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  1. Yo mad necropost here, but I totally called it with Rey and Palpatine!
  2. Oh right, overall favorite. I know it's boring, but I gotta go with the T-65 X-wing. Loved the Rogue Squadron books/games, really dig the design and I think the in-game pilots are a lot of fun. Very excited for their new title.
  3. I'd say lore for me would be the E-Wing, I really like the idea of high-tech advanced starfighters, and the E-Wing always seemed neat whenever it popped up. In-game would be the TIE S/F, lots of fun varied builds with that ship and it's pretty reliable. Looks: Starviper I think, especially with the Guns for Hire red and black scheme. Can't go wrong with the Death Butterfly!
  4. I mean, probably Tie Phantoms, right? Like, Phantoms were crazy good. Or Biggs/Lowrick/Stressezra/Rex. That one's actually still pretty solid.
  5. Yeah I gotta agree, the roll to "fix" is terrible. Something like Damaged Sensor Array can be brutal when you can't clear it three turns in a row and it's super frustrating. Also, just want to point out, that I have never played a game where Major Hull Breach mattered. There was 1 game where it was the first crit on an Asajj, but then the next round she took two natural crits (Blinded Pilot and Damaged Engine) and then three hits that became crits, but they were all like Weapon's Failure, PS0, stuff that didn't matter when she couldn't shoot that next round anyways and was cleared off by a PS9 Quickdraw. Not saying it's a bad card or anything, I just think its hilarious that it's somehow never mattered.
  6. Two of my favorite ships in this game are Wedge and Wes- I got into X-wing shortly before Wes came out, and so every time a new wave comes out, one of the first things I do is see if it makes those guys any better. This wave did. My list was- Wedge with Flight-Assist, IA and Predator Wes with Flight-Assist, IA and VI Captain Rex Fenn Rau with Adaptability and R3 Astromech. (I had two points to put on him, and was arguing over Pulsed Ray Shielding- I went with R3 because it was less of a commitment in playstyle, I think it worked out.) I had a lot of success with variants of this list before, Wes at PS10 gives aces a hard time, they have difficulty completely avoiding his arc and tokening up just gives him more options. He also makes a lot of strong ships very sad- Vader, Omega Leader, Poe, all hate Wes and his token removal. Also, Wes clearing tokens means that Wedge's attack has a lot of capability to punch damage through. Flight-Assist was a huge help- it meant I had more control over initial positioning and that I wasn't forced to K-turn as often to stay in arc, often a hard turn and a boost or barrel roll would get me lined up fine. Fenn Rau was extremely useful, mostly because I used him to give Wes Target-Locks (usually Wes doesn't do as much damage as Wedge, but with focus+Target Lock multiple rounds in a row he was laying some hurt down) but having him cripple an opponents shot saved my bacon a few times as well. Between Wes, Rex and Fenn, my opponent had a real hard time getting a concentrated offense going and almost never got to use tokens when they wanted to. Rex tended to be the initial target- I placed him near the edge and my opponents gunned for him early, wanting to eliminate the threat of his condition and hoping to clear out the frailest ship first, so he worked a lot like a 12 points cheaper Biggs, exactly what I wanted. My first game was against 3x7 Defenders, Glaive, Vessery and Countess with PtL. Wes made it impossible for Vessery to get his ability off (although my opponent was using plastic target lock tokens that were green, so we had an amusing argument over whether Wes removed those, as his ability specifies BLUE target lock tokens.) Rex only performed hard one's for the first 4 rounds, clogging up the lanes where the enemy wanted to k-turn into. He died on the fourth round, receiving the crit that makes hard turns red. Very appropriate. Following that, Wedge and Wes just cleaned house, doing massive damage into the Tie Defenders and using Flight Assist to stay on them or to get away to re-position. With the exception of Rex, I lost no ships. My next match was tough- Thweek with AT, Mk2, Dalan with VI, Adv. Sen., AT and both titles, and Contracted Scout with title, Rage and Inspiring Recruit. Thweek snagged Wes's Pilot Skill, putting him at 10. I didn't like that- not used to flying against other PS10 ships. He spread his guys out, Thweek on his left corner, Dalan somewhat near the middle and the Scout on his right- I placed Rex opposite the Scout and the other three opposite Thweek. Again, this opponent gunned towards Rex with Dalan and the Scout, hoping to take him out early. He had given me initiative, so he was counting on that to let him reposition Thweek out of my firing arcs, but Flight-Assist and some careful spacing meant Thweek was exposed without tokens, as a barrel roll didn't pull him out far enough, and then I forced a bump the next round, leaving Wedge a range 1 shot and that cleared out Thweek. Around that point Rex got exploded, but he did his job, essentially trading him for Thweek. Following that, I gunned for the Scout, knowing that in the long run it would prove more dangerous- I out-PS'd Dalan, meaning his movement shenanigans weren't as dangerous as they could be, but the hyper-accurate turret of the Scout was a big deal. I ended up losing Wes, but I managed to take out the Scout, leaving just Dalan vs. Fenn and Wedge. It dragged on for a while, nearly going to time, as even with modified shots, my die rolls were terrible for many rounds in a row, but my defense was on point and I often forced Dalan to boost or barrel roll just to keep shots or avoid an arc, so he rarely had tokens. Eventually I got a range 1, target-Lock+focus shot with Wedge into Dalan and he went down. I still think X-wings are underperforming ships- the aces aren't very durable without a regen astromech (Wes died after only 3 shots, and I rolled decent defense. If it wasn't for Integrated, he would have died in 2) but those tack on the cost and limit your options. Flight Assist is a big deal though, and some kind of upgrade, like a Limited Astromech that gives you an additional Astromech slot, might be all the X-wings need to stay relevant. This list was a lot of fun, and it was really neat having two PS10's, a 9 and still room for an extra ship. Starvipers are also pretty solid, Thweek's ability is great for ruining opponent's plans, but it's hard to justify running not Guri or FCS on them, as they have to spend their action to boost or barrel-roll so often, as their dial is kind of mediocre, they usually have no tokens anyways.
  7. I'd probably go Fenn Rau with Fearlessness, title and Autothrusters. Just a nasty little guy, getting a potential six hits at range 1 completely explodes some ships.
  8. So I played two games this last night- first game I ran: Wampa Zertik Strom with title, Juke and AC Pure Sabacc with title, Lightweight Frame, and Adaptability Scourge with Trick Shot Mauler Mithel with Adaptability It would have been Adapt on Scourge as well, but I only had 2. I figured this way I could get Mauler and Sabacc to shoot before Scourge and increase the likelihood of triggering Scourge's ability. I also thought Wampa might help with that, although he was more for filler than anything else. Strom was to help protect my guys at range 1 since they all wanted to get there. My opponent ran: Ahsoka with Sabine's Masterpiece, Recon and VI Kanan with Dorsal Turret, Sensor Jammer, Recon and Rey Ezra (Docked) with TLT, Rage and Inspiring Recruit I set my guys in a loose line along my left half of the board, with Pure Sabacc in the left corner, Wampa on the other side of the asteroid and the other three in a formation on the other side of the next asteroid, while he put Ahsoka in his right corner and Kanan along the left corner. The first couple rounds he moved in slow, moving Ahsoka down towards me, and Kanan hugging the top corner. I moved all my guys three forward the first 2 rounds (Sabacc technically just a 1 forward but with Ailerons he still covered the same distance.) First round of shooting was Ahsoka vs Pure Sabacc at range 2- I rolled 2 evades and didn't take any damage, while he got punched with 2 hits. Not a great start for him. Next round I turned Sabacc in, as I didn't have a great way to pin Ahsoka down and all 5 of my ships had range 2-3 shots on Kanan. He had turned Kanan in, but deployed Ezra who stayed hugging the top. He pulled a token off Rey, so Kanan started combat with 3 tokens. Ahsoka got a solid shot on the back of Sabacc, doing 2 damage right there and removing his extra dice. He spent a token to remove a dice from Mauler Mithel, who at range 2 only rolled 1 dice then. Not the mighty rolls I was hoping. Between the other tokens and Sensor Jammer, he really limited my damage, so I was only able to punch off a few shields. Kanan and Ezra managed to get Wampa and Pure Sabacc down to 1 health apiece, and both were blown up the next round before they got to shoot. Following that, I tried my best but I wasn't able to force any fire down and Ahsoka was impossible to snag. I managed to get Kanan down to 5 hullth, but once I only had a full health Strom I called it- he's a solid ship, but there was no way he'd be able to kill those 3 ships. The sleeper hit here was Ezra actually- with Rage modifying his TLT, he didn't miss a shot- every one was 3 hits. Seriously, a very solid build. If you can work him in a list with Crew Kanan, (Not on him, he has to have inspiring recruit to clear those nasty stresses) that opens up his whites, giving him more flexibility. If you see a ship like this, pin him down fast, cause he will whittle you down. Second game I switched things up- I ran: Omega Specialist with FCS, Title, Lightweight Frame and Expertisex3 My opponent ran the same Ezra, a similar Ahsoka, swapping out VI for Juke, Luke with R2-D2, IA and Expertise, and Zeb. Just Zeb. I did another loose line on the left half on the board during placement, while he put Ahsoka in his right corner, Ezra in the left and Luke and Zeb in the middle. First few rounds I played it slow with my guys, only going 1 straight, while he went a bit faster, Ezra doing 4 straights. First round of shooting my left one had a shot on Ahsoka and the right two had one on Zeb, Luke and Ezra were just a hair too far away to be involved. We just stripped each other's tokens this first round, no actual damage went through. Second round I went straight with my right two ships, and a hard 2 with my left one. He went two straight, I think hoping to catch me going straight, with the expectation that he could barrel out of arc. Instead I caught Ahsoka at range 1 with the auxiliary arc and blocked her barrel roll. Ahsoka suffered the crit that makes all damage face up that round and Zeb exploded from the other two, which had target locks on him from the previous turn. Next round some fancy S-loops caught Luke at a few range one's, although Ahsoka managed to thread the needle. Luke took a bunch of damage, including the crit that lowers his agility (he never got a good opportunity to remove that the rest of the game) and Ezra lost a shield from a long-range potshot, but the continuous perfect shot TLT's combined with some other potshots to clear out one of my Specialists. Ahsoka fell to a rear-arc shot shortly after, leaving just Ezra and a damaged Luke vs two Specialists, one with full health and the other having only lost 2 shields. I managed to catch him off guard with 1 bank, slipping one of my guys into range 1 of Ezra and then used the target lock from FCS and Expertise to get 4 hits. He rolled blanks. Ezra died. Very sad. Luke got on the tail of the other one, the damaged one, but had a hard time of it. We had similar dials, so I was able to force 2 bumps- a one straight early on and a hard 1 that caught his bank, when we turned away from the edge of the map. This gave the other Tie a chance to swing back in (that green 3-straight is solid on these guys) and I was able to continuously knock off that regening shield, so he never felt safe. I took an early risky play- going 1 straight and taking a target lock when I thought for sure we'd bump. We did not and I feared my ship would explode right there- he rolled 3 hits and a crit. Without a focus, this was probably going to hurt. Instead, I rolled 3 natural evades and only lost a shield. Following that, I predicted a k-turn and caught him at range 1, surviving his unmodified attack and hitting him with 4 hits, ending the match. I always liked the Tie S/f (pretty much a better B-wing and T-70, it's got a similar but better dial than the B-wing, similar durability and the systems slot, while it has essentially the same statline as the T-70, but with an auxiliary arc. It's such a weirdly good ship) but this build was awesome. With Expertise and FCS, I constantly had fully modified shots, letting me barrel roll to block or reposition, or using my focus purely for defense. Combined with the extra dice from Lightweight frames (which triggers in unusual situations, like at range 3 from a TLT) and they are very hard to kill too. Awesome ship, can't wait to run it forever. That Ezra build is slick though, if you see that on the board don't let him chug around the edges, gun for him hard.
  9. The best x-wing-centric team I ran was a Wedge with Predator, Wes with VI and Keyan with Opportunist build- Wes would strip tokens, Wedge and Keyan would clean house. It was a lot of fun that had a tendency to chew through aces and big ships alike- Soontir didn't like PS10 Wes. Downside was poor maneuverability and survivability. Even with IA, those X-wings wouldn't hold up for long. I agree- I think the main problem with X-wings isn't necessarily that they're terrible, but that any time you think about running them, something else is a better choice for the points. Also, X-wings are terrible. A nice title idea someone threw out was something along the lines of- "If a ship in your firing arc performs a boost or barrel roll, you may immediately perform a boost or barrel." That would help tie into the general theme of X-wings staying on enemy ship's tails and not letting them escape. Both the T-65 and T-70 don't offer much reason to run the generics, the pilots might have some nice abilities or be worth sinking points into, but there's generally no reason to run the base X-wings.
  10. Well don't forget, with the Rebels tv show being canon and the new movies coming out every year, a lot of these ships (Upsilon, Uwing, etc.,) are just as official as B-wings and Tie bombers. There was an awkward patch around wave 4-7 where they kind of had to dig through non-movie/tv show stuff for most of their ships (although as a big fan of the novels and the video games, those were some of the things I was most excited to see) but now most of its coming from the new movies or the tv show. It doesn't really make sense for them not to include those in the game. That said, new updates to older ships would be nice. A-wing with rotating guns!
  11. Amazing game. I was so sad when you activated that last mission. When my shield generator repelled the assault I thought we had a chance to turn it around and then you guys were like "okay, now for the second half of our turn". NOOOOOOOO!
  12. Yikes, sounds like you had a rough time of it. My first tournament featured me running 89 points of Tie Fighters and Interceptors, since I didn't have enough to meet the full hundred and I got smoked pretty hard core. I would definitely recommend playing some casual games that don't require a buy-in, over a tournament, if you're not feeling like you're enjoying the competitive scene. If nothing else, it's a great way to get practice in and make some friends over a no-stakes, fun game.
  13. A fellow X-wing player and I recently encountered each other and immediately shoved our ships together until they were all exploded. I played the world’s winning Dengaroo list for our first two games, with the hope of having both of us learn how to deal with it in the future. He ran Rey with Finn, Kanan, EU, Sloop Title and VI, with Miranda equipped with TLT, Advanced Slam and C-3P0. Earlier games had led to sooner engagement than I had initially anticipated, which made triggering Lone Wolf or just not getting in each other’s way challenging, so this time I decided to start Manaroo on the left corner, angled toward the center. Dengar was placed closer to the middle of the board. My game plan in both games and one that achieved moderate success was to keep Manaroo on the outer-edge, traveling counter-clockwise so that she could always push the limit to Gonk and Focus, while Dengar charged for the main enemy. I also chose large debris for my obstacles, as Manaroo would probably never interact with them and Dengar would have Tycho levels of stress tokens anyways, so it wouldn’t hurt him. That worked well for me. The first game led to an early engagement against Rey and Dengar in turn 1, but a skillful 2-sloop and obstacle placement ended up with him right behind her by the second round of shooting. Following that it went downhill as Manaroo just kept slipping further away from conflict and Dengar stayed on Rey’s tail, oftentimes avoiding her firing arc entirely. While Manaroo and Dengar took some damage, both managed to survive by the end of the game. The second one was much closer as his approach with Rey led to pretty much just a slugfest between the two, with Manaroo and Miranda reduced to skirting the edges and taking small potshots, while regenning shields. The big play ended up when I used Countermeasures on a 1-health Dengar and that extra die led to him surviving Rey’s shot, so he was able to double-tap and kill her, and then surprisingly survived Miranda’s TLT, even when he spent a shield to roll 4 dice for just that one damage. Dengar didn’t live too long past that, and Miranda and Manaroo spent a while slowly plinking at each other, while regenning. Despite several (we’re talking 8+ rounds of back and forth here) shots exchanged, the countermech only triggered once, and after such a long exchange of virtually no damage being dealt, we called it a draw. Technically I won by 3 points, but it was likely he could have scored half-damage on Manaroo soon, so yeah, I’m lucky to get the draw on that one. We did learn a lot though- Both Manaroo and Dengar are somewhat predictable in movement. Manaroo seems to really want to circle counter-clockwise and that’s easy to cut off. She’s able to turn in easily, and the ability to boost/barrel roll makes her harder to catch than it might seem. Feedback array and the countermech are well-designed to make high-agility, low health aces a bad choice against her, although a beefy enough ship like the falcon or ghost won’t even care. Dengar can get very predictable as once he gets stressed down, he can’t barrel roll anymore, so he’s stuck with what he picks, but his dial is full of enough not-red that he can pretty much point where he wants to point. The key thing is he won’t be able to avoid your shots either, and unlike Manaroo he can’t regen. Honestly, I think the key to taking down this list is to go for Dengar early. Manaroo can be hard to pin down and Dengar pumps out more damage anyways. He can’t regen the damage and he doesn’t roll much defense, nor does he have a ton of health (just a K-wings), so an early focused assault from 3+ ships will take him down quick. Heck, Rey was able to almost trade, I just got lucky. Also, asteroids are a good choice for obstacles, big meaty ones. Stopping ships like Dengar from being able to attack, or forcing him to avoid lanes can really help. The last game featured me running x/7 Defenders- Vessery with x/7 and Juke, Countess with x/7 PtL and Mk2 and Backdraft with FCS, title and Adaptability, while my opponent ran a palpshuttle, Vader with ATC and Predator, and Vessery with Tie/D, Ion Cannon and Trick Shot. I’ve had good success with this list before, but I haven’t had a chance to try it against a palpshuttle. I banked in early while he Manaroo’d with his shuttle. Vessery came head on and Vader flanked. First round of shooting Backdraft was just out of range and Vessery and the Countess weren’t quite able to do damage to Evil Vessery. Next round I tried to be sneaky and dialed in 5-straights with my Defenders and a 4 with Backdraft. I blasted past his ships, catching the fleeing Palpshuttle at range 3, while Backdraft was in position to catch Vader and Evil Vessery with his dual arcs. And this is where things started to go bad. He barrel-rolled Vader out of Backdraft’s arc and pumped a good chunk of damage into him, also Ioning him. Backdraft, even with rolling three dice and adding an auto-crit wasn’t able to do any damage to Vessery and the damage on the shuttle was minimal. Following that I was just forced into bad plays just to stay in the game, with Backdraft dying next round to a brutal Vader shot (three hits and a crit, man Predator did some work) and my defenders did light banks to stay on the shuttle as it turned the corner, but Vessery bumped, probably because of me not being careful enough when I moved my ships, which not only prevented him from snagging a focus token but kept him just out range of the shuttle. Small changes add up… Anyways, between ioning and forced into slow maneuvers, my Defenders rarely got tokens and he shredded me. I managed to take down the shuttle, but that was it. It was my first loss with that team and it was decisive. I learned a lot from it though- I should have just hung back and jousted with Evil Vessery. My three ships would have overpowered Vader and Evil Vessery and jousting with the two of them would have let me build up my token stacks. If he was content keeping the Shuttle out, I should take advantage of the extra firepower that lets me bring to bear. Good games and I think I have a better grasp of how both defenders, palpshuttles and Dengaroo want to fly and what to do well and how to counter those things. Also, Ion Cannon Vessery is so mean.
  14. Hey I know Rhymer is overcosted by like 4 points, but that 1-2 bubble on Snap Shot is harder to deal with than you might think and it really hurts high PS aces. He may not be clearing house at any tournaments, but just...watch out for him. He's shifty. Shara with M9-G8 is mostly just maximizing the use of her target locks. She might be more expensive or predictable than some other ships with that astromech (and now that you bring it up, Tarn with M9-G8 and Miranda seems like a lot of fun) but she gives you a lot of control over how combat goes. She's sneaky good. I'd also like to mention a ship that got really good after wave 8- Keyan Farlander. With FCS, Hera crew and Rage, he comes in at 34 points...and is a monster. While he suffers from being a B-wing and not very lasting against continous fire, this build really maximizes his consistency. When he Rages, he gets a focus he can defend with and with the stress tokens, one he can attack with. If you also luck out and are able to plot a green the next turn he'll have cleared 2 stresses and be able to Rage again...but with Hera and FCS you're fine if that's not the case, since you can K-turn and still have target-lock focus with your stresses. Basically it means that Keyan can do any manuever he wants, whenever he wants and always has target-lock focus when attacking, making him absurdly accurate. He can't barrel roll too often, but the ability to continously k-turn or hard-1 is a solid replacement.
  15. I mean, probably the simplest solution would be something like making it so you can use the token the attack requires you have when you use the ordnance- so for example, when you attack with a proton torpedo, you can still reroll any or all of your dice, as if you had a target lock, or when you use Blaster Turret you can turn all the eyeballs into hits- that would make them substantially more accurate (although Guidance Chips certainly makes this change less substantial than it would have been,) For torpedoes, if it hits, add 1 boom result. For missiles, cancel one evade result. That way torpedoes can deal more damage, while missiles are more accurate. Other changes would be something like, you have to acquire target locks in arc, but once you have a ship locked, you can shoot them out of arc, which is more in line with the actual effects of ordnance. Or having there be an action to reload ordnance, so that you can get multiple shots out of it.
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