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  1. With RTL being as good as it is, will we see any more physical expansions?
  2. Challara, with her dragon, as a battlemage beast master, are 2 familiars allowed????? Dragon and a wolf
  3. I got them all in wednesday... Zarihell's mini sculpt is awesome, really well done. kyndrithul has a wierd staff, not sure if I like it yet. Ardus looks great can't wait to place skeletons around him.
  4. There are some mythos cards I take out depending on the number of players. I don't recall which card it is but it opens a gate on every location. We had 8 players the first time and we were able to overcome it, barely. with 2 players it was game over in a few turns. So i now remove it if I play with less than 8. And remove it If I use a side board.
  5. So did they change the return of Zachereth? Where did he return from if heirs of blood is the main box?
  6. Is it just me or does this game lack something? The artwork is amazing, the production is well done. But the game play is missing something. The story telling is a great aspect to the game but there seems to be a lack of urgency to the game. Like something is missing that drives it forward. Maybe its just me. Any thoughts?
  7. I only have the 4th edition base game, I mostly play solo. Expansion wise, what should be my next purchase be as a mostly solo gamer?
  8. It would be great to have a novel that walks us through each campaign. Maybe not a huge read but at least some short stories that fill in the blanks and give some more insight into whats going on. This of course isn't need to play the game but could really be fun to have a choose your own adventure style book that, depending on which side wins, the story outcome changes!
  9. would they,could they make side boards for the entire world? Lol I guess I would have to play on the floor, then my dog would become PUGthulu!!!!
  10. ok I know that we had some winter weather and a holiday but as january is winding down, Shipping (7-10days) We are on day 15. I am happy for FFG and the Star Wars push but I am impatient!!!!!!
  11. my only worry right now should be when my blood apes will arrive...... not when does everything arrive... sob sob
  12. Maybe the disappointment over no heroes and classes prompted a second expansion for the heroes.
  13. I really focused on descent and all the expansions, I would like to get the imperial assault expansions but I can't bring myself to get both. YET. LOL I do have the base game and a few heroes, But I really like the fantasy world better.
  14. More money FFG, Your going to get More Money from me...
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