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  1. glewis2317

    At its core, what sorts of games is Genesys good for?

    Genesys can handle any type of game unless you're looking for a rules heavy tactical combat system. I think of this game as a sort of movie simulator as opposed to the life simulators other RPG's attempt to be. It's not a game for those who need rules heavy tactical combat to be happy. This game just isn't for that. This game is much more of a co-operative storytelling game than it is a miniature moving, chart reading game. So I believe this game can work for any type of setting or story regardless of scale as long as the players and GM are looking for this type of cinematic storytelling game.
  2. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Excelsior! is a great name. You're not taking anything over. lol. I'll definitely use these as reference. My goal is to keep this as simple as possible. If anything else this could be a good sheet to hand to players stumped for character ideas.
  3. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Obviously there will be a jumping off point and setting when we begin. This will be incorporated soon. One of the things I'm doing for this campaign in particular is making the PC's the "first" heroes. Obviously there will be NPC's with powers but until now the world at large has been unaware that there are super powered, magical, alien, androids walking among them. Setting material is coming.
  4. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    For now it's just a tool kit. I'm trying to put together on online games for Wednesday nights. (You interested?) I'm hoping to use that campaign to do world building. There is another section coming soon about building your own super hero universe or playing within one that already exists. I do have some setting ideas already and they will eventually find their way onto this document. If any of you guys want to take a crack at some of these powers, please be my guest.
  5. glewis2317

    Super Worlds.

    Do Over.
  6. glewis2317

    Genesys OGL?

    I agree with most of what you're saying. I don't expect that we'll see anything close to an OGL, until at least two or three setting books are released by FF. This is typical business thinking. However, I'm not sure it's the smartest thinking. This game may be selling like hot cakes for an RPG, but RPG's in general don't sell like hot cakes to begin with. Let's pretend FF does an OGL right away and some company comes along and releases something that takes off like Pathfinder did. I'm betting that this will only translate into more sales, of at least the Core Book, than it would have otherwise. I could be wrong though.
  7. glewis2317

    Coming Back

    Life got busy a few years ago and I stopped playing X-Wing. I hadn't played in so long that I actually sold everything X-Wing related. I felt the itch to jump back in this year but I kept putting it off for some reason. Now I know why. For some this may be a reason to step off. It might be why some of us come back and newbies start up.
  8. glewis2317

    Genesys OGL?

    I really do hope they get something worked out. This game will live or die based on the community. The more freedom the community has to use this system the longer it will survive and the more healthy it will be.
  9. glewis2317

    Looking for Players

    I'm hoping to put together a Wednesday or Thursday night Super Power campaign. Since there are no official super power rules I'm hoping to find people that are knowledgeable of the rules so we can experiment some and find what works best. If you're interested reply here or send me a message.
  10. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    We can start this week if you want. Know anyone else interested? I'm thinking 3 to 4 people. It'd be best if they're all familiar with the core rules since we'll probably be cooking up a lot of this stuff on the fly.
  11. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    I can definitely see using creating talents for super powers or using the Heroic Abilities progression method. It's too bad you can't join. If your schedule opens up shoot me a line.
  12. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    I think I'm going to put a small group together for Wednesday or Thursday nights to put together a superhero game. If any of you guys are interested in joining let me know.
  13. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    I have to disagree with you. The point of it being super is that they can do these things whenever they want. Having read comics since I was six I can tell you there are countless stories where Wolverine is blown to bits several times and heals before the allotted 22 pages of story and art are over. This is why Heroic abilities don't really work for Superpowers.
  14. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    Thanks man. I've been trying to keep a home game going but everyone's schedule has been pretty crazy. I may be looking to set something up soon.
  15. glewis2317

    More Super Power Questions

    This is pretty much where I'm at. The fact is, the X-Men aren't fighting street thugs and if they had to it wouldn't be much of a contest.