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  1. twinstarbmc

    Mirror's Gaze

    This is the single best, and simplest, explanation of this card I have ever seen. THANK YOU.
  2. twinstarbmc


    Ensuring duels are a guaranteed win takes setup, planning, resources. Assuming neither of us have played attachments or additional actions on our participants, my character has to have a stat 5 higher than yours. If that's the case, then mine is probably a Clan Champ, already a considerable Fate investment over whoever I'm challenging. Add on to that the inherent cost of the duel itself - the potential honor cost of obtaining it, and the tempo cost of playing it. If it's a Policy Debate, it's even eaten up my Restricted slot. And for what? A bow? Dishonor? How many other, easier ways are there to achieve that same effect without the rigmarole of the duel? Now, to guarantee winning vs an equally-costed character means playing other cards to increase my stat, while hoping you don't also do the same. This costs even more cards, fate, tempo. If you think of a duel as saying "Target a character with [stat] 5 lower than your character..." then the duels themselves become pretty lack-luster. I absolutely agree, they're much more interesting when there's a risk. Which is why, when I duel, I make sure I CAN lose. Then question then becomes, do you want to give me all that honor just to win the duel? At least, that's how I play. Can't speak for others.
  3. twinstarbmc

    Card Sleeves

    KMC Hyper MAT sleeves are, in my experience, nearly as good as Dragon Shields, cheaper, and come in 80-packs. Example: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ER0124Q
  4. twinstarbmc

    Rules changes killing me

    Because what else are we going to do? If there's a conflict or a card interaction that needs clarification, what alternative is there? Stop playing until the rules get updated? Whoever can shout the loudest wins? Or consult the best authority we have available and do that, until something more official comes along. Like a Rules update. What would you suggest?
  5. twinstarbmc

    Why some of us are speaking Magic-speak about Keyforge

    Not having a complete rule set per se, but, I could see someone having a "saw how the sausage is made" kind of reaction. Or maybe some folks are like me in that the more something is discussed, the less interested they get. That'd one reason why I've never read Harry Potter, or watched Breaking Bad. It got beaten to death, and now I just don't care. So, in a way, yeah... discussing the minutia of a thing for pages upon pages in a forum can actually detract from one's enjoyment of a thing. That said, I agree that there can exist both a competitive and casual contingent. But I also see how high-level, hyper-intricate analysis can turn some folks off.
  6. Immolate, good times, come on!
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_(Japanese_name) TLDR: A feminine name, rarely though occasionally given to men. Sounds on brand for Crane.
  8. twinstarbmc

    Children of the Empire Spoilers

    Hang on hang on hang on. Does this make Kaezin... usable?!
  9. twinstarbmc

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    Claiming someone's bias to be detrimental to the discussion, while maintaining your own to be irrelevant, seems a bit hypocritical to me. Awe, Latin! How quaint. And thank you, I tend towards fewer words when I can. "Brevity is the soul of wit," after all.
  10. twinstarbmc

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    In that case... Your post would be much better if it addressed the topic at hand in a constructive manner, rather than focusing on your perceived bias of an individual who was actually addressing the topic. Your entire reply was a personal attack (admittedly, as is mine). PS - Please do indicate your opinions of M:TG, so I'll know whether you're upset because I was wrong, or upset because I was right.
  11. twinstarbmc

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

  12. twinstarbmc

    Stop trying to make this Magic!

    Please! I don't know how many dang threads reference this other game in some way, shape, or form. "Well, Magic does it this way." "If it were more like Magic..." "Let's get a room full of Magic judges..." No. Stahp. This isn't Magic. You want Magic? Play Magic.
  13. We have Mantis Clan cards. Mantis is already a clan, in current timeline.
  14. twinstarbmc

    Master vault tracking ETA?

  15. twinstarbmc

    What 3 house combination would produce a top tier deck?

    Shadows, Dis, Sanctum. Shadows for the Aember thievery, Dis for its penchant for removal, and Sanctum for persistent board presence. I know it sounds counterproductive to have Dis and Sanctum together for opposite reasons, but it works.