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  1. Fantastic! Give me a holler when you get those done. 🤩 Thanks!
  2. Wow, ArcanePhysics, those look wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Did you happen to make any dividers for Neutral cards? Also, I did notice one typo on the Lion Character divider, but it isn't really a big deal for me. I just thought you might want to know. Bravo for a beautiful design! Very impressive.
  3. Thanks for the replies, everybody. I still haven't found any vertical dividers I like. Rats! Maybe I'll just make my own, then. 🙂
  4. Has anybody made up any vertical dividers for L5R: TCG? I found some really nice horizontal ones at boardgamegeek, but I think I'm going to be switching to a vertical box soon. What are y'all using to organize your cards?
  5. Wow! You are doing some great work on those. Bravo!
  6. So, if I purchase this on Steam, am I going to also be able to play it on my tablet, or am I going to have to pay twice? Just wondering. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the summary and the deck list. Which clan eventually won? Spooky Mizu Dragon Clan Haint
  8. Hey morkrleb and tibs, did you ever find a place to drop the music files? I would love to hear what you've got - I'm thinking I could use them for both AH and CoC! You could always use something like Dropbox and just provide a link. . I'm intrigued.
  9. Wow! Thanks for the detailed suggestions and advice. I went ahead and took the plunge, made the bid on eBay, and won it this morning. It also comes with four of the novels and one special ally card that must have been a promo from one of the novels. It was $175 with shipping. Not bad. Looks to be in pretty good shape. Once I start playing, I'll be back with lots of questions, I'm sure. Questions like " should I read the original rulebook that comes with the 2005 version or read the 2007 revised rulebook?" Yep. Those sorts of questions. Thanks again, y'all.
  10. I have an opportunity to buy a complete used set of the Arkham Horror game (2005 base edition and all eight expansions). I have some questions before I take the plunge: 1. I already own the 2005 edition of the base set, so I guess I'll have two of those. Is there going to be any problem playing with that edition (as opposed to the revised edition that came out later)? 2. Will I be able to easily distinguish which cards, monsters, investigators, etc came from which set? I want to be able to experience the game in the order that it was originally released, one expansion at a time. I have no doubt that this set I'm considering purchasing will have the cards all mixed together. Thanks for any help. I'm excited to get back into the game. I really haven't played since the old Chaosium version, which I still have. I've been enjoying Eldritch Horror quite a bit, and look forward to jumping back into Arkham. With fiendish delight, Spooky Mizu
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