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  1. Yeah the drive is a killer. If your looking to get something started up there though, I'm sure a few of the guys down south would love to meet up. I can normally get to PPF on any weekend, and after 6 on the weekdays.
  2. I’m not sure on Pam Beach, but there’s quite a few players in the Broward/Miami Dade area. It’s a bit south of Palm Beach but Coolstuff Hollywood just had a 16 man tournament last Saturday. Coolstuff Miami had about 20 on Sunday for their single core tournament. Theres an overall Florida Facebook page here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/1012078675601045 And a South Florida group here: https://m.facebook.com/groups/671816109678574 I live near the Boca area, so I’m always up for a few games up north.
  3. Where in South Florida are you located? I'm in the Broward area, should be getting my cores tomorrow and looking for a game!
  4. Hi Everyone, We have a small group of people getting together on Monday nights at 6pm for some Netrunner at Tate's Gaming Satellite. We're always looking for more players so if your in the Palm Beach/Broward area, feel free to stop by! We're trying to get a good enough showing to start up some organized play events.
  5. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone was playing Netrunner in the South Florida area? I'm closest to Docking Bay and GXE but do not mind driving to Tates or any of the PPF stores. If anyone is every interested in getting some games in, let me know.
  6. Hey there, A friend and I have been playing x-wing together whenever we have time. However, we're looking for more players to play against. I was hoping anyone in the South Florida area wanted to get together for a few games. I can play at any store in the Broward area. Let me know!
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