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  1. I quite like your idea. I am interested in more things to do with the map tiles. I had been thinking about making a deck of all the room tiles and monster cards for a sandbox dungeon type explorer too. Have you worked more on the idea?
  2. I am going to buy Labyrinth of Ruin and I have a budget for buying either Manor of Ravens (MOR) or a Hero and Monster Pack, Stewards of the Secret (SOTS) is the one I like best. I keep reading that the expansions are better than the Hero and Monster packs, and they do appear to be, they have a lot more stuff, but I really like the Heroes and Monsters in the SOTS and I am not overly bothered about the ones in MORs, I am not that interested in the campaign in it too, I am not saying it is bad or anything, it just doesn't jump out at me. So I was thinking if I could use the tiles etc for other things it would be worth it, but I can just chuck those Heroes and Monsters from SOTS into any campaign. I already own Shadow of Nerekhall and the Trolfens, I do not have much time to play it at the moment and I haven't played these campaigns yet. I am just sort of stock piling, as Descent isn't widely available where I live and there is only like one of each of these in stock with no probable replacement, and international shipping makes getting them from elsewhere rather cost prohibitive. Are the extra classes and Overlord cards worth the investment? I also own Runebound 3rd edition, I know the characters were in the Descent 1st edition and have been replaced in the Hero and Monster packs, is it worth getting the Conversion set? I read they have rule changes, but buying multiple Hero and Monster packs kind of defeats the purpose of using the models from Runebound.
  3. Hi, I am wondering how much replay-ability there is out of the expansions after you finish the campaign? You can use the characters, monsters, treasure etc in other quests, but what about the boards and so on? Thanks
  4. Played through with 4 Heroes last night with 'rest' turns and I managed to complete it. I definitely think this is the best strategy now.
  5. I think any2cards has the right idea, when it is not going to be that detrimental take the opportunity for a rest and heal and take the hit on the Peril Card and Fate, that Advance Doom by 1 Card is a killer. I find the biggest problem is not having enough Fatigue to use half of the abilities, and not enough actions to use one on a rest.
  6. I haven’t tried the 2 player version yet. I found 4 Heroes really difficult, and I found 3 to be, not easy, but easy compared to 4. I am not the most experienced player at this, but I’ve gone through it about 6 times, never completed it with 4 heroes, completed it the only time I did it with 3 Heroes. I think Tomble Burrowell with Thief is a must take. He is perfect for Forgotten Souls, he can re roll his attribute tests with his Lucky Charm, he has an upgrade card Sneaky where he can open a door without using an action, with Greedy he can search from 3 spaces away, and with Tumble he can be upgraded to move through enemy models. And his Heroic Feat can get you out of some tricky situations too. I have found Syndrael with Knight, to be pretty good as well. If you do it right and a bit of luck you can have a possible 2 moves and 3 attacks from 1 turn. With Oath of Honour, A standard Attack, and then Advance. Great for clearing a room out. I had been playing with a Healer but I never had enough free actions to use his healing abilities, which might change with a change in tactics about when to open doors, which is discussed in another thread.
  7. When I have been playing, I have been trying to activate the next room as fast as possible, which usually ends up being the last activated hero opening the door with their first or second action. I have been wondering if this is the best strategy or not. The bonus of this is you do not draw a Peril Card and you don’t Advance Fate. The downside to this is usually the monsters in the room activate when it is drawn (depending on room), then that action counts as your turn so if there is a timer you advance it one then the monsters have a go again. Another option would be to wait till the next turn to activate the room. The bonus of waiting till the next turn is that you can use any remaining actions to rest, or heal, or something beneficial to the team. Then on your next turn when you enter all your Heroes can use their actions and have a full go at the room before you advance the time by one. The downside is you have to draw a Peril Card and Advance Fate. The Third option is half way though your Heroes turn, this would give you some attempt at having ago at the next room and avoid the Peril Card and Advancing Fate, but timing this I have found to be incredibly hard. What do people think?
  8. Thanks for the replies. I played through Forgotten Souls again last night with Three Heroes. I found the whole campaign much easier and I even completed it. I drew Fog Filled Passage somewhere between the first and second main rooms, it did not cause me too much trouble this time as I had some better weapons and skills and having one less Zombie makes a huge difference.
  9. I have just gotten Forgotten Souls and I have played a few games over the weekend with four Heroes from the Base Game. I have drawn Fog Filled Passage three times. The first time, it came a room or so after the Room of Souls and I was playing shop cards incorrectly so my Heroes were a bit overpowered. The next two though, it was the third and second room, and what happened both times was when it was the Overlords turn, the Zombies moved up into a group of five all next to each other blocking the passage. This meant that each Zombie had four Shields to start before their Defence Dice Roll. So I needed to roll five hits to cause one Wound and hope that they didn’t get a shield. As they were in a block I could only attack with two Heroes. I managed to kill one Zombie after about ten attacks, needless to say I didn’t complete the room before the Timer ran out, and I decided to give up as it was going to be another couple of goes before I could activate the next room card, and if you have taken that many Peril Cards, Advanced Doom that far, and taken that much damage by the second room, you are not going to complete the quest. Have I been doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks.
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