I think maybe I like the open system just a little better than trees. I wouldn’t say that you’re wrong as much as I’d say I think I’m going to try this first and see if I can’t make it work....although multipliers could work too... I don’t know.
  5. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    I’m assuming he spent those points at character creation, possibly from a separate pool designed just for powers.
  6. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    Here’s my issue with that. No matter what Colussus can put his fist through a car. No story points. No training. Fist through car. Every time. I can see using talents to use this power in interesting ways but super strength is super strength all day long. That being said though, I can see using custom talents to give those powers a twist. I think my resistance to building trees is that I want to keep everything as simple as possible. Streamlined and open the way the Magic system is. Still though, trees may be the way to go in the end.
  7. glewis2317

    Super Brawn

    I’ll br starting a Supers game soon and I’ve been struggling with Super Attributes. I consider super powers to be Unique Abilities and I don’t really want to complicate things too much but when you start dealing with Super Brawn a lot of questions come up. My first inclination was to allow players to spend “power points” on a super attribute. This attribute would then operate on planetary scale. Balance issues aside, a player with a Brawn of 5 with Super Brawn is now throwing battleships around which is kind of the point, I guess. I intended on giving the players 100 “Power Points” to buy powers with and to make sure things didn’t get to out of hand I would make the cost of a super attribute at least 60 so no PC could have more than one, possibly two if they took a strong enough weakness to counter act it. Kryotonite. As much as I don’t want to build a Power Tree, or complicate the system, I have been thinking about using multipliers. Brawn X2, X3 etc. Thoughts?
  8. glewis2317

    G.I. Joe

    I was listening to a podcast, I honestly can't remember which one, and one of the hosts or a friend of the hosts had put together a G.I. Joe game. I was wondering if that had ever been posted anywhere. I'd love to see it. Does anyone know off hand what podcast that was or who may have designed this setting/scenario?
  9. I loved this movie. Most fun I've had watching a Star Wars movie since the originals. IV, V, VI, Solo, FA, TLJ, R1. That's my current ranking. I hear there are some other movies but the only thing good about them is Obi-Wan so I don't include them.
  10. glewis2317

    At its core, what sorts of games is Genesys good for?

    Genesys can handle any type of game unless you're looking for a rules heavy tactical combat system. I think of this game as a sort of movie simulator as opposed to the life simulators other RPG's attempt to be. It's not a game for those who need rules heavy tactical combat to be happy. This game just isn't for that. This game is much more of a co-operative storytelling game than it is a miniature moving, chart reading game. So I believe this game can work for any type of setting or story regardless of scale as long as the players and GM are looking for this type of cinematic storytelling game.
  11. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Excelsior! is a great name. You're not taking anything over. lol. I'll definitely use these as reference. My goal is to keep this as simple as possible. If anything else this could be a good sheet to hand to players stumped for character ideas.
  12. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Obviously there will be a jumping off point and setting when we begin. This will be incorporated soon. One of the things I'm doing for this campaign in particular is making the PC's the "first" heroes. Obviously there will be NPC's with powers but until now the world at large has been unaware that there are super powered, magical, alien, androids walking among them. Setting material is coming.
  13. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    For now it's just a tool kit. I'm trying to put together on online games for Wednesday nights. (You interested?) I'm hoping to use that campaign to do world building. There is another section coming soon about building your own super hero universe or playing within one that already exists. I do have some setting ideas already and they will eventually find their way onto this document. If any of you guys want to take a crack at some of these powers, please be my guest.
  14. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Do Over.
  15. glewis2317

    Genesys OGL?

    I agree with most of what you're saying. I don't expect that we'll see anything close to an OGL, until at least two or three setting books are released by FF. This is typical business thinking. However, I'm not sure it's the smartest thinking. This game may be selling like hot cakes for an RPG, but RPG's in general don't sell like hot cakes to begin with. Let's pretend FF does an OGL right away and some company comes along and releases something that takes off like Pathfinder did. I'm betting that this will only translate into more sales, of at least the Core Book, than it would have otherwise. I could be wrong though.