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  1. I'm finally getting around to signing up for the Privateer Press L5R Mini Crate. I don't know how many I've missed, but I'd be interested in procuring them from anyone who might be looking to offload.
  2. Gateway, Taka, Eager Scout, Yasuki Broker, Talisman of the Sun, Prayers to Ebisu, Vanguard Warrior, Levy. https://fiveringsdb.com/strains/15acc716-956a-11e9-804d-22d334ba48b8/view Well, I faced against it. And it hurt. It took me from 22 honor down to 0 in a single conflict. Every deck I ever make from now on is going to have all the attachment hate and blanking effects I can possibly find. Everyone should play this deck until Gateway to Meido goes on the RL. You know it will.
  3. Once you've seen all their provinces, your stronghold isn't blank at all. It says "Bow: Start your turn with 3 more fate than everybody else in the Empire." When worded that way, sounds pretty good to me. And why are we waiting for turn 3 to start cronching provs? Broken provinces are face-up, so it still behooves you to take the same kind of turns you would if you were blitzy. By the time turn 3 starts, if you haven't cracked at least two of their provinces, something's seriously wrong. #horsepun
  4. I THINK I understood most of what you said there. But Unicorn have solutions to dead cards. Utaku Yumino, Utaku Kamoko, Saadiyah al-Mozedu are all ways to put a little life back into dead cards. Yes, this is a mid-to-late game stronghold. But I'm sorry, if you can't see ways to make all that extra fate work for you, I can't help you. I don't mind playing catch-up, because I've found I can win a fair amount. I'm able to put just a little extra fate on characters, play more expensive cards. It's a small snowball at the top of the mountain, but with a little push and a little patience, it's an unstoppable boulder at the bottom.
  5. What other FFG games have RLs? And how often do cards come off the list? I'm curious if the design process is only "This is too strong, nerf it" or if they actually consider then environment as a whole and reevaluate the entire list from time to time.
  6. Oi there, neighbor. I said I might not understand it, but I accept it. And that it's probably good for the game in ways I don't fully recognize yet. I'm not sure whether you intend it or not, but I'm feeling an "awe, poor baby" attitude coming across that I don't much appreciate. Anyway, in other news, I'm actually quite glad to see the rules edits are so minimal. A couple of wording tweaks, only one new RL card, no errata. Maybe it means the game is starting to stabilize... ... until they put Gateway to Meido on the RL in October.
  7. I'm going to bet that 9 times out of 10 it's Charge. Charge + Spyglass isn't exactly a busted combo.
  8. Castigate IS the kill. Why would you attach this to somebody, allow your opponent the chance to Let Go or whatever, and then drop their Pol? Oh no no, you drop their skill first, then this is the finishing blow. Because you can't counter an attachment.
  9. Yeah, dude. I went back through their other posts (not difficult, there's only 3 total at the time of writing this comment). Clearly, this human LOVES Dragon, LOVES attachments, and feels mortally wounded somehow by this whole Spyglass thing. As for the "paid by the hour" I could actually accept that if their profession is, in fact, game design/development. But if they were, I'd expect them to be a little more understanding about the RL, and why certain cards are on it. Restricted List decisions may be bad for you (whoever "you" happen to be at the time), and still be good for the game. I hate it, too. I'm a die-hard Unicorn. Spyglass is a great card. I think this hurts Unicorn more than anybody else, so I too am a little confused at the "It's Crab's fault!" reasoning, but hey, maybe there's things I don't know. My local playgroup is 2 people. I don't do Grand Koteis. I get that they don't want to neuter Crab's main themes - throwing the little guys to the Oni so the big guys can stick around longer is kinda what they do. I feel (note, feel. I haven't actually done hard research on this, so forgive me if I'm actually way off base here) that Unicorn has among the least in-clan card draw, so taking away Spyglass just feels bad. But I get it, and I'll tweak my decks accordingly. Yes, even though I'm just a "casual."
  10. Aranat. Border Fortress. Chasing the Sun. Iuchi Farseer. Iuchi Daiyu. Speak to the Heart. How much support are you looking for?
  11. 1 - Stronghold province. 2 - Role. 3 - Other provinces. Does Toshi Ranbo count as having been revealed, for purposes of a seeker role's fate gain?
  12. Input appreciated, but that's not really the point this experiment.
  13. CURRENT DECK LIST (will be updated periodically) Can't we all just get along? By: The community! Kyūden Kakita (Masters of the Court) Seeker of Void Provinces Magistrate Station (Elements Unbound) Market of Kaze-no-Kami (Masters of the Court) Massing at Twilight (Fate Has No Secrets) Shameful Display (Core) The Art of Peace (Core) Dynasty(12) Character (12) 3 Armament Artisan (Masters of the Court) 3 Aspiring Challenger (Children of the Empire) 3 Kudaka (Breath of the Kami) 3 Yoritomo (The Ebb and Flow) Conflict (3) Attachment (3) 3 Pathfinder's Blade (For Honor and Glory) Deck Built using https://www.bushibuilder.com
  14. Howdy, folks! I thought I'd combine a couple of ideas into one, and if y'all have a good time, then I'm open to other goof ideas. Idea #1 - I'm not a hardcore oldschool Mantis guy, but I like the Mantis cards coming out now. I also noticed that Kyuden Kakita is pretty open-ended. So, I had this idea to build a Mantis-heavy deck out of this stronghold. Why do I think this'll work? Patience, children, patience. Idea #2 - Often folks will work on deck lists, and then post them here. Which is great, don't get me wrong. But what if the hivemind were to build the deck from the ground up? So, I'm going to post a partial deck list, some parameters and thoughts, and I thought we could all decide what goes into the deck! Why use Kyuden Kakita to build a Mantis deck? Check out the cards. Kyūden Kakita - Honors the character whether they won or lost. Armament Artisan - Honors himself after you honor someone else. Aspiring Challenger - Built-in duel. See where this is going? Kudaka - Loves Air conflicts. Who else loves Air conflicts? Crane! Yoritomo - Hey, you know that fate Kudaka just earned you? Yeah. It's unfortunate that, withe the current roles, we can't include either Mantis Seafarer OR Mantis Tenkinja, because either one of those would also be a pretty cool inclusion for this deck, especially the Tenkinja. Ok, but why Crab for the splash? Pathfinder's Blade. Crane's rocking a Seeker role either way you go, and it's such a good card it's Restricted. Bummer that other good Crane cards just got pinned to the Restricted board, but it is what it is. And can you really go wrong with Reprieve? Also, Watch Commander. Spreading the Darkness. The Hiruma brothers, Ambusher and Skirmisher. All good splash cards. Last, but not least, I love the story implications of this deck. The way the Mantis have been raiding Crane to sell to Crab. I thought it'd be funny if they all got their **** together for the greater good (the greater good). So, those are the rules! Let's all build a Crane/Crab/Mantis deck, just for fun, and see what happens!
  15. I find "Some bad people may abuse this sometimes" to be a pretty weak argument for most things. Yes, unscrupulous people will always find a way to cheat. As for the specifics, that can all be worked out. They could specify the size of paper, the amount of time allowed to write, exactly what can and cannot be written down. This can all be codified. Example: Players may use a single 3x5 index card, both sides, on which to take notes over the course of a match. Notes may ONLY be taken when viewing an opponent's hand. Players may have up to 30 seconds per opportunity to write as many notes as they are able, after which note-taking will cease and the opponent's hand will be returned to them. Honor and fate totals may not be recorded, as they may only be tracked using tokens as previously stated. I'm not saying this is how it SHOULD be; it's just an example of how it COULD be. Point is, it could happen, and it can be done well, in such a way that it's useful for those who wish, and will be minimally invasive to the game as a whole.
  16. What would take longer: Writing down shorthand for a few key cards, or staring at a hand of cards long enough to remember with some reliably what was in it 5 minutes later? I have a crap memory, but I'm a fast writer.
  17. Noice! I'm working on a Mantis build out of Kyuden Kakita. It looks goofy, but it just might work.
  18. Yes, I understand that. But, if I'm the attacking player, and via my fancy new Dragon stronghold claim an unclaimed ring in the middle of a conflict, do I then get to resolve the ring effect? I've claimed the ring, I'm the attacker.
  19. Ah, but what if you are the attacking player? It's after a conflict is declared - mine, yours, everbody's! Imagine in multiplayer?
  20. Yes, I get that. I guess I'd just feel better if it was explicitly stated somewhere that if you cannot select a ring, you cannot declare a conflict.
  21. If there are no unclaimed rings, but a player still has an opportunity to declare a conflict, can that conflict be declared? I felt like this was already ruled on, but I can't seem to find it. Specific examples: Both my opponent and I are using Hisu Mori Toride, and both of us have been able to earn a third conflict. My opponent went first, and has declaired all three of their conflicts. I've already declared two. All of the rings have been claimed. Do I still get my third conflict? I am using Shiro Kitsuki. Over the course of the first two conflicts - mine and my opponent's - all 5 rings have already been claimed. What happens to our remaining conflicts? Many thanks!
  22. Oof, that's one tight margin. Seeing as the Phoenix don't love getting political, I'd've expected it to be a wider spread.
  23. I'm using the Hobby Lobby artist case with the vertical insert from Broken Token. It's almost perfect. Sometimes cards will slide out and get jumbled up if the case is stored vertically, but other than that I am perfectly happy with it. I even painted the lid Unicorn colors and sealed it with epoxy resin. I'll post pics later, if y'all want to see. Art case: https://www.hobbylobby.com/Art-Supplies/Storage-Organization/Storage/All-Media-Artists-Supply-Sketch-Box/p/5227 Broken Token insert: https://www.thebrokentoken.com/standard-sized-card-organizer-for-wooden-artist-case
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